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  1. You might have seen my feature piece about Coby Mayo, the third baseman, and fourth round draft pick who will be signing for the Orioles out of Stoneman-Douglas High School in Florida. Thats the school that endured the horrible tragedy of a shooting which left 17 students and some faculty members dead. But the happy news is that Coby, now 18, is now going to be a pro baseball player. I set up this phone call with the legendary Brooks Robinson, my lifelong friend since I was the batboy back in the late 60's and early 70's...and this brief call was sweet for me to witness.Two generations of Oriole third basemen on this call...Now I need to hook Coby up with Cal Ripken Jr. Congratulations Coby...and thanks to one of the greatest people I've ever known, my dear friend Brooks Robinson.
  2. I just finished an interview with the Orioles 4rth round pick, 18 year old third Baseman Coby Mayo and his father Keith. If you haven't heard or read his story, its truly inspiring. Coby Mayo attended Parkland Marjorie Douglas High School, and at 15 years old, narrowly avoided being killed as a former student opened fire on his classmates, killing 17 students and faculty and wounding 17 more. Mayo, one of the nation's best HS prospects escaped with his life and went on to have two brilliant HS seasons. He was drafted and signed Thursday night. I just produced this piece, I hope people will watch. it will also be featured on my national podcast coming out in a few weeks. This kid is happy to be an Oriole....but really, just happy to be alive. Watch this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/426lyvn0t4jrgj6/Koby%20Mayo.mp4?dl=0
  3. Happy Birthday.... to my first and really ONLY sports hero. Oh, I loved and admired Ali, but I never wanted to “be” like him. Brooks Robinson, who celebrates his 83rd birthday today, carried himself with grace, dignity, and class. I wanted to be like him, even though I would never have his talent. I wanted to carry myself with dignity and decorum and hoped that if I ever were successful..that those qualities I saw in Brooks, I would try to embody myself, if I could. From the time I was 5 years old, I knew he was the player who would be at the center of my sports universe. By the time I was 16, and he was almost retired, I saw him “Up Close”. I’ve mentioned here that I was batboy for the Baltimore Orioles for a few years during the late 60’s and 70’s. It was a gateway to Brooks Robinson,I thought…. getting to meet him, getting to know him, and maybe, just maybe, becoming a, dare I say “friend” of Brooks’? On my very first day as an Oriole batboy, Brooks Robinson, the first player in the Oriole clubhouse(sometimes ahead of the clubhouse “clubbies”) in the locker room, walks into the tiny dressing room I had. ‘Hey partner’..whats your name’? I looked up from what I was doing…and saw Brooks with his hand extended to me. It took my breath away. Then, after I stammered and remembered my name, he said “Partner…wanna play some pepper”? For those who don’t know…”pepper” is a simple game of hit and field. For the next 30 minutes, a goofy, awkward kid from Miami is playing ball with his only sports hero. “Don’t stab at it partner, look the ball in”, he said. Brooks Robinson was giving ME fielding pointers. I eventually caught my breath again and for the next several months I would ride “shotgun” on the buses going to away games in the Spring with Brooks Robinson. We talked, but he was so friendly and interested in me, I could barely ask say anything at all. He just radiated positiveness and goodness. Brooks NEVER dissed. No gossip. No profanity. He was always the gentleman of the team and the team had a lot of profane, bad mannered types. Brooks lived an authentic perception people have of him. He exuded the best of sportsmanship, cheerfulness, positiveness. I mustv’e watched him field 10,000 ground balls in the spring. He never took time to goof off when he was “working”. Years passed. Then I left the team to go to college. One night the Orioles were playing my college team, Miami, in a Spring exhibition game. I was the baseball play by play announcer on college radio with my buddy Gary Chrisman.(Who is still doing it today and is one of the best in the business) Brooks Robinson comes to the plate and hits a home run… as Gary and I were calling the game. I can say in my lifetime, I called a Brooks Robinson home run on a radio broadcast. More years went by, Brooks went to the Hall of Fame, and we remained close. Brooks had some serious health issues, but thankfully he recovered. One night, when he was ill, he asked ME to fill in for him at a major awards banquet. I couldn’t have said yes fast enough. An undeserved honor for me. Then lets fast forward to 2012. I get a phone call and see on ID…its Brooks. “Partner”(he still only calls me partner) its Brooks Robinson(“…..like I wouldn’t know who Brooks was). They are unveiling my statue at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and I’d like YOU to introduce me to the fans when I come to podium. I literally looked at the phone like people do in movies with disbelief as to what I just heard. He wanted ME of all people to dedicate his statue with HIM? It made no sense. Then I realized. He didn’t want to pick one teammate or baseball person he was close with…and heres why. Brooks cares about people’s feelings. if he asked Earl Weaver or Frank Robinson to introduce him, maybe someone else who played with him might be hurt. Thats the way Brooks thinks. It is why he is a great and good man. He picked ME. What an honor. The day comes. Thousands of people are there for Brooks’ statue I am introduced by Gary Thorne at the Oriole Park. I walk to the podium, and Im choked up. I almost couldn’t breathe. This isn’t about me, its about my only sports hero. And this is the greatest honor of my public life. After I caught my breath,I got a few minutes to tell my hero…I loved him. And I got to tell everyone there why. That clip is below. Happy Birthday Brooks Robinson…number 83. We could sure use a ton of people like YOU on this planet. I love you Brooks Robinson. You’re the greatest man in sports I ever knew. 29Tom Stavitzski, Brian Zeitchick and 27 others 2 Comments1 Share Like Comment Share
  4. Some of you know of my Brooks Robinson friendship for about 50 years....Here us the moment I put into words about what kind of man he was...to me...and to everybody who ever knew him:
  5. Its been a very hard time lately for sports fans, for America, the world at large... now this. We are all hopeful they were able to catch it early, Remember, both Boog and Eric Davis had it and they are both doing well today. Trey is as nice a young man as I've come across in baseball. He is an excellent talent, and a stellar human being. Heres hoping he gets to play again, but more importantly heres to getting well. We all love you, "Boom Boom:".
  6. Get well soon Trey. One of the truly great guys in this team's history...not just currently.Hope its not serious.
  7. Jim just had major back surgery...but he's going to be ready for opening day. He's a warrior. The last of the great Orioles from the great teams still bleeding Orange and Black,and I for one am relieved he's back for as long as he can go.He's still one of the best baseball analysts alive.
  8. As someone who believes in tradition and simple, classic looks, this looks like some sort of mistake.Sometimes, in the pursuit of making a buck..baseball should just leave things alone...this hat is horrid...and so is the team...go back to Orange bill, laughing bird, and black panel...and then go back to the business of winning...scouting, drafting, signing, and winning...we are far away from all of those things..the hat is atrocious too...
  9. I realize this is not "Oriole" related and if the mods choose to move this, so be it. But I wrote this last night here in Los Angeles after watching the powerful Kobe Bryant tribute at Staples Center.. Here it is: The Lakers honoring Kobe Bryant tonight was deeply moving, inspiring, but almost unbearably sad. The images and raw emotions and the sounds of Usher singing "Amazing Grace" and the cellist playing a solitary, solemn, classical piece while Kobe's words and highlights were projected on the screen...juxtaposed with shots of weeping players...was almost as big an overrun, and a overwhelm of human senses as we are accustomed to publicly. Kobe Bryant was an imperfect man who was gifted and rewarded for his remarkable skills and determination..and yes, he also made terrible mistakes in judgement and caused pain for some. He was not a deity. He need not be canonized or idealized beyond what he was. But what he was, and what he became, was indeed, admirable. I believe he sought and was beginning to achieve the idea that he would become a better human being. Thats always the focus, I believe, to a life well lived. But as I said before, I believe Kobe represented a kind of personal evolution before the public's eyes..from a teenage phenomenon, with unbridled energy and spirit, then the wiser, more worldly athlete, to the evolving man of his sport and his world...He was all about excellence...as a player..a father, and husband, and a societal influence in the sports and business world. The legend was really only beginning...and the second chapter in his life and career was on the horizon. His life was tragically cut short..as it was for 8 other souls who had dreams and hopes for the future. It all ended so abruptly and without any warning for them..and for us.That is the enduring, inexplicable and unforgiving thing about human fate. This was a horrific and painful tragedy that will not quickly fade into a distant memory...but eventually it will. For the families, including his own, its far more than grief for which they must contend.. they must pick up the pieces of their shattered lives...A hole in the heart that will never really heal. Kobe Bryant will be forever regarded as an immortal player...but in the end, like all of us, he was simply mortal, and fallible, flesh and blood... and in the deepest sense, given to human foible and ultimately a devastating tragedy. When I think of his destiny, I will instead try and focus on his pursuit of excellence..and his attack on life...to be the best at what he did..and in what he loved. I dont know that theres a better thing to say about a human being. Like most of you, I will miss him dearly...I'll miss his fire, and his drive, and his vision, his voice,and his unforgiving determination to be the best. And so he is gone, and we all grieve, for what he was..and yet, what he might've been.
  10. Cant say I'm thrilled with the offseason "upgrades" but it is what it is, I guess...Instead of lamenting though...I thought I'd share a little holiday cheer with a medley of my favorite singing impressions I performed on LA morning TV. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday!
  11. I have a first bid @ $400...Does any one want to increase the bid? Going for a great cause...makes a nice holiday gift....and a nice donation too..
  12. If anyone would like a FRAMED, MATTED,SIGNED , Orange Chris Davis authentic jersey and wants to honor what Chris did....I will sell this jersey and donate a large % the proceeds to the Children's Hospital....I would need to start the bidding at $400....and above to cover shipping costs...The framed jersey is worth at least $450...its a beautiful jersey...for a beautiful gesture....contact me at Personal Message or [email protected] if you want to see photos....but trust me...this is a beautiful jersey...
  13. If he never gets another hit.... If he never gets another Home Run.... Chris Davis just did something that will be remembered, and impactful for decades... and will be far more memorable and impactful for human lives than any feat he could or couldn't accomplish on the playing field.Chris Davis is giving back in not just a single gesture...but a gesture that will echo and affect the lives of ultimately thousands of lives. This gesture will actually help save lives. All Oriole fans have grown frustrated and perhaps angry about Chris' production on the field.His contribution OFF the field is truly awe inspiring, and TRULY impactful. I always liked Chris. He's an easy guy to like.Like most of us, I tired of his failings...who knows if he'll even return next year? But the point is this, what he and his wife did is one of the greatest moments in Oriole history.You heard me right...Oriole history. Because wins, and statistics, and even championships pale in comparison to this philanthropic contribution. In the end it doesn't matter WHAT you did in life in terms of getting, and spending. To me the measure of real success, a REAL champion...is what you did for your fellow human beings. Its called MAN-KIND folks...Chris Davis is a MAN because he is kind....Stand up and cheer Chris Davis....
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