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  1. It's still open and a pretty good spot if you happen to go on a night with Orioles fans around. I might go by for the wild card game depending on work. EDIT: Horsebox, that is. Never been to Sidebar.
  2. <p><p><p>Happy Birthday</p></p></p>

  3. I like the numbers on Kim. I think the power projection is on the higher end, but if he matches that production with average defense he'd be a solid average regular in LF.
  4. My feeling is more like "For the QO before acceptance, disappointed after."
  5. The bold is definitely a valid point. I would prioritize pitching over hitting as well. It's hard to say what the Pirates want. Walker was a potential non-tender candidate, but I think you're right that Pittsburgh should tender him a contract and look for a decent return rather than cutting bait. Like I said, it's a conversation I'd be in on, but one I wouldn't hesitate to walk away from if the ask is too high.
  6. Walker really shouldn't cost much in terms of talent. He'll earn in arbitration just a hair under what his production is worth in FA dollars and Pittsburgh doesn't have much need for him. If they want legit talent I'd walk away, but for 10.5MM and a warm body or two I'm interested in an average 1B/DH/LF.
  7. Splitting time between 1B and DH over a full season with his projected .333 wOBA brings him to about 2 WAR (see: Albert Pujols 2015). He will lose value moving to first or DH, but that's still solid production for the price if you don't have to give up much.
  8. I'll be there on Tuesday with some work friends. Not sure of the seats, yet. Can't wait!
  9. I had the same thought. Certainly possible.
  10. Not really a national outlet - Camden Chat is the Orioles blog affiliated with SB Nation. Good read though, thanks for posting it.
  11. Maybe 2-3 years ago. 21st of 30 now, according to ESPN: http://espn.go.com/mlb/stats/rosters
  12. You could point out Ubaldo's high walk rates and pitch counts just as easily as you could Ethier's platoon splits. They are both warty players coming off poor years. But they do enough well to overcome their faults in good years. I agree that Jimenez has the higher ceiling. But between his persistent mechanical problems and the fact that throws pitches for a living, I think he presents plenty of risk. EDIT: You added this after my reply: "Maybe 40-45 Mil coming our way then I'd consider it." You'd consider dumping a useful pitcher with a bad contract for a useful outfielder on a 3/11 to 3/16 net contract? If you could pull that off, I'd consider it, too.
  13. Meh. Both could be between replacement level and above average. Baltimore's on the hook for a bad-but-not-terrible contract either way. And you could make the case that they need an outfielder more than a starting pitcher, especially in the second and third years. Like I said, I'd definitely consider it.
  14. Scratch League and Hunter and I'm listening. Hunter is a little cheaper and a little better. And he's a decent depth option if you're trading away your 6th starter as it is. While I don't like Jimenez' contract, I do think he is/will be better than he was in 2014. While think there's risk of decline, Ethier has some upside and I don't think he's completely done. I'd think hard about a straight swap of Jimenez for Ethier with 20MM coming back our way.
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