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  1. I think Buck will opt for OF defense, and start Bourne in RF. Hold out Alvarez for a late inning PH for Bourne, or if the Jays put Liriano in the game in the middle innings, PH Mancini for Bourne or Kim at the right moment, then PH Alvarez in the late innings for whoever take their place. Buck has both Reimold and Stubbs as defensive subs, so it is conceivable he would opt to PH twice for the same position.
  2. PAIN! Orioles win 7-5 on a late inning tie-breaking hit by Schoop. Zach Britton locks down the save, and the O's are off to Texas (and I'm off work Friday afternoon!)
  3. That would make two of us. I can't wait for Stroman to pitch either, if that ends up the case. In four starts vs. the O's this year: 1-2, 7.04 ERA, 1.70 WHIP Plus the O's would get to use their lineup vs. RHP
  4. I agree with this. O's need to consider the wild card game and ALDS vs. Texas as a collective. Doesn't make sense to give yourself an uphill battle in the next round, right off the bat. Have Tillman pitch game 1 in the ALDS, and give Ubaldo the ball vs. Toronto. Ubaldo made the Blue Jays' hitters look silly last week. Challenge the Blue Jays to do better this time. If they do, run Bundy out there. Between the starter & Bundy, we just need them to get us through 5 innings. Then run Givens / Hart / O'Day / Brach / Britton out there, as needed.
  5. I had an issue with listing (selling) tickets directly on the stubhub site yesterday. I phoned stubhub, and the issue turned out to be that the site would not accept the bar code on the tickets. This is because the game is still tentative. Stubhub customer service walked me through it, and if you select "enter bar code later" (or something like that), you can enter the section, row, seat numbers, and list. Maybe linking to stubhub directly through the Orioles site results in stubhub attempting to transfer the bar code? Try what I mentioned, see if it works. Good luck.
  6. My favorite thing is the Korean TV call of the home run. Love Dave Wallace bowing to Kim at the 40 second mark https://twitter.com/i/web/status/781315992089665536
  7. Are you referring to the pre-sale which occurred this week prior to today's public sale. If so, that appears to be inaccurate. Here is what my confirmation email stated. Refund Information ? You will automatically receive a refund for any unplayed games you purchased during this online sale. Your credit card will be refunded the face value of the ticket(s) and all per ticket fees. You will also receive a refund for the order fee IF your order does not include a game that is played. Refunds will take approximately 3-5 business days to process. The only non-refundable monies are for those who selected to pay 50/50 for the tickets in their package. If the games are not played, my understanding is that those monies would be applied to next year. If you chose to pay for your package's postseason tickets in full, the tickets are refundable. We'll see about the $25 "processing fee".
  8. A win tonight would go a long way. People may not be aware that they will be refunded all but the $6 order fee if the game doesn't take place. Surprised the Orioles are not more explicit about that on TV, radio, and social media.
  9. I ran into a problem in my initial attempt to buy ALDS Game 1 and Game 2. After I bought WC tickets, there was no "Add Additional Game" button, as the instructions said. I phoned the Orioles (888-848-BIRD), and they helped issue me another code.
  10. I agree, and Detroit isn't exactly a juggernaut aside from playing the Twins. And as you mention, 2-13 vs. Cleve, with a young Braves team on deck who want to end the season with momentum. I see 4-3 at best for Detroit this week, which would mean the O's would need 3-3 to clinch, 2-4 for a tiebreaker game with Jessica Alba in attendance with Hutchead. I wouldn't be surprised to see Detroit go 3-4 myself.
  11. Not going to comment on the content of what Clevenger said. The Mariners did what they thought they needed to do to protect their business, and not alienate at least a part of their fan base to the point they don't attend games. JMHO, the NFL should take heed w.r.t. Kaepernick et al.
  12. This has been discussed before, and we may need to agree to disagree. But from my perspective in deciding whether to renew my 29-game plan next year, SteveA has an excellent post today on this page: http://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/showthread.php/154565-Will-the-fans-show/page58 Not only do the Orioles get a larger base of sales from season ticket plans, but it also creates demand (and ADVANCE demand) for individual sales. This is a cascading effect for team sales and revenues. I went to the game last night, and noted how many seats were empty. Of course the question in my mind was, should I really renew next year? Sure I get the ~ 20% discount, but I am committing almost $1000 for two 29-game plans. And I just last night finally used up my dollar for dollar money, and as the season's end has neared, it has created a bit of anxiety to make sure I didn't leave money on the table. Assuming this up to 6 tickets was not sent in error, this creates a TREMENDOUS incentive to not only renew, but to purchase 29-game plans. And as SteveA accurately points out, that in turn may create demand for 13-game and individual ticket sales. I don't portend at all to claim I am a bigger fan than those who don't have full season or 29-game plans. Everyone on this board is as big a fan, some perhaps even more so. But is it fair to let me buy extra tickets to give to family & friends, over fans who didn't commit $1000 to the team? I would answer yes.
  13. Eddie (Eddie!), I'm a 29-game plan holder, and received the same email today with the offer to buy six tickets for the wild card game and each ALDS game. Maybe it's an error, or maybe it's a thank you from the Orioles by letting us have dibs before the public. My first thought was, wow the Orioles must not be selling many 2017 season ticket plans. We already know (or think) they had a big drop in 2016 renewals. I'm glad to have the offer (if it's not an error), but have to think this really does not bode well for team revenue in 2017 -- and perhaps who we may be able to resign in the coming years (e.g., Manny)
  14. Wouldn't there be a tie-breaker game with the Tigers in that scenario? I thought the season series only comes into play when there is a tie between division winners, for purposes of seeding.
  15. Nine home series wins in a row vs. the Yanks, including a 19-6 record. GREAT work O's! Finish them
  16. I was at the game last night, section 352 upper box. Almost NO ONE in the upper reserve seats behind me. The usher went up and one by one, invited people to move down to the upper box. Against the Yankees on a beautiful September Friday night, in the thick of a pennant race? Orioles ticket office has a lot of blame, and needs an overhaul. I dread calling my season ticket agent (won't name him). Surly as all get out. And when I get other agents, so unhelpful. And besides the attitude, the Orioles lost their money in the bank by releasing invoices too late. The whole name of the game is to bank as many season ticket purchases as possible --- that's the revenue base --- then add individual sales as best as possible. So they messed up in the season ticket sales, then as others have pointed out, vast improvement is needed in marketing individual game sales, including seat location vs. price. Can't do much about lingering fears from the riots, but there's a lot the Orioles ticket office can control, but are doing a poor job. To end on a positive, by and large, the in-stadium staff have great attitudes, and make me feel welcome for a night of fun. Concession sales in particular, much better than experience with, for example, the Caps concession sales.
  17. Key metric is what was the record of the runner-up to the last wild card: 2012: TB 90-72 2013: Texas 91-71 (lost tie-breaker game to TB, who was also 91-71) 2014: Seattle 87-75 2015: LAA 85-77 So 90 wins didn't even fetch a tie-breaker game in one year. But then again, in two of the years, 90 wins would have been enough to host the WC game.
  18. The Orioles don't advertise this very well, but if you go to the concession stand in the 300 level upper deck out in the left field, they sell "kid's hot dogs" for $1.50 each, every game. The hot dog is a bit smaller, but you definitely get a lot more bang for your buck vs. the $5 regular hot dog.
  19. In case you can't find the email, you can also log in to your account online, and the notice & invoice will be in your "To Do List"
  20. Oh ok, thanks Grimed. Thought I was missing something. Interesting that they are staggering the Bronze package. I'd guess that's because they are not guaranteeing the Bronze plans an exact seat location, so it's by seniority. I just submitted payment, and it at least indicated that I was buying the same seat location for the playoff games.
  21. I have two 29 game plans as well, and only received a notice that I need to submit payment for the Silver Package by Sept 7, in order to get the tickets which come with the package. The email also said additional ticket opportunities would be available in late September. Nothing about an individual sale in the upcoming week. Are others getting different info? Here's the email from the Orioles I received: As part of our Orange Carpet Benefits Program, we would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase 2016 Postseason tickets. This year, you will receive up to two different purchase offers ? one is guaranteed and one is subject to availability. The first offer is a guarantee by way of a Postseason package. Postseason packages are assigned based on the size of your regular season plan (Full Season or 29-Game) and the number of plan seats purchased. This offer is available now via your online My Orioles Tickets account by clicking the "To Do List" tab at the top of your account screen. Payment for Postseason tickets will be due by Wednesday, September 7. For complete details on your Postseason package, payment options and additional Postseason information, visit the link below. A second offer to purchase Postseason tickets will be extended to you in late September via an exclusive online ticket opportunity. Specific details will be communicated by email. Please review the "2016 Postseason Fact Sheet" at the link provided above for more information. Tickets will be subject to availability for this subsequent offer. As such, the best way to secure your 2016 Postseason tickets is to take advantage of the current package offer. You can log in to your account by visiting the link below. Your account number is xxxxxxx.
  22. Maryland "blue laws" used to mandate that the Orioles and Colts start home games no earlier than 2:00. In the early 80s, you would see the early slate of NFL games begin at 1:00, with one exception - Colts home games started at 2:00
  23. I don't know if the payroll is our biggest limitation in this regard anymore. DD was allowed to increase payroll in a big way. I'm more concerned that we have 3 mediocre (to be charitable) pitchers who cannot be optioned. And at least one of them would be occupying a long relief spot, which under the Buck/DD era, the O's have used to rotate fresh arms from the minors.
  24. I can understand why some might be uncomfortable coming to the city. Here's what I do, and I find it quite convenient, economical, and safe. Park in lots F/G/H, which are Orioles-monitored lots next to M&T (Ravens stadium). $8 to park. After the game, make a right out of the lot, then a right onto Ostend at the traffic light. Go over the bridge, and make a left. Go down 1/2 mile and you're at the casino, which is lit up like Vegas. Make a left on Russell, and I-95 is 1/2 mile down. Very quick exit from the ballpark area, and with lots of fans walking back to Fed Hill and lots F/G/H, the walk back to my car is fine.
  25. I'll add a similar experience which is roughly analogous to the standardization of MiLB player salaries. When I was a graduate student in physics, I started at roughly $1000/month, received (in dollars) piddly yearly increases, a $50/month increase when I completed my candidacy exam, topping out at $1500/month by the time I completed my Ph.D six years later. No 1-ton black/gold truck as a signing bonus. Every physics graduate student was paid the same, with the $50 post-candidacy exam bonus. In contrast, the chemistry department allowed each professor to set his/her own pay scales. This resulted in some students using the salary ($700 vs. $1200) to select their thesis advisor. Yes, that probably seems strange to choose your long term opportunities on peanuts vs. peanuts-plus salary. But it did result in talent going to the higher paying professors. I think the same thing would happen with baseball, if the MiLB salaries were not standardized. We would see MiLB free agents gravitating to higher paying organizations (again, peanuts vs. peanuts-plus), and some draftees of lower paying organizations not signing. For the sake of competitive balance in MLB, that's a good reason to standardize MiLB salaries. No comment on whether the MiLB salaries, or graduate student salaries, are reasonable pay.
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