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  1. You mean: you heard it in the linked video? I don’t believe that for a second.
  2. Yes, you’re right. Obviously every tacky substance has color. 🙄 pitchers don’t t just reach into a glove and rub their finger tips on one particular spot.
  3. his fingers definitely stick in the video from earlier this year
  4. Say it ain’t so... https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMepDh6xc/
  5. From https://www.houstonpress.com/news/red-sox-too-mlb-widens-scope-of-cheating-investigation-11417705 "HOWEVER, it could radically alter the scope of punishment for teams like the Astros if baseball determines the problem, as many suspected, is more widespread. That doesn't mean there won't be any punishment. There's a good chance only a handful of teams employed tactics to gain a competitive advantage (cough...cheated...cough). For the love of God, let's hope the Orioles didn't cheat because, well, they would suck at that worse than they suck at baseball." You
  6. News is saying that Alex Cora has been implicated in Astros cheating during 2017 and could possibly be punished for that... which leads my mind directly to Mike Elias. It would be just the Orioles luck to have a former Astros executive, turned Orioles savior, go down in a heap of flames over something like this. Anyone else let their mind slip to the possibility that Elias is also wrapped up in this?
  7. Todd-O


    I’m extremely jealous on a ton of levels. one of the hardest things about the Nats arrival (and their success), is that most of my baseball friends have completely migrated to become Nats fans. They’ve been dishing it out this post season... I sure wish the O’s were saddled-up with the Nats good fortunes!
  8. Not to kick this day off with doom and gloom, but I think baseball in Baltimore is in trouble. This has everything to do with the Nats and the massive market share that franchise has stolen and is actively solidifying as life-long fans... carved-out of the the wealthy and booming areas of Northern-VA, DC, and Montgomery County. It's no mistake that baseball is allowing this to happen. They know where the money is. They wanted the region's territory to center around DC, not Baltimore. This year was the first year that I began to notice Camden was looking a little ragged around
  9. I'm entirely sick and tired of the DC media's constant quest to skewer and crap on the Orioles. If it's not Loverro, it's Boswell. Living in Montgomery County, I'm surround by prickly former O's fans that root for the Nats. And they perpetually point to crap like Loverro's piece as reasoning for hating on the Orioles. I'm constantly told the owner is evil, that he's destroyed baseball in Baltimore, that anyone going to an Orioles game is an idiot... that the Orioles legacy is tainted... and the future is insanely bleak. Oh, and then they feed off the Nat's reporters' sunny propagand
  10. My only experiences with give-away jerseys are the Jim Palmer and JJ Hardy jerseys... they were given away during the last 4 years or so. They were thin material... sizing was off. Have you seen those? Do they compare to the Maryland day from this year?
  11. These were part of a promotion giveaway... correct? Wondering what kind of quality (material-wise) they are? Cheap? Decent?
  12. I actually think we are headed to a future of teams that split time between towns. You think it's any mistake that the Rays are being discussed as a split team? Games are unaffordable... but the burden would lessened while demand would be heightened if a team split home games between two cities. It might be the only way for a team like Baltimore to survive going forward.
  13. Ha... and why not the Nats? Have you paid attention to their spending over the last 4 years?
  14. It HAS to work. I think all of us are ready to get this over with!
  15. No problem. It's so obvious... don't know why I didn't think of it before! 😉
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