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  1. Poor planning IMO for yesterday's game to not have been a day game. Someone mentioned yesterday it may have been to increase TV ratings. With the Final Four known to coincide with a 7:05 start, Orioles TV audience would have been down. Can't get that concession cash if there's no one at the game.
  2. Or get a statue at Camden Yards, if he entered the Hall as an Orioles? The other six Oriole HOFs have both retired jerseys and statues. My bet is no.
  3. That's a major concern I had as well, upon reading the breakdown which the Orioles sent me. I plan to ask for clarification at Fanfest. Also unclear to me is whether if we were to exchanged existing tickets dollar for dollar, that the newly acquired tickets would be at the season rate, or if that is limited to the first five games which you exchange to. If the latter, I'm likely out for committing my money to the 13-game plan cost. Would be better in terms of both flexibility and financial outlay to not be a plan holder.
  4. Certainly explains the high strikeout rate of the roster Duquette has put together, doesn't it?
  5. I have had the same experience with respect to "you can do all of that online", and the attitude returned when you ask for help. It takes time to learn any online system. Are the O's ticket reps really that busy? If the Orioles want to emphasize online use, they need to know that there will be a learning curve for users. I completely agree with the printed vouchers. Why not have your online account show a credit balance, and you can choose to use that when you buy tickets online? And I never enjoy having a single rep. He or she isn't always there -- understandably. Purchasing or exchanging tickets is often time sensitive. My preference would be for the Orioles to offer a pool of season ticket reps, and the next available rep fields your phone call.
  6. I'm sure that's true, and probably amplified by Buck's seeming loyalty to the vets. However, these vets were once youngins as well, and had the chance in a past September to get their feet wet at the expense of the existing vets at the time. Time to give back. I agree with phillyOs -- playing Santander is key, since he has to be on the major league roster to start the season to satisfy Rule 5 requirements.
  7. Just need to have a winning week, and take it from there when the O's get home. They've played Boston exceptionally well this season, and there's a possibility TB and Pittsburgh might be giving September call ups a shot to close the team.
  8. At this point I think the O's need to beat out the Yankees, and hope they can place second amongst themselves, Twins and LAA. With 26 games left, 7 vs. NYY, it's tough to see a scenario where if the O's can't win 5 out of 7 vs. NYY, that they'd do well enough in the other 19 games to beat out both LAA and Minnesota. Going to be a tall order. Not winning the series vs. Toronto has been a setback.
  9. I voted Schoop. In the event that Manny does not re-sign here long term, we now have another superstar we can build the team around.
  10. I really enjoyed watching this young man immersed in the game last night. If in Jimmy Martino's position, I bet a lot of us on here would have made the same wish that Jimmy did. And how many of us who have lost a loved one to cancer would have loved to enjoy with them the VIP experience Jimmy enjoyed? A great reminder that the opportunity to be passionate about Orioles baseball is a blessing, win or lose.
  11. O's would get five, perhaps six starts out of Gonzo. If Gonzo were to make his scheduled start on Thursday vs. Minnesota, slot him in next Tuesday or Wednesday vs. NYY. He'd make two of his five starts vs. NYY, and he's continued being a Yankee Killer this season. Alternatively, if the O's picked him up today or tomorrow, start him Friday, then he'd still start two vs. NYY, and perhaps get six starts out of him. Win those two starts vs. NYY, and the O's would only need to make up three more in the loss column to catch NYY. What would the White Sox ask for in exchange for free-agent-to-be Gonzo, I wonder?
  12. Yes we would, but no one is taking the remainder of Davis' contract. Even with some salary relief (or at least, the relatively small percentage I'd expect Angelos would agree to pick up). Maybe we can trade Trumbo for a low level minor leaguers and comparatively smaller salary relief.
  13. Yesterday's game was honestly depressing. Instead of the young and new leading the way -- Mancini, Beckham -- they were shoved down the line-up so we can go back to 2016 with all-or-nothing 30-something vets hacking away. May as well have asked the Nats if we could borrow Wieters for a game, get the full 2016 experience.
  14. I can't see Houston trading for Manny just for the purpose of spelling Correa for 6-8 weeks. Houston has a 16 game loss-column division lead, 11 for AL home field advantage. Going to that extent to get home field for a potential WS vs. the Dodgers seems to be a reach. If Houston were looking from the perspective of upgrading the team with Correa in the line-up (which it sounds he will be come playoff time), then they might come knocking.
  15. Thanks Birdwatcher. The Red Sox did something similar back in 2012, when they packaged Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett for five prospects. They sent the Dodgers $11M, but with trading the trio, saved over $250M in their contracts through 2018. The prospects were James Loney, Ivan DeJesus, Rubby De La Rosa, Allen Webster, Jerry Sands. Only player I recognize as playing for the Red Sox is De La Rosa. I'd expect the Orioles could do a bit better, since the salary due to Machado through 2018 will end up ~ $25M.
  16. If DD / O's brass identifies the Chris Davis contract as a major inhibitor for the coming rebuild, it may be a good idea to package Davis and his contract with Manny Machado in a trade this year. Current thinking is that Machado would hopefully net a bumper crop of prospects. A Davis / Machado package would almost surely net fewer quality prospects, but I would think pairing Davis with Machado would be the easiest way to dump Davis' contract.
  17. I followed up with my rep the same way Hoosball did -- sent my rep an email. He responded pretty quickly, saying he will initiate the refund request, and estimated I'd get the refund by the end of next week.
  18. IF he is the culprit, he is despicable for thinking he can make a buck out of throwing the beer can at Kim.
  19. Roy, I would add to that taking away some of the roster input from Buck. No more Reimold, Pearce with a bad shoulder, etc. When Reimold (mercifully) left the last time, I told a friend that I'm hanging onto my Reimold giveaway shirt, Buck will make sure he's back like a bad penny. Not sure you can "force" Buck to play Kim more, if the wish is for Buck to stay. But "Buck's guys" needs to be a thing of the past.
  20. I spent the first couple innings trying to synchronize the O's home radio broadcast with the TV picture (via MLB.com audio with a delay), finally got it, and when the ball was the in the air, stopped watching and just listened to Joe Angel. Better to go down with the hometown guys.
  21. 15+ is my vote. Offense was the real culprit in the loss last night, as it has been for the bulk of post-ASB. Davis not laying down a bunt to lead off the 10th was endemic of our team-wide offensive approach. Sure Davis always has the potential to pop one. But the Jays were conceding the lead off hit. IMO, the way Davis has looked, take the gift, Schoop bunt, then PH Alvarez (or Mancini, if Liriano came in when Alvarez was announced as the PH), and take your shot that Alvarez/Mancini or JJ can bring Davis home from 2nd.
  22. Excellent article by Mr. Henneman, who has seen it all w.r.t. the Orioles. Buck got away with it once in the 9th. Real time, that's when I expected Britton as well. Britton should have entered instead of O'day and before the Brach K of Donaldson (IIRC). Britton in the 9th and 10th (assuming the 9th turned out ok), O'Day in the 11th and at least part of the 12th. Gets you an extra inning or so with the big four (Britton, Brach, O'Day, Givens). And then maybe the O's actually get a hit by then.
  23. :laughlol: That was certainly an interesting press conference. Buck is used to the Baltimore media backing down, or even being too timid to question his moves.
  24. I didn't open my FedEx package until AFTER the O's clinched the playoffs. I figured it was bad luck otherwise. SO COOL to have the actual World Series tickets, not just an e-ticket. Even if the O's don't make, quite a nice souvenir.
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