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  1. I attended, and thought it was fun.  Guess anything Orioles related and being inside the ballpark is a nice reprieve from winter.  I would estimate the attendance as 250 - 400.  But I might be underestimating, since the guy behind me in line at the O's Team Store said that they were out of sherpa blankets when he arrived, and the O's had said the first 1,000 would get a sherpa blanket.   The rain was not too bad, alternated between a mist and light rain.  

    There wasn't too much to do, besides the segment with Hyde, Elias and Sig.  I did, finally (!), get to exchange my voucher for the Hawaiian shirt (XLs were wrong size on gameday last July).  Also everything in the team store was 50% off, which brought some prices to the right price point for me.  Others, like the $150 polo shirt, not so much.

    Not too much newsworthy during the Hyde, Elias, Sig segment.  Putting together Elias' answers to two separate questions.... (paraphrasing) "Villar was a big part of our team last year, but we want to give a chance to others who have more than one year remaining before free agency" and "we're going to look for a veteran player to play middle infield this year, no one in the upper minors ready" (seems like Villar fits that description), not retaining Villar was a pure money play.  Another interesting question asked was, would the O's consider taking on salary in a trade if that player was paired with prospect(s), Elias seemed to genuinely say it was a possibility.  

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  2. 13 minutes ago, ThomasTomasz said:

    A couple issues with that.  The barcode wasn't showing at home either, both through my app or online via Ticketmaster.  I assumed that it was either geofenced or time-locked to appear at a certain time, since I bought it as my supplement to my season tickets (29 games.) . 

    Second, they will only scan the app or your wallet app, they won't scan screenshots.  The screenshot might help you not pay $5 to have the tickets printed, but they didn't ask me for payment for them yesterday.  

    Sorry to hear about your experience.  But, I did take a screenshot for my tickets yesterday, they scanned the bar code of the screenshot, and it worked.  I do the same for Caps hockey.

  3. 57 minutes ago, ThomasTomasz said:

     Did anyone else who purchased tickets aside from your season plan have any issues getting the app to load the barcode?  I spent over 30 minutes on the phone waiting for support, and I ended up going to the Eutaw Street gate and got my tickets printed for no charge (despite the $5 charge the site claimed if I wanted them printed and picked up.) . This whole mobile thing is absolutely ridiculous.  

    Best to open the app at home (or at least prior to arriving at the ballpark, and having to share Wifi or your cell carrier's signal with thousands of others), and take a screenshot of the bar code.  When you get to the gate, then just open up your Gallery and bring up the screenshot.  Eliminates the need for the app to open at the gate.

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  4. 6 hours ago, OFFNY said:

    oWhile we're on the subject of the the past, this was Brooks Robinson's final home run of his career (1977.)

    That really is great.  Brooks low fives a fan who came to celebrate with him at 3rd base.  No security tackling him.  Another fan climbs atop the dugout to try to join the celebration.  Not attention seekers, just avid fans.  Different times.

  5. For me, the key takeaways from the forums:

    -  Elias stated that the O's may not spend all of the international money that we have.  Too many guys spoken for come July 2.  Will watch for players who might be available, but otherwise can put those dollars to use elsewhere.

    -  I came away really impressed with Hyde.  Well spoken, leadership intangibles.  We'll see how that translates to development, and in-game tactics, but I liked what I saw.

    - Sig & Koby Perez session was fantastic.  Sig stated that upon arrival to the O's last month, there were ZERO analysts in the analytics department.  Stated that it will take time to build up the analytics team.  The overall impression I received from both Elias and Sig is that there is some material to work with here in terms of players, but not a ton.  Implied that this will require some patience.  Koby stated that Melvin Mora has been in touch about helping the O's with prospects from his academy.  

    -  Session with Palmer, Boog, Eddie and Brooks was fun.  Kinda brought a tear to my eye seeing these guys up there together.  Brooks is the Jimmy Stewart of baseball.  What an endearing man.  So many people spoke just to say how much a chance meetings decades ago with him meant to them.  One young lady let him know that Brooke was her middle name after him.  My favorite Brooks story was, someone asked him who was the toughest pitcher he ever faced.  I forget who Brooks named, but he told stories of multiple games when the guy got him out.  Boog then said "Brooks, don't you remember when you, me and Frank went back-to-back-to-back on him that night in Detroit?"  Brooks with perfect comedic timing ".... but one night in Detroit, I GOT him with a home run"

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  6. On 1/8/2019 at 12:43 PM, Dipper9 said:

    I tried it on my work computer and got an error message.  I remember that my tickets never worked on my work computer, so I tried it on my phone.  Error message.  I'll try one last time at home, and then I'm taking this as a sign that I am not to buy season tickets this year.  

    This is so aggravating.  Been a season ticket holder for 9 years and we have to go through all this nonsense? 

    I'm still receiving the same error message as well.  I phoned the Orioles this morning, was on hold for 5 minutes waiting for a rep, finally took the option to leave a voicemail.  Haven't heard back.  Maybe the Billy Joel announcement tied up the phone lines.

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  7. I got as far as being able to log in.  Then, under "List of Items", when I mouse over "Orioles Fanfest", it says I have two complimentary tickets, and to click "view items".  I click " view items", and it says "this item is no longer for sale".  Oh man.  Anyone else having the same issue?

  8. I attended the Baysox game today.  Kremer looked real good, never seen him pitch previously.  Did a nice job mixing up his pitches.  Stadium radar gun showed 93 - 94 mph on several fastballs.  

    Jay Flaa came in and pitched the 7th, 8th, and 9th.  Gave up a 2-out, none-on HR in the 9th.  Other than that, he looked good as well.

    Baysox offense was helped out by some keystone cops defense by Erie.  Offensively Baysox were led by Austin Hays (HR, double) and Corban Joseph (HR).  Yusniel Diaz wasn't too impressive with the bat IMO - but just a one-game sample size.

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  9. Adam seems to have two benefits to finishing the season here, as far as his next contract is concerned.  1.) Capability to play RF  2.) Ability to serve as a mentor.  I bet it caught other teams' attention how professional he was in the transition to Mullins playing CF.  If the Orioles don't offer him a deal this off-season of sufficient number of years, other teams would surely appreciate the professionalism and mentoring, and it could net him the contract he desires.

  10. I saw Nunez on June 30 in Norfolk, a Tillman rehab start. Sat right behind the 3rd base dugout.  Tillman got into trouble in the 3rd due to a Nunez error, and another scored a hit, but really should have been fielded by Nunez.  At least that game, he didn't seem to have a great first step in fielding the ball.  With his bat, certainly worth seeing if he can at least become a serviceable IF. But I'm expecting some growing pains.

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  11. B/B-.

    I had it as A/A- prior to yesterday.  Thought DD was deliberate in trading Manny and Britton, and seemed to get a good deal given that other teams knew we had no choice but to trade them.  Liked that they prioritized International Signing Money in the trade for Brach.  Yesterday dampened my enthusiasm. Did not like the salary dump as part of the Gausman trade.  Schoop trade may be too early to tell, but with the flexibility that the O's did not need to trade him yesterday, seems like the O's could have acquired more.  Next phase's success rides heavily on whether the O's can sign VVM, and a solid selection with the #1 (or 2 or 3) pick in the 2019 draft first round.

  12. I met Brad's wife Jenae at one of the O's wives / SOs Maryland Food Bank collection weekends.  Jenae was very personable and humble, and mentioned how much she and Brad appreciated the Orioles for giving Brad the opportunity.  I'm certainly appreciative of Brad's production for the O's over the years, and wish he and Jenae the best.

  13. 1 hour ago, Moose Milligan said:

    I wasn't old enough to be there for Eddie getting booed but I certainly do remember Cal getting booed in '92, a year after winning the MVP where he was having the most terrible season of his career.  I remember that because I was there.

    I do believe part of the stuff with Eddie was race related, especially after reading the posts here.  

    First, I am ecstatic to see Eddie, my all-time favorite player, back in the fold.  Brought me a big smile seeing Eddie last night on MASN.

    Eddie's final years in Baltimore have always been the darkest hour in my 40 years as an O's fan.  As a kid, I regularly sat in the bleachers, saw Eddie jogging to first on ground outs, with the fans booing. I have no idea what might have been in some fans' hearts, but I can tell you that I knew some of those around me booing, and it was because Eddie was not giving his all.

    I suspect that some of Eddie's ill feeling can be traced all the way back to Dick Young's treatment of Eddie's family, some of it to the local media in his final years, some of it to Edward Bennett Williams' 1986 press conference stating that Eddie needed to stay in better shape and produce more.  

    A great thing that Eddie hit #500 as an Oriole, has his statue, and has been welcomed back several times even before this.



  14. 6 minutes ago, theocean said:

    I'm not sure if we're going to see a total rebuild. Knowing this Front Office, I think they're going to look at Bundy/Gausman/Cashner/Cobb and see a rotation that can compete. They're going to look at Hays, Mullins, and Mountcastle and see guys who can contribute and are ready. I think we see Jones resigned and another half-hearted shot at being relevant in 2019.

    I could be totally wrong, but that's my gut feeling.

    You could be right, and it would be consistent with what we've seen in the past few years.  My feeling is that the O's will be open to trading any or all of Bundy / Gausman / Cashner / Cobb (Bundy and Gausman are by far going to draw the most interest).  But they will not just trade to make a trade.  There could be some benefit to stability at SP, while the young positional prospects find their footing at the major league level. Less pressure on them if the SP can keep the team in games.    But I were the GM, I'd be shopping Bundy and Gausman proactively.

  15. 14 hours ago, TonySoprano said:

    Delmarva 1G, 3.1 IP, 2 ER, 4H, 1BB
    Aberdeen 1G, 2.0 IP, 3 ER, 2H, 2 BB
    Frederick 1G, 6.1 IP, 4 ER, 5H, 3 BB,1 HBP
    Norfolk 2G, 9.2 IP, 9 ER, 17H, 5BB, 1 HBP

    5G, 21.1 IP, 18 ER, 28H, 11BB, 2 HBP,  ERA 7.59, WHIP 1.92

    But he's "consistent with his velocity."

    I attended Chris' start on June 30 in Norfolk.  The numbers above don't belie his struggles.  First two innings were fine.  Really labored in the 3rd and 4th (pitching change in the 4th).  Many ABs went deep in the count.  

  16. I attended the Keys game on Saturday vs. Down East.  Came away very impressed with McKenna.  The kid is FAST and seems to couple that with good base running instincts (things like secondary lead, etc.).  On one Rasmus single, he was on third almost prior to Rasmus getting to first!  Been said here already, but McKenna was clearly the best player on the field.

    Also don't sell Preston Palmeiro short.  Nice compact swing, I like what I saw of him too.  Alex Wells certainly struggled, or battled, depending on your POV.  Never know though, he may have been instructed to use secondary pitches in situations where he would have otherwise used his out pitch.

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  17. Let me get this straight.  Valencia is one of four O's players with a batting average over .237, he's second only to Manny in OPS, he had one of only five O's hits last night, had two (including a BB) of the team's seven hits / BB.... and he should be cut for a bad base running play? Maybe that stood out because the rest of the team couldn't even get on base to make a blunder.

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  18. I recall stories circa 2008 stating that prior to accepting the job, Andy McPhail sat down with Peter Angelos and discussed with him the appropriate role of a team owner within a baseball organization.  Andy McPhail had the stature in MLB which Flanagan, Beattie, and Jim Duquette did not.  Subsequently once McPhail was hired,  Angelos' actions were in line with McPhail's guidance.  And this seemed to turn around the franchise for years to come.  McPhail and Dan Duquette -- both good baseball minds -- seemed to have freedom to operate.   Seemed to last until Dan Duquette's perceived "disloyalty" w.r.t. Toronto in 2015.

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  19. 41 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

    I don't think the Dodgers would agree to a deal that would result in their exceeding the salary threshold.

    I don't either, especially since a stated goal for both the Dodgers and Yankees for this season was to remain below the threshold, and thus reset their luxury tax penalty back to 20%.  Otherwise, it is 50% for this season and all subsequent consecutive seasons.  If it's Manny to the Dodgers, unfortunately Davis nor Trumbo seem like they could be included.

  20. 42 minutes ago, Legend_Of_Joey said:

    They announce the starter for that game and the next one. Everything after that is "TBD" on every site.

    Your best bet is to try and track each start and figure out the rotation.

    Legend, do you have a link to where Bowie announces their day-of and next day starters?  I'm not seeing it on their website or twitter, but I may be overlooking it.

    My aim is to go see each of the five Orioles minor league clubs this summer.  Do all of the clubs typically only announce the starting pitchers up to one day ahead?

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