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  2. AVencill

    Tyler Kelly

    Here's a feature I just did on Kelly for the Frederick News-Post. It's an inside look at his plate discipline and some other little things: Ty Kelly - In The Zone Wish Ty the best going forward, great kid who's finally starting to prove some of the doubters wrong.
  3. AVencill


    Baker was "officially" promoted to Frederick today. Tried to post Saturday night when I first found out, but was unable to.
  4. I'm happy to grab the local guy with the 2nd round pick. He was a 6th round pick out of high school, but while the command hasn't been there at times, still right around where a handful of drafts i saw had him. Here's a couple quotes I got last night from Tyler Wilson, Baltimore's 10th rounder from last year on Kline, his former collegiate teammate: "He's one of my best buddies. I'm pulling for him hard. He's a great kid and he has a chance to do some really special things with his career." "If a good draft experience is going to happen to anybody, nobody deserves it more than him. He's a special kid, a hard worker and a great player. He deserves everything that's about to come his way."
  5. AVencill

    Erbe is back!!

    Didn't get a chance to talk with Erbe the other night, but I also hear and can report he is back and throwing gas again in the mid-90's. If he can locate it, there's another good arm in the pen that needs to be challenged at higher levels. Will see if I can get ahold of him later in the week. Also, five K's tonight in two innings of work.
  6. AVencill

    Erbe is back!!

    I may be heading over to the park tomorrow night, so I'll try to get a word in with Brandon and check on how things are coming along with his rehab. Here's today's Keys story from the News-Post with a couple quotes from Erbe: http://www.fredericknewspost.com/sections/sports/display.htm?StoryID=136153
  7. Not the best outing of Bundy when he comes to location, but certainly impressive with five innings of one-hit ball to get his first win. By my count, only three offspeed pitches, one of which Webb robbed for a home run. I've got most of the outing tracked on paper, but he was sitting 95-97, hitting 98 a handful and his last pitch I saw I saw on the gun at 99. Fastball location was a bit of a struggle at times for Bundy, who seemed to nibble and got behind on about all but 4-5 hitters. I tip my hat to him because he had a lot of balls that were squared up and hit into the outfield, where Kyle Hoppy, Glynn Davis and Webb played well defensively. Maybe 1 more start at the most with Delmarva. Come June 1st, it's time to take on the Carolina League.
  8. I wish I saw the charts on Monday night for Game five against Potomac because he was hitting 91 on the Keys radar gun. I saw a little extra out of that arm of his and it was nice to see after he struggled with command and velo of his fastball in game one of the Divisional series. To me, his changeup could be considered as fringe-plus because it's better than above average. He spots it well and it has great movement to it, leaving hitters way out in front on empty swings. He's smart, he pitches backwards, and he's had success at high-A well over two months. He's on the radar for sure, and it'll be interesting to see if he starts back at Frederick next season or makes a step up to Bowie.
  9. Yes, I have seen him wear one of those ace bandage type wraps around his knee for extra support. It seems like he's wearing it now just as extra protection in case something freaky like that would happen again and no, it doesn't seem like it bothers him in any way.
  10. I love the unis and generating all this talk is great both for UA and for UMD. The state flag gloves were a pretty ingenious idea. I'm a fan of the out of the box uniform combinations, so it's great to see the roots of UA go up against the glow in the dark Oregon uniforms from Nike. The uniform combinations are certainly going to appease recruits looking for the "Nike of the East coast" school.
  11. RVAbird's right on, but I'll go more in-depth: Work ethic - Schoop would win Bud Foster's "Lunchpail award" if he was a defensive football player at Virginia Tech. The kid works his tail off in the field, during BP and in the cage to get better. Schoop and Machado for that matter just bring so much youthful energy into that clubhouse and have good attitudes. They playfully talk trash with one another, Schoop makes fun of the media attention Manny gets during some post-game interviews by coming over and mocking him playfully. He's maybe not a clubhouse leader, being one of the youngest guys on the team, but the clubhouse definitely respects him for his talents on the field and at the plate. Schoop is definitely a likeable guy, very easy-going and personable. Watching Schoop and Manny in the middle infield, they are a well-oiled machine making Webgems almost on a nightly basis both as a double play unit and of course on an individual basis. They just "click" as Schoop says and they are good friends on and off the field. They definitely get along well.
  12. In just one year, I don't remember seeing an Orioles positional prospect make more noise from a combination of youth and being an under the radar player than Schoop. In 2010, he shot through three levels from the Gulf Coast all the way to Frederick before heading to Delmarva to start 2011. At the end of last year, I saw him look overmatched in Frederick, but I kept looking at his athleticism and could sense the Orioles had something with a tall lanky kid who had a chance to fill out with his frame in a couple years. Fast forward a year and to me, he's become the second baseman of the future. Watching him play both second and shortstop, he's going to give 110 percent on the field and his range to either side is unmatched. He's going to make you do doubletakes and make you say "Did he just do that?" with some of the plays he makes. He's got the arm to play on the left side of the field but his future is probably best served at second. He's got versatility with the fact he can play second, short and third and even dabbled a bit in left field last year in Frederick. He's going to make errors in the field, it's natural, but he's going to learn from those errors and he's going to make more run-saving plays to cushion the blow of those errors. With the bat, he just needs to stay consistent, which is definitely coming with more at-bats. He's a pretty quick learner at the plate and is making in-game adjustments to counter those of the opposition. His swing can get a little long from time to time, but if he uses his quick wrists the ball is definitely going to jump off the bat. With the muscle he's added, he's become stronger and more durable as he's handled his first full season well. He's got the chance to develop into a .280, 15-20 homer guy at the big league level. In short, Schoop is a big league guy for me right now, but he's got to prove it at a level higher. I hope the Orioles take it slow with him, but I could see him starting next season or moving up to Bowie very quickly.
  13. Definitely different radar guns. He's been mostly what RVABird said, 86-90. Maybe he topped at 92 once, but he definitely doesn't throw 90-92.
  14. Here's an article from milb.com on Pettit and his developing changeup. http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20110824&content_id=23673642&fext=.jsp&vkey=news_milb
  15. Manny appeared to slide past third base and was called out. On the ground and in disgust, Manny spiked his helmet in frustration with himself which earned him the ejection. He made no attempt to get in the umpire's face, he professionally walked off the field as Keys manager Orlando Gomez questioned the ump about the call, which is an automatic ejection according to what the ump said.
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