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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RSUi_vJP9pM&t=1s I am feeling like Bart picking players for pickup against Milhouse. Anyone else feeling like this?
  2. I was thinking another McDonald would make the list for contention....Darnell. I remember how he slipped because of signabilty issues and how I excited I was.
  3. http://www.tampabay.com/sports/baseballpreps/orioles-select-river-ridge-star/2233026 "He decided he will bypass a scholarship to UCF, sign with the Orioles soon and report to the Gulf Coast League in Sarasota."
  4. That should not really have an impact on the graph, since it is average runs per innings. Less innings should just be a lower denominator. This of course assumes they treated each team's at bat as an inning to properly normalize the data.
  5. I will say that it was more than your typical closer. It could just be the 3 games that I attended in 2012, Johnson pitched 1 1/3 innings, 12 Runs, 11 ER. Let's just say that left a bad taste in my mouth and could be skewing my opinion.
  6. I won't complain about Hunter at this point. Over the past couple seasons, I watched way too many 6-7 run 9th innings by the opponents. While Tommy has been shaky, he still has been getting the job done in the end.
  7. I am assuming that you would be measuring the probability that you picked the "right" player at pick 17? That seems like a pretty difficult analysis to do when some of the players mentioned could have been taken with a later pick. I think for what he measured was fair. The likelihood that the number 17 pick would pan out and be a productive player. If they don't pan out, I would assume it was due to injury, bad player development, or bad scouting (and we should have drafted someone who was picked later than 17).
  8. Wow. Do these runs really count the same when they aren't scored via homerun?
  9. After the recent base running blunders, that was great awareness by JJ.
  10. How can our pinch runners be this bad with situational awareness?
  11. Since the trading of these picks are so new, I wonder what the market value of a pick is. It obviously gives you an extra player or flexibility for additional slot money, but how much do teams value that?
  12. Any chance we bundle this pick in a deadline trade?
  13. Not sure what happened behind the wall but it was definitely in his glove, not his right hand, when he got up.
  14. I am fine with how our top 5 stacks up. My one nitpick is Adam's patience at the plate. I would like to see him take a few more walks. I know it is game to be aggressive, but I think he could be even better. In my opinion without Davis behind him, I think pitchers would throw him even less strikes. It is hard to get upset when we are 2nd in the AL in runs scored. Remember in the off-season when we failed to get that MOO bat? :scratchchinhmm:
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