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  1. I haven't seen that many games this year but it seems to me that he is hitting the ball harder. When I used to see him hit his base hits looked softly hit.
  2. Any opinions on Parkville? I like McDonalds every once in awhile.
  3. I am from a small town just north of the Mason Dixon line. My preference is to live outside the city but I could be persuaded to live in the city if the apartment is nice.
  4. So what exactly is it like over by North Point Road in Dundalk? I know nothing about the area. My job offers a decent salary/benefits as a first job out of college so I will take anything but I am curious about the area now after your comments.
  5. My knowledge of Baltimore doesn't involve anything other then the Inner Harbor and Camden Yards. I appreciate the help.
  6. I got a job down in Baltimore and I am trying to find a place to live. I am not real familiar with the city. My job is on North Point Road over in Dundalk. I have done the standard google apartment search but I am not sure what kind of neighborhoods these places are in. All I am looking for is a one bedroom apartment. These are the places I found so far, if anyone who knows Baltimore could give me some insight on the area it would be greatly appreciated. 1. Dundalk 2. Essex 3. Sparrows Point
  7. I really do. It's just my opinion but he looked very comfortable when he swung. I haven't seen every Wieters swing, but that was the best one I can rememeber seeing.
  8. The swing on the double last night is probably the best swing I have ever seen him take. I never saw him in the minors though. It looked like a nice, comfortable and easy swing.
  9. Has anyone seen any of his games this season? How is he being pitched?
  10. To me, Wieters doesn't even look comfortable when he swings. He looks off balance, falling backwards, and just trying to make contact. He looks lacksadasical(sp?) when he swings. IDK what it is, but he frustrates more then any other Oriole. I think the most discouraging part is that he shows no signs of improving at the plate. There have been no balls hit with any authority. He looked better as a rookie then he does now. What happened?
  11. Part of me wants to just send him down to a short season team and maybe he could get some confidence with the bat. But I really don't want him taking a spot from anyone else.
  12. If he could get his velocity back to the pre draft reports while continuing to show a heavy FB and showing a plus curve, then I would say he has some immense potential. He needs to start missing some bats before I get excited about him. I really hope the Orioles and Matt get this weight thing under control.
  13. That slider/curve or whatever he just threw, was nasty
  14. Jones has put on quite a bit of size then hasn't he? I would think that would affect his range at short some. I could be wrong though. IIRC, he took grounders at short during the All Star practices and was an emergency SS for them.
  15. What kind of deception does he have in his delivery? A mid 90's heater with deception would be devastating to hitters if he can command it
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