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  1. The auction closed last night. The two winning bidders on the Cal/Eddie print...and the Eddie Murray bat...please contact me for billing on your winning bids...
  2. Auction closes tonight. Only 2 items left in play. The Cal/Eddie signed framed jumbo print.(we are at $240)...and the signed game issued Eddie Murray bat. ($200). If you wans to make raises of $25 dollars or higher, we will allow that on the final day of the auction.
  3. Our action closes tomorrow night...Only two items left....The Cal/Eddie jumbo signed and framed print....now at $240(postage is not included), and the Eddie Murray game issued signed bat...$200...Both items are fantastic deals....make your bid now...
  4. Only TWO items are still available. The Cal Jr. and Eddie signed print...currentlt at $240(not including $60 postage), and the Eddie Murray GAME ISSUED bat signed by Eddie...currently at $200...Auction closes tomorrow night...Make your final bids now...
  5. The Orioles legends jumbo signed print has just been sold for the buy it now price of $700...Thank you...
  6. We have an opening bid on the Eddie Murray bat....$200...Next raise is $250....
  7. I hope you become a subscriber to my brand new podcast...last week featuring my interview with Billy Crystal about his 40 year friendship with Muhammad Ali...plus much more...On Tuesday we will have Bill Walton talking about his near suicide attempt to overcome his physical pain, PLUS the story of little Mo Gaba..the touching profile of the littlest Oriole fan who never gave in....Heres the link to my podcast please share with your friends...you'll love the new show! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/muhammad-ali-billy-crystal-lifetime-friendship-greatest/id1523308632?i=1000486382626&fbclid=IwAR2pTQ8Yu-9ErwGcUEIIlVey-ZYR5VMysMoRhGUQvG1qJo8o5Wqibev3hmE
  8. Heres our latest update.We have bids on ALL items now except the fabulous Eddie Murray SIGNED game issued bat. To update: 1.Cal and Eddie JUMBO SIGNED PRINT is now at $240 (not including $60 for shipping)...This is a beautiful piece signed by 2 Oriole HOF..AND the framing alone is priced at $200..An absolutely gorgeous piece...and for a great cause. 2. Oriole Legends...Jumbo print at the HOF ceremony for Cal Jr. signed by Frank, Brooks, Palmer, Earl, Eddie...extremely rare...we have a bid of $500....(not including $60 for postage)...this is an epic piece not easily acquired... 3. NO bids on a game issued signed white ash Eddie Murray bat...HIS bat...this opening bid is just $200. If you check on line..Eddie's bats go for hundreds of dollars...and no signed bat is valued at least than $400 ALL OTHER ITEMS SOLD OUT AUCTION CLOSES MONDAY NIGHT...Make your final bids now...
  9. All items EXCEPT Eddie Murray signed game issued bat have bids currently..T.he last two items on the page have been sold...
  10. We NOW have an opening bid for the magnificent Oriole legends framed and signed piece...$500 Please note that all framed pieces have an additional $60 packing, shipping and handling charge...
  11. To re-cap The Brooks Robinson and Three Oriole WS MVP's pieces are sold. We have a bid of $240 for the Eddie and Cal signed and framed piece... No bids on the amazing Oriole legends piece No bid on the signed, game issued Eddie Murray bat....
  12. No bids on a game issued Eddie Murray signed bat...another gem....
  13. still no bids on the Oriole legends piece...a rare, framed and matted 6 x signed classic Eddie, Cal, Brooks, Frank, Earl, and Palmer...Two of them are gone now.......Ive seen people spend $1,000 for this same piece...
  14. We have a new bid of $240 for the Cal and Eddie signed and framed print....($60 postage not included)....
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