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  1. Snyder fouled a ball off his knee in Erie this week and needed to rest for a couple days. He said that he expects to start tomorrow night's game, however. More later...
  2. Snyder's in at first to start the sixth. Dorta to third.
  3. Yes, I'll be checking on him after the game. I'm wondering if he'll replace Freel at some point tonight. We don't know how long Freel will be in the game. Based on past rehab outings, I'd imagine six innings or so. If that's the case, Snyder could come in to replace Freel. Melvin Dorta could then move to third, allowing Snyder to play first. I'll keep you posted.
  4. Patton claims the gun was wrong. I quoted him as saying so in tonight's recap. Here's what Brad Komminsk had to say:
  5. Real quick update... Just spoke with Patton and Komminsk who discounted the stadium gun in Bowie. Patton insisted that he's throwing harder than 82-83MPH. More in the range of 88-91, he said. I'll have more later...
  6. Fastball has topped out at 85. Breaking ball is around 77 and his changeup looks to be around the low-70's. When I say his fastball has topped out at 85, I should also mention that it usually seems to be around 82-83.
  7. Looks good so far. He got Rivero to strikeout swinging in the first inning on a pretty changeup.
  8. BowieMike

    Harry Kalas Dead

    The Extra Innings package offered separate feeds of the Phillies/Braves game last week. I chose to watch the Phillies broadcast only because I heard Kalas' voice as soon as I turned it on. His way of taking a baseball game and transforming it into a story is the reason I still, to this day, romanticize over baseball radio broadcasts. Guys like Thompson, Kalas, Harwell and Scully need to live forever. It's a shame. It really is.
  9. I'd like to think I was a factor in Niemann allowing five runs in the first. My friend and I were on our way up to our seats when I noticed Niemann warming up in the bullpen. Not willing to let a golden opportunity go to waste, we walked up to the railing over top the 'pen and started heckling Niemann and anyone else who acknowledged my witty one-liners. Whether or not I got under his skin with my harassment or he was just that off last night, watching the O's open the flood gates in the first was a pleasure. I had such a good time with the Tampa bullpen that I went back for more sometime aro
  10. I'll be making my Hangout Night debut on Saturday! Hard to believe, isn't it? My roommate and I will see you all at The Nest!
  11. He's the victim of a paper move, meaning he was transferred to Aberdeen for the time being. He could pop up somewhere soon though.
  12. Brad Komminsk told me that he's going to be playing first base but he'll "get a couple reps there late." He said don't look for that to happen for a while, however.
  13. Here's the official roster. Omissions from Bowie's preseason roster handed to the media include Zach Clark and Steve Torrealba. Gerardo Casadiego was not listed previously. He is on the disabled list. 2009 Baysox Pitchers # Name Throws 34 Arrieta, Jake Right 10 Berken, Jason Right 35 Gerardo Casadiego Right 40 Deza, Fredy Right 23 Erbe, Brandon Right 12 Hoey, Jim Right 31 Keefer, Ryan Right 14 Livingston, Ryan Left
  14. Though I can say that the order for the rotation, according to Komminsk and McCall, will be as follows: Berken Arrieta Patton Erbe Livingston I'll have more later.
  15. This roster is not Bowie's official opening day roster. There are still players on here that will need to be either moved or inactive prior to tomorrow's opener in Akron. Stay tuned.
  16. I see nothing wrong with Lou coming out and saying this. After all, it's the truth. Generally speaking, we as fans get bored of the same cliche answers like "I'll just go down to Norfolk, work hard and hope I get a chance" when we all know there's more to it than that. There's a reason Lou is a favorite among the Orioles media: he says what's on his mind and tells the truth. I understand how his comments could put people off but it sure beats the same old stock answers athletes love to regurgitate.
  17. Compared with the depth chart published on the Hangout in January, how much have things changed since then? Basically, nearing the end of March, do we have a more concrete idea of who will be starting out where?
  18. I may be a bit late jumping into the conversation but I wanted to offer my opinion nonetheless. Bergesen is probably the most polished upper-level minor league pitcher the Orioles have right now. The scouting reports are true, he doesn't have great stuff. What you see is what you get. What separates Bergesen from many other young pitchers in training camp is his knowledge of pitching. He'll be the first to tell you he doesn't have electric stuff, that he knows he'll never be able to reach back for a 95 MPH fastball when he needs it. He throws strikes and pitches to contact with a fastball tha
  19. Per Baseball America: Rommie's career numbers: Pitching StatisticsYear Team Lg Age Org Lvl Unif W L ERA G GS CG SH GF SV IP H R ER HR BB SO WP H9 HR9 BB9 K9 WHIP2001 ORI GCL 18 Bal Rk - 1 1 2.14 10 7 0 0 1 0 33.2 37 16 8 3 6 27 2 9.9 0.8 1.6 7.2 1.28 FRE Caro 18 Bal A+ 0 1 9.00 1 0 0 0 0 0 4.0 8 7 4 1 1 2 0 18.0 2.3 2.3 4.5 2.252002 DEL SAL 19 Bal A - 1 2 2.15 53 0 0 0 36 25 71.0 50 19 17 1 20 77 5 6.3 0.1 2.5 9.8 0.992003 FRE Caro 20 Bal A+ 20 4 9 3.34 26 20 1 0 2 0 113.1 108 54 42 9 60 69 6 8.6 0.7 4.8 5.5 1.482004 FRE Caro 21 Bal A+ 1 7 5.61 47 4 0 0 14 0 86.2 92 67 54 4 41 52 5 9.6 0
  20. Indeed. Here's a snippet from an article that appeared in the Frederick News-Post a few months back. Some of you may remember it: Citizen Beato
  21. <p><p><p>Thank you. Yes, I try to make it up to Reading at least for a couple series during the season. It's my favorite Eastern League city to visit so far, mostly because of the ballpark and the R-Phils PR staff is very accommodating and supportive. But, really, First Energy Stadium is the Wrigley Field of the Eastern League if not for all of the minor leagues. I'll keep you in mind next time the Baysox are up. We can meet up and chat. Merry Christmas!</p></p></p>

  22. I'm going to go with: Bergesen: mid-2009 Hernandez: late-2009 Arrieta: late-2009 Matusz: early-2010 Tillman: mid-2010
  23. Enjoy the #22 jersey in that video clip. Tillman switched to #25 halfway through the season. The reasoning? The Baysox #22 jersey did not fit nearly as well as the #25. And that, folks, is your random Orioles Hangout factoid of the day. :thumbsup1:
  24. Absolutely. The road jersey looks great but unfortunately, it appears they will continue to wear blue caps with them. That just doesn't make sense and, to me, looks hideous with the clashing of red/blue. I won't even start with the blue alternates. Apparently they will only be worn on July 4th, September 10th and Military Nights.
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