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  1. According to Baseball America: Torrealba's 2008 Stats: Team League AVG G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI TB BB SO SB CS OBP SLG OPSBOW EAS .283 37 120 16 34 8 0 8 26 66 13 22 1 0 .358 .550 .90 Rodriguez' 2008 Stats: Team League W L ERA G GS CG SHO SV IP H R ER HR BB SO GO/AO AVGFRD CAR 5 3 3.10 47 0 0 0 4 69.2 63 35 24 4 28 41 2.64 .236
  2. You nailed it on Golson. That was the one selection on this list that jumped out at me. Good player? Yes. Would I take him over guys like Reimold and Wilkin Ramirez? No way.
  3. Brad Komminsk seems to agree... From this article:
  4. Here's another article from BA that deals with his college career and comparisons to Jason Varitek and Mark Teixeira: http://www.baseballamerica.com/today/minors/awards/player-of-the-year/2008/266817.html
  5. http://www.baseballamerica.com/today/minors/awards/player-of-the-year/2008/266825.html
  6. Adding salt to your wounds, Baysox fans: http://www.ohio.com/sports/aeros/27960254.html
  7. This series took an ugly turn last night but it may be even worse now. It looks like Chris Tillman left the game with a head injury according to the milb.com game recap...
  8. http://www.oursportscentral.com/services/releases/?id=3714100 Don't know the official rules on post-season rehab assignments but Hafner will in fact be in uniform tomorrow.
  9. From what I hear, Travis Hafner will be on a rehab assignment with Akron this weekend.
  10. He fields his position quite well. You could say his pickoff move is around average, though it doesn't stick out. Trenton was running on him a few times last night and mostly on breaking balls.
  11. Tillman appears to be done after 93 pitches in six innings. Chris Ray was just warming up in the 'pen.
  12. <p><p><p>Good seeing both yourself and D at the game on Sunday! Perhaps I'll see you two in Harrisburg for the last series of the regular season.. I just have to get off from my other job first!!</p></p></p>

  13. Just spoke with Lou in the Baysox clubhouse and as usual, he was all smiles. It's a very rewarding part of my job to see a guy as nice as Montanez, who's worked so hard, finally get a chance to fulfill his dream. When asked what he would say to former - and current - manager Dave Trembley when he reunites with him tomorrow afternoon, Montanez replied: "I'm Baaaaacckk!" There will be more reaction from Lou in the Baysox recap which will be posted as soon as I get back home. The Baysox lost 6-3 but Lou Montanez won big-time and deservedly so.
  14. Yes, I've seen him play all three outfield positions with the Baysox.
  15. He goes by Lou this season. When I saw the roster on Opening Day, I asked him if there was a misprint since it said "Lou" instead of "Luis". He replied, "I thought I'd go with something different. I just hope the fans like it!" So, yes, it's Lou.
  16. I didn't see anything to indicate Montanez hurt himself. I'll see what's up after the game.
  17. 95 pitches, 64 for strikes through six innings. Felix Romero warming in the bullpen.
  18. First inning - 14 pitches – 11 strikes Second inning - 14 pitches – 11 strikes Third inning - 14 pitches – 9 strikes Fourth inning - 13 pitches – 7 strikes To me, each of his pitches look top-notch tonight. Big curve, deceptive changeup and a fastball in the 93-94 MPH range. Impressive stuff so far.
  19. Once again, I agree with you on all counts. He'll never be a home run hitter but he certainly has gap-to-gap power and decent speed. Though his arm was the one attribute that's raised serious questions, he's really improved on all aspects of his game since the beginning of the season. Comparing him now to the type of player he was in the early stages of the season, Davis looks to me like a completely different player. And that's a good thing.
  20. MILB.com talked to Lou after the game tonight: Check it out here
  21. I agree with everything you said! Congrats to Lou!
  22. I'm going to pour fuel on the fire by adding that Montanez' shot would have been out of just about any big league park. He crushed it. He now has 24 on the year and the next closest player in the Eastern League is Jeff Nettles with 19.
  23. He's played CF a few times this year, but not too often. When he was transferred to Bowie from Norfolk last August he was the primary centerfielder for the final month of the season, displacing Fiorentino.
  24. Yes, Bergesen was actually hitting 91-93 MPH on the stadium gun last night.
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