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  1. I doubt Hyde would resign. He's 47, has many baseball years ahead of him, and likely would have opportunities to be a bench coach after this, especially with Maddon's endorsement. Resigning when the going got tough wouldn't look good to a future employer.
  2. It sounds like there's not a great amount of training and communication to the front line customer service staff, and that at least some of your issues were resolved by their supervisor who was in the know. I'd just ask to speak with a supervisor each time, much like most other customer service situations in other businesses. As for the Dugout Club, yes based on the in-game MASN promos, it has been replaced by Kids Cheer Free Plus https://www.mlb.com/orioles/fans/kids/cheer-free What isn't clear, at least to me, is whether the four vouchers means one per game for four games (
  3. Just me, or is that a really bad place to park your car?
  4. I'll give Elias & co. some credit that they clearly have a plan and executed it with no ambiguity. Namely, draft college kids with a track record (i.e., data), draft positional players to be top heavy on that side and use some of them to trade for pitching later, and let other orgs pay for the pitchers' development. But man alive, when your manager states the obvious and says the team is in dire need of rotation help, and you don't use the draft to stock up on future pitching talent, you're really putting all of your chips on the value you're hoping you are accumulating on the positional
  5. Okay which one of you is Mike Elias? Amazing troll job with this drafting, Mike.
  6. Very well could be. I see an Orioles front office who has likely been told by ownership that their patience is dwindling, and they have until 2023 (or 2024) to field a competitor. College players are more likely to contribute sooner. Doesn't do Elias & co. any good to draft a HS project who takes 4-5 years to reach the big leagues, if Elias isn't around to reap the benefits.
  7. His short video package on MLB Network showed two bloop hits and a seeing eye single, lol. Maybe the producer doesn't like this pick.
  8. You have fished your wish! Would love to get a scouting report, if you have time.
  9. I'll watch at least the first ten or so picks. I've come this far in getting familiar with them, I'm interested to see how it plays out.
  10. I'll go Davis. It would be a very unique strategy to have a middle of the order catcher every day, AND have both bats in the lineup.
  11. Lopez seems very well suited to being the long reliever after the "opener". A team like TB may see that for a trade. Which begs the question -- why are the O's not trying the opener strategy, with Lopez then pitching twice through the lineup? Not much to lose in trying at this point.
  12. Interesting article. Thanks for posting. This stuck out like a sore thumb. Oh no. Not again. Two names generating particular buzz are outfielders Sal Frelick (Boston College) and Colton Cowser (Sam Houston State).... The talk isn’t being generated by their play on the field as much as it is the people in the seats behind home plate, as multiple sources have noted high-level executives, including general managers with picks in the top six, bearing down on the duo. If teams focus on their concerns about the top talents, Frelick and Cowser could turn into potential early-pick money savers
  13. Having survived the Brandon Fahey / Freddie "Boom Boom" Bynum year (2008, IIRC), I'm happy if the SS at least makes the routine plays. Our pitching is bad enough without giving extra outs. The eye test suggests to me that Galvis is about on par with JJ Hardy defensively, a notch below Iglesias (who makes highlight reel plays).
  14. That Metrodome PA announcer was a big part of the nostalgia for me. Intros to Kirby Puckett and Kent Hrbek were legendary. Kirby Puckett was easily my favorite non-Orioles player.
  15. I am as well. Rob Long pointed out on MASN yesterday that the O's are #5 and the Rangers #21, and stated the O's are further along in the rebuild. #5 vs. #21 is a big gap, regardless of whether those are pinpoint precise. If Means were to be our #3, then that would mean DL Hall and GrayRod would be Koufax and Drysdale! Means looks pretty darn good to these eyes.
  16. What did Fangraphs mean by the below? Were there concerns about Wieters' temperament, or competitiveness? I didn't sense anything lacking in either department for Wieters. Ruschman is physical similar to 2007 first-rounder Matt Wieters, but his “blood courses through his veins at a much different temperature.”
  17. Long home run by Matt Joyce. The Phillies announcers' call: "that's headed to the alligators!". LOL, a call unique to the Grapefruit League
  18. Rotoworld says "Good job by Baltimore here." Ken Rosenthal and Fabian Ardaya of The Athletic report that Jahmai Jones will head to the Orioles in the trade for Alex Cobb. According to Mark Feinsand of MLB.com, the Orioles are paying more than half of Cobb's $15 million salary for this year, so they managed to buy themselves an interesting prospect. Jones, 23, is a former second-round pick who made his MLB debut over the summer; going 3-for-7 with an RBI in limited action. He's considered one of the better prospects in the Angels' system thanks to plus speed and the v
  19. Certainly, but the two losses to start the Boston series more than likely pushed the Red Sox out of the top two picks, and likely their chance at Rocker or Leiter. Based on the 2020 draft strategy, the draft position probably impacts the O's draft for their slot values, more than which player they would pick first.
  20. Out of the players who have made an impact at the major league level this year, seems to be a split verdict on 2018 vs. 2019. Mountcastle and DJ Stewart had an appreciable gain in their 2019 minor league numbers. Kremer, Akin and Mullins did not. But these guys all came up this year late and have been fantastic. Is it the more hands-on instruction at Bowie? Maybe an idea to consider going forward would be to not have the better minor league players in games every day, but rather have 2-3 days per week of hands-on instruction.
  21. Got mine on Sunday. I didn't know it was coming, so what a nice surprise from the Orioles! I like "The Bird" marker to emulate the baseball shaped distance markers along Eutaw Street.
  22. I see where you're getting at. However, I do think the commissioner will weight the 2019 season. MLB claims that draft and waiver rules (both record associated, and by extension, financial wherewithal associated) are means by which small market teams can reasonably compete. But we shall see.
  23. Somehow your avatar makes this statement more impactful 😄 I'd prefer to see the O's win. No fun "hoping" they lose to get a better draft pick. Besides we don't know how the draft positioning will work. Will they win is another story -- Braves and Rays are two of the best teams.
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