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  1. same here just had to download the tmobile app....was easy
  2. I'm not sure....i'm in South Carolina.
  3. if you have sprint or tmobile you can watch for free
  4. I'm beginning to think I'm in this group especially if other sports come back....if money is the reason baseball doesnt I'm likely done.
  5. Kelley....if not the Ohio State Catcher
  6. I'm interested to see what Martin signs for....If it is overslot what we did tonight makes sense. Especially if we hit Kelley overslot at 39. Was happier where we were 6 hours ago but I don't think tonight was terrible
  7. How does underslot value work, have we already negotiated with him and the number he would agree on?
  8. thru facebook i found APBA go....you can play for free (with teams from last years WS) and buy teams to use for $3 each....i have 74 and 83 Os....i've got hours of fun for six bucks....
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