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  1. I have a first bid @ $400...Does any one want to increase the bid? Going for a great cause...makes a nice holiday gift....and a nice donation too..
  2. If anyone would like a FRAMED, MATTED,SIGNED , Orange Chris Davis authentic jersey and wants to honor what Chris did....I will sell this jersey and donate a large % the proceeds to the Children's Hospital....I would need to start the bidding at $400....and above to cover shipping costs...The framed jersey is worth at least $450...its a beautiful jersey...for a beautiful gesture....contact me at Personal Message or addroy@aol.com if you want to see photos....but trust me...this is a beautiful jersey...
  3. If he never gets another hit.... If he never gets another Home Run.... Chris Davis just did something that will be remembered, and impactful for decades... and will be far more memorable and impactful for human lives than any feat he could or couldn't accomplish on the playing field.Chris Davis is giving back in not just a single gesture...but a gesture that will echo and affect the lives of ultimately thousands of lives. This gesture will actually help save lives. All Oriole fans have grown frustrated and perhaps angry about Chris' production on the field.His contribution OFF the field is truly awe inspiring, and TRULY impactful. I always liked Chris. He's an easy guy to like.Like most of us, I tired of his failings...who knows if he'll even return next year? But the point is this, what he and his wife did is one of the greatest moments in Oriole history.You heard me right...Oriole history. Because wins, and statistics, and even championships pale in comparison to this philanthropic contribution. In the end it doesn't matter WHAT you did in life in terms of getting, and spending. To me the measure of real success, a REAL champion...is what you did for your fellow human beings. Its called MAN-KIND folks...Chris Davis is a MAN because he is kind....Stand up and cheer Chris Davis....
  4. I haven't commented a lot this season. I would just say this. Juiced balls, crappy pitching, blah, blah blah. 35 HR's IS 35 HR's..and a close to .300 average...and a good OPS.....Mancini has had a solid season and he is definitely a player with talent and ability and the Orioles should be lucky to have him. If he moves to 1b full time, and he should he could be a solid presence in this lineup for years to come.I don't know why so many think he's a "piece to move" . I hope he sticks around a lot. He figures to get better too...
  5. Sorry about the lack of notice by the Horseshoe...this is essentially a private event..but if someone or some group wants to come...contact me on PM and i'll get you in...book signing before and after the show...
  6. I was just told this event is essentially sold out...if you'd still like to go, contact me on PM and I'll try and get you in.....
  7. I'll be bringing my live show to the Horseshoe at 9pm Saturday night, with my new book signing before and after the show.Tickets are just $25 each and I promise an evening of Baltimore sports surprises and a very special guest. Heres a look at what I do. I promise you'll have a great time.
  8. http://www.royfirestone.com/BooksMusic.html If you buy a book on Paypal...I will be happy to sign it for you...
  9. Many are buying this book on Kindle. Amazon charges just $9.95 for a download...
  10. Thanks again for all the purchases OH fans. Im getting great response. Please make sure you let me know, if you purchased through Paypal how you want to book inscribed to you.... :http://www.royfirestone.com/BooksMusic.html
  11. The book is getting great buzz. I will be on the Dan Patrick TV and radio show...I am going to be on numerous other national platforms..The Fan will have me in the next week again...and Im signing at my appearance in Baltimore at the Horseshoe Casino...Sept 14 with my full show.....Im excited....and I appreciate any consideration in looking at this book....
  12. Thanks to Tony for that generous review....I want people on OH to know there are NUMEROUS Oriole stories and observations...but this book is a very eclectic book about whatever and whomever interested me over the years. I will offer once again a link:http://www.royfirestone.com/BooksMusic.html Anyone who buys i it on my page with PAYPAL, I would be honored to sign and inscribe anything(as long as its clean) and write GO BIRDS!!!! I hope you'll take a look at this book, I'm proud of it...
  13. If you want to come with your wife, I will make sure you get tickets....I'd love to have you...
  14. Hi gang! My new book "Thats What I'm Talking About "" is being published next week and can be acquired with an inscription signed personally by me by purchasing it at RoyFirestone.com OR you can get it even faster, TODAY by ordering it on Amazon with this link: https://www.amazon.com/author/royfirestone This book is a collection of my story telling, profiles, interviews, essays, and observations of my 40 years in broadcasting..It includes NUMEROUS Oriole stories about Brooks, Frank, Earl Weaver and much much more. I promise you will enjoy this book and don't forget I will also be signing the book IN PERSON on Sept 14 at my LIVE performance at the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore...Tickets are just $25 dollars and some very special Orioles will be attending... Thanks in advance for your consideration...Heres a very quick preview of the book : https://www.dropbox.com/s/2yc1g5j3enzpjoz/Roy Book Promo.mp4?dl=0
  15. You mean you didn't "love" the uniforms Frobby? It will be interesting to see how many fans buy those disgusting tops...
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