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  1. thru facebook i found APBA go....you can play for free (with teams from last years WS) and buy teams to use for $3 each....i have 74 and 83 Os....i've got hours of fun for six bucks....
  2. Welcome to the 200s Mr Martin
  3. yes grounder to third alberto threw to 2nd (too late) rather than 1st
  4. who was our double header one day call up?
  5. Pedro needs a triple for the cycle....so, no cycle for Pedro
  6. No O has 1 hit, either multiple or an 0
  7. what was the reasoning on DFAing Karns? is it no one will pick him up and we needed a spot?
  8. any word if the guys called up made it to the game yet?
  9. belle had an ops .882 during his 2 years in baltimore
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