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  1. My team #2 is Philly... a total no go on the Nats.
  2. I'm entirely sick and tired of the DC media's constant quest to skewer and crap on the Orioles. If it's not Loverro, it's Boswell. Living in Montgomery County, I'm surround by prickly former O's fans that root for the Nats. And they perpetually point to crap like Loverro's piece as reasoning for hating on the Orioles. I'm constantly told the owner is evil, that he's destroyed baseball in Baltimore, that anyone going to an Orioles game is an idiot... that the Orioles legacy is tainted... and the future is insanely bleak. Oh, and then they feed off the Nat's reporters' sunny propaganda-filled articles. I can't stand it. Just 20 years ago, the Washingon media loved the O's... now they're on a scorched-earth campaign to ruin the franchise's image. Sucks
  3. My only experiences with give-away jerseys are the Jim Palmer and JJ Hardy jerseys... they were given away during the last 4 years or so. They were thin material... sizing was off. Have you seen those? Do they compare to the Maryland day from this year?
  4. These were part of a promotion giveaway... correct? Wondering what kind of quality (material-wise) they are? Cheap? Decent?
  5. I actually think we are headed to a future of teams that split time between towns. You think it's any mistake that the Rays are being discussed as a split team? Games are unaffordable... but the burden would lessened while demand would be heightened if a team split home games between two cities. It might be the only way for a team like Baltimore to survive going forward.
  6. Ha... and why not the Nats? Have you paid attention to their spending over the last 4 years?
  7. It HAS to work. I think all of us are ready to get this over with!
  8. No problem. It's so obvious... don't know why I didn't think of it before! 😉
  9. Drastic times call for drastic measures... Took some steps this morning to stop this nonsense and get the Crusher back! https://twitter.com/TheAVWoofer/status/1115678487229030400
  10. If I were Davis, I'd turn the tables on this and make it interesting in a different way. First, I think it's safe to assume that his contract has been a weight on his back. There's been discussion of it over the last several years. Davis is owed roughly 100 million? Start donating. Chris Long (Eagles) donated his entire salary to charity the year they won the SB. If I were Davis, I'd say "I'm donating $10,000 for every strike out to [insert good Baltimore area charity]. Or, I'd also commit to donating a big chunk of money --- in the millions -- to a charity. Maybe a mixture of the two. He's set for life, $-wise. Stepping up and using his total meltdown and wealth to helping a city that needs all the help it can get, would be a great way to ease the burden of the obvious.
  11. I miss Manny's play too... that's going to be a tough one to swallow for a long time.
  12. Heading into this season, I was all about the O's bringing back - at the minimum - Adam Jones, to help usher in the new era and teach the young guys the ropes. But, these last few days have changed my opinion. Perhaps that change is fueled by some early wins, but I think it's good to see these young players have their feet put to the fire without a bonafide vet there to rely on. It's them or no one. I like that. Also, I've come to the realization that the O's had to flush the old to usher in a completely new game plan and in-game strategy. It's almost ashamed that Trumbo is destined to return. And Davis... ugh... it sure would be nice to see him get moved.
  13. Thank goodness you aren't calling the shots in Baltimore. They had 89 wins in 2016 and went toe to toe with an excellent Jays team. There's no way you leave a season like that and trade a pitcher like Britton. And no one knew that 2017 - injury or play wise - would turn out like it did. The orioles did absolutely the right thing in trying to make one more push into 2017. By your logic we should see the market flooded with controllable All Star caliber free agents every off season from teams that are expected to compete. It doesn't typically happen - ever - especially with a commodity as valuable as a legit All Star closer.
  14. Can you tell me one team that traded their lights out all star closer (still under control for more than one year) the season immediately proceeding a playoff run?
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