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  1. Did anyone notice that last nights game which was really one sided took over 4 hrs because of all the pitching changes? The trend of multiple relievers being used every game is a problem for the game. At one point I used to tune in just to watch games where I really liked the starting pitcher. Remember, at that point you didn't have to throw 95 plus to be a starter. I loved watching Maddux, Mussina and others of that ilk work their way through a lineup 3 or 4 times. It was to me what made a 9 inning game interesting, especially for games where I maybe didn't have that rooting interest. No
  2. I prefer to use any assets that we have and try to find pitching. Don’t have any proposals but I am starting to feel good about a minor league position player inventory. Pitching depth worries me.
  3. There was a time in my life when I would schedule events around the Oriole schedule just so I could watch most games. Now I never truly even know what the schedule is from day to day. if I'm home I'll check to see if the game is on and if so I'll turn it on as background noise. Completely lost the emotional bond I used to feel for each game. I still am a fan though but more of my interest is directed towards following the young guys that I hope could be a part of the next winning team. That does include 3 or 4 guys on the major league roster and that truly is the only reason I pay a
  4. Severino is so lazy behind the plate. He is my least favorite Oriole to watch just because of his lack of effort. Last nights game was a good example as we had 3 wild pitches in one inning yet with some effort you would hope a couple of those could of been prevented. I would be happy to bring one of these guys up and split 50-50 PT with Sisco just to see who the real backup catcher could be once AR is ready to take over.
  5. If they do anything it should be to find a replacement for Ruiz. The guy looks like a hitter but for parts of 3 seasons now he hasn't hit. I'm not really sure why the O's are so infatuated with the guy. It's not like he mashed in the minors and we are just waiting for him to figure it out. Please let's try anything else at this point.
  6. I was going to write something about this also. Scott's call was really dull. But like you I heard Melanie's on the radio today and I don't think it is possible to do worse than that on an exciting play like that to end a game. I hope this isn't the long term answer for O's broadcasting.
  7. My choice now is to tell the MLB players to stay home and enjoy their summer. Let every team put a Minor league all-star squad together and let them play in Florida and Arizona. Top 4 teams in each state go to playoffs and then a championship series. I know our mlb team isn't going to be that good so maybe that is why I like this idea but I would make it a point to watch these games nightly. I just would find it enjoyable watching these guys play to prove themselves and also for the love of the game. Imagine how these guys would feel getting national attention on them every night.
  8. I actually think there is a realistic chance that the government is behind the idea of getting baseball up and running in some capacity. Even though it was an extremely different circumstance the country really started the mentally recovery from 9/11 after sports leagues started back up. The ceremonies that accompanied the restart of the competitions actually brought the country more together than ever. People need at minimal a diversion and at most hope that we are on the road to recovery. MLB will not have the final decision on if this can be done, it will be from others a lot smar
  9. That is what I believe. Put some kind of thought in this and see if something works. If you are waiting for full clearance to return to stadiums and fly around the country you can almost assuredly cancel this season and then maybe even part of next year. By the way, I guarantee the NFL is also working on some kind of revised schedule just in case to assure them of being able to play this year also.
  10. You do realize to pull this off extensive amount of testing would be implemented even before players arrive and while they were there along with everyone else that would be involved in this. I get the concern but when do you propose that we start doing things again, when everyone has taken a vaccine? I don't know about you but I can't live like this for a year or 2. Everyone needs to think outside the box to get back to some kind of alternate normal. Sounds like MLB is doing that so if they can do it something that meets the guidelines that the professionals give them then I 100% support t
  11. I read the article and would have no issue with a secure system that could operate as a notification for potential exposure. Whatever allows me to do what I want to do and helps keep me and my family safe is good with me.
  12. Sports starting up again will be a large part of the mental recovery that all of us will need to eventually get passed this pandemic. If experts from the CDC and others feel like they can create a safe environment to pull something like is being suggested off then I applaud the efforts. I am all about taking precautions but we may never live in the same world that we did prior to this virus. Do we just seclude ourselves forever or do we find solutions that will make our new norm a little more enjoyable?
  13. I think the key take on this was admitting that he had talks with his wife about quitting this winter. That tells me that he may have reached the point where the embarrassment of being the worst player in baseball may not be worth the money anymore. If that is the case why not give it one more year with a little help. If he gets caught he is out of the game just like if he quit and in both cases he is losing out on the rest of his contract. If I'm him I would say, what the heck, probably worth the risk.
  14. Yep, your summary of what my thoughts are really cover this. Not sure he has anything to lose at this point.
  15. This likely says a lot. Davis had lost so much bat speed over the last several of years that you could see him at times cheating on the fastball yet he still wasn't able to get the bat head out in front to pull the ball with authority. I would guess that many of the balls put in play to the right side the last couple of years were on off speed pitches where he rolled over. I know in your earlier post you were curious why Davis would try to lose weight after having success and getting a large contract. I kind of read a little sarcasm but I could of been misinterpreting. I will say i
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