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  1. <p><p><p>I and we will really miss David on this team. He was my favorite pitcher by far. I live up by NY and don't get to see the O's often, but I'd try to make it to a bar when DH was starting. Personally, I was sorry to see them move him to the BP, but he really can thrive there and probably get away with pitching up in the zone a little more. Alas - best wishes to David, his family, and you. I hope we can get him back sometime.</p></p></p>

  2. And ME!!! Seriously, I believe you guys are the most knowledgeable fans in the MLB. I hope that one day it will be the D'Backs against the O's in the World Series!! You all deserve it. I will definitely miss SG, but I hope I find an AZ's SG.
  3. I don't understand this. Just because Slappy12 has his own opinion doesn't make it immature. RZ has a low opinion on DH, I get it. But there are teams out there that believe DH has potential to be a TOP reliever or maybe even a starter like some poster had mention in this thread. I can see him being a starter in AZ. The NL West is pitcher friendly. But I do agree with RZ, the Orioles do need to make this trade and show the Oriole fan base that they are doing something. Or they will lose some fan in the process.
  4. NO WAY!!! I can tell you right now he uses a twizzer to pull one whisker!
  5. That doesn't surprise me at all since the D'Backs did drafted him in '04
  6. Let me ask you this, would you make that deal? I would and for both reasons.
  7. According to Zrebiac that trade is to be had with Hernandez and Bell for Reynolds but the Orioles aren't completely sold on Reynolds. For Pete sakes get the deal done!!!!
  8. <p><p><p>Say hi to David and Rick for me. I miss them.</p></p></p>

  9. This I agree. Does Samuel have any faith in DH.
  10. David Hernandez used to be a starter. I think is can handle it.
  11. Can someone refresh my memory. . .why is Hernandez in the bullpen?
  12. Once again no defense!!!! Reimold kills me!!!
  13. That was the straw the broke the camels back for me! I've been connected with the Orioles because of DH, watching every game. Now I'll probably just watch them every 5th day. Maybe deep down that's why I want him to be a starter so I don't have to watch them everyday.
  14. That's bulls@@t!!!! He got squeezed and they pull him!!!! GREAT!!!
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