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  1. Out of the players who have made an impact at the major league level this year, seems to be a split verdict on 2018 vs. 2019. Mountcastle and DJ Stewart had an appreciable gain in their 2019 minor league numbers. Kremer, Akin and Mullins did not. But these guys all came up this year late and have been fantastic. Is it the more hands-on instruction at Bowie? Maybe an idea to consider going forward would be to not have the better minor league players in games every day, but rather have 2-3 days per week of hands-on instruction.
  2. Got mine on Sunday. I didn't know it was coming, so what a nice surprise from the Orioles! I like "The Bird" marker to emulate the baseball shaped distance markers along Eutaw Street.
  3. I see where you're getting at. However, I do think the commissioner will weight the 2019 season. MLB claims that draft and waiver rules (both record associated, and by extension, financial wherewithal associated) are means by which small market teams can reasonably compete. But we shall see.
  4. Somehow your avatar makes this statement more impactful 😄 I'd prefer to see the O's win. No fun "hoping" they lose to get a better draft pick. Besides we don't know how the draft positioning will work. Will they win is another story -- Braves and Rays are two of the best teams.
  5. Agreed the contract you suggest would be most optimal. Other piece of the puzzle with Trey would be to shift him to 1B, cut Davis, so that Trey wouldn't be part of the OF playing time calculus.
  6. Pains me to say this, but there is a chance the O's don't tender Trey a contract. He's ARB-2 for next season, cost $4.75M this season (times 60/162). It would be a difficult decision from a personal and PR point of view. But if it doesn't look probable he'll play much next season, Trey might not be tendered.
  7. Agreed, probably the pitch where it appeared that he overswung. Per Roch, Hyde says DJ Stewart will get most of the playing time in RF.
  8. I'm enjoying watching Cedric's game. He's a throwback to the 80s when many teams had speed in the lead-off position (Rickey Henderson being the best). Also good to have a CF with speed who can get to balls. If he continues, he should at minimum be a solid 4th OF entering in late inning situations for defense, PR, situational bunts.
  9. This article from The Score indicates that "sources" tell Baseball America there isn't expected to be any change in how the draft order is determined. Is anyone here a Baseball America subscriber and able to read the original report? https://www.thescore.com/mlb/news/2012384/report-2021-mlb-draft-to-be-held-in-atlanta-before-all-star-game The 2021 MLB Draft will take place in Atlanta from July 11 to 13, sources told Carlos Collazo and J.J. Cooper of Baseball America. Next year's event will be at least 20 rounds - and up to as many as 30 - based on an agreement between the league and the Major League Baseball Players Association, according to Collazo and Cooper. The draft will reportedly be tied to the All-Star Game festivities in Atlanta next year. The Home Run Derby is scheduled to take place on July 12 and the Midsummer Classic will be played on the 13. There isn't expected to be changes to how the draft order is determined, sources told Collazo and Cooper. However, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has the power to change the order amid a shortened campaign, an any decision is not expected anytime soon.
  10. I'm not inclined to sell low and give up on this team. Lost 6 in a row while Toronto has won 6. Several bats have gone cold. But Mountcastle is an upgrade in the lineup, and Iglesias sounds like he'll be back on Wednesday -- another upgrade. Best bullpen guys have gotten a few days off with no lead to protect. Starting pitching is what it is. Surely not a top contender, but teams that finish eighth in the league usually have weaknesses. Starting pitching weaknesses can be hidden to some extent with a solid bullpen -- especially in a short season.
  11. I'm excited that the Orioles are NOT the team dropping infield pops, allowing a single to become an inside the park home run, and giving up tons of passed balls. By August 31, if every game on the schedule is played (a big "if"), 35 out of 60 games would be played. That should be enough to venture an educated guess of how the remainder might pan out. I'm in the camp that can't-miss trade offers will not be coming. No guarantee this MLB season finishes, amplified by no agreement that the players will be in a bubble for the playoffs.
  12. For this year, yes the O's do stand a good chance to compete for a playoff berth. I haven't seen mentioned the wild card (pun intended) in all of this --- we may see more opportunities like this coming week against a depleted Marlins team due to COVID. Not unreasonable to think the O's can go 3-2 in the next five games (including today vs. TB). 7-5 through 20% of the season where 8 teams make the playoffs would be solid.
  13. I agree with Twins / Braves. I can recall World Series back to 1979 (which mercifully is blurry for me). Kirby Puckett hitting the HR in Game 6 is a top moment of the last forty years -- and he is my favorite non-Oriole player. Next up on the WS seven game list would be D'Backs / Yankees 2001, and Mets / Red Sox 1986.
  14. A potential solution to this would be to add a surcharge to the MLB package to allow in market streaming. For example, for subscribers in the Orioles and Nationals area, add say $50 (?) if the subscriber wants to access in market games. That way, the O's and Nats retain their media revenues.
  15. Great, so having baseball players espouse your politics is important to you. I said I don't want politics and baseball to mix -- no matter where he is on the political spectrum. Personally I thought your response to new Orioles Hangout poster Explosivio was much too unfair to leave alone, such as reading into "a fella like that" and certainly implying Explosivio's statements as racially derogatory. He clearly has researched Martin via videos etc, and presented his take on Martin as a teammate.
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