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  1. Erbe is right now at 81 pitches, 52 for strikes. He'll go for the seven-inning complete game.
  2. Yes It wasn't like a typical Bell bomb - one that, like you said, is absolutely crushed. It was just your average line drive shot.
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    Josh, I'm really looking forward to seeing this.
  4. Josh Bell just gave the Baysox a 4-3 lead after smoking a two-run double into the right field gap. Bell tried to stretch it into a triple but was nabbed on a close play at third. He's impressive.
  5. Made a couple of nice plays in the field and showed off a cannon for an arm. I'll be keeping a close eye on his defense throughout the homestand.
  6. It was easily the most impressive blast of the season save for Donachie's homer over the Green Monster on Saturday. It went FAR!
  7. Erbe has thrown 93 pitches, 52 for strikes through four innings and appears to be done with Zach Clark warming in the bullpen.
  8. Erbe threw 15 pitches in the third, 7 for strikes. He hit his second batter of the game, Adam Calderone, with a fastball to the hip.
  9. Erbe threw 25 pitches in the second, 12 for strikes. A couple walks and a lot of fouls. Erbe also picked off Todd Donovan at first base immediately after walking him.
  10. Erbe threw 34 pitches, 23 strikes in the first inning and allowed back-to-back RBI doubles. In the bottom half, Josh Bell and Eric Crozier mashed back-to-back home runs to tie the game.
  11. Here are some quotes from Dave Trembley for Friday's game at Camden Yards. On what minor league staffers have told him: On whether or not a Double-A pitcher can skip Triple-A for the big leagues and have success: On whether or not the club would bring Matusz up for only a couple spot starts rather an extended look: On if it would be fair to assume that Matusz is the guy if he is pulled from today's start after only a few innings:
  12. Tillman and Gregg Zaun are playing catch on the field right now.
  13. I have never seen Chris Tillman with a hearing aid.
  14. It was just announced in the press box that the game will resume at 7:45 p.m.
  15. Quite a number of former Orioles on Kansas City's roster: John Bale Ryan Freel Bruce Chen Sidney Ponson Alright, it's only four. But what an interesting foursome it is. SIDENOTE: I'll be filling in for Orioles beat reporter Paul Folkemer during this seven game homestand at Camden Yards. Looking forward to a good time and a couple wins over the next seven nights!
  16. This was rumored late last season on an unsubstantiated internet report. Personally, I don't see it happening. The likelihood of a move by the Connecticut franchise has been the worst kept secret in minor league baseball over the past few seasons. If any of those aforementioned franchises were to relocate, I'd imagine it would be them.
  17. It didn't appear to be. At no time did Erbe point to or hang his shoulder. The training staff was mostly attending to his foot/ankle. I'll have more information after the game.
  18. Brandon Erbe is headed to the clubhouse alongside athletic trainer Joe Benge with a 3-2 count to the first batter in the top of the third. It could be a right ankle injury as Erbe was favoring it as the infield and coaching staff converged on the mound. He was walking gingerly to the clubhouse. Zach Clark is now on the mound for Bowie. UPDATE: Erbe will wear a boot on his right foot for approximately 24 hours before removing it sometime Monday. Erbe anticipates making his next start while pitching coach Larry McCall hopes to know more tomorrow. There will be more in my game story with ad
  19. Through two innings, Erbe has thrown 41 pitches, 27 for strikes. Jeremy is seated behind the plate peaking on the various radar guns. More later...
  20. It was an infield hit by Joel Guzman in the fourth inning that Cesar Izturis couldn't make a play on as retreated deep in the hole. Izturis sort of deflected the ball to the side as he tried to make a play which drew the ire of a few people when the ball was ruled a hit. I personally felt that the correct call was made, though my friend Jake Linger with the Bowie Blade-News felt it could've been ruled an error. Either way, an error called on Eric Crozier in the eighth inning probably should have been ruled a hit. The ball was smoked off the bat of (who else) Joel Guzman and Crozier didn't hav
  21. Matusz is done. Ryan Ouellette is jogging to the mound to start the ninth.
  22. No, four batters. Eric Crozier was given an error to lead off the inning after he failed to field a hot shot off the bat of Joel Guzman.
  23. Brian Matusz through eight: 98 pitches, 73 strikes. Ryan Ouellette was warming in the bullpen throughout the eighth but has since taken a seat. We'll see...
  24. Brian Matusz through seven: one hit, zero walks, nine strikeouts and 83 pitches, 63 strikes.
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