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  1. Seems like they should. Every year there are postponed games which aren't made up. BTW, I corrected the total of missed home games to eight for this season. That's 10 percent of their game day home revenues. As an estimate, if the Orioles average 25k fans per game, with average ticket price~ $25, that's $625k in ticket revenues. Add in concessions, parking, etc., let's say $10 per fan, probably a low estimate. That means the home games missed might account for about $7 million in revenue this season.
  2. There is a chance that the games which would be played outdoors on the east coast this weekend will not impact who the playoff teams are, or their seeding. Possibility for a rain out tomorrow with Toronto, likely rain out Friday and Saturday vs. NYY, and perhaps Sunday as well. If KC doesn't get their act together, Toronto may not need tomorrow's game to clinch the top seed. NYY may not need any of those games to clinch the top wild card. The Mets / Nats series may be the only one which needs to be played. For the sake of next year's budget, I hope the O's / NYY games need to be played. The O's have already taken a hit with a single admission doubleheader vs. the White Sox in May, will today with the single DH vs. Toronto, likely lost some revenue with the riot games played in TB. Missing three prime games vs. the NYY would make a total of eighthome games with no revenue (or minimal, in the case of the TB games). That's 10% of their yearly game day revenues.
  3. The Nats probably gave Papelbon a choice: A. We suspend you for four games, then you serve your 3 game MLB suspension, or B. We suspend you for seven games, then you might also be suspended another 3 games next year by MLB.
  4. As well as the O's are playing, if they can be within one game of the wild card in the loss column by the end of Sunday, I'd think the O's have quite a good chance of at least forcing a tie-breaker. Tied in the loss column would be great, 2 games back and there's still a chance. 3 back would be tough.
  5. My thoughts exactly. I see this as a means to get existing season ticket holders to re-up perhaps before we know how the FA period has shaken out. And as others have noted, this is a bad time of year to be holding FanFest. I like it the weekend between the NFL conference championship games and the Super Bowl, when football is basically over and it's time for baseball to get going.
  6. Fantastic job Wildcard, thank you for posting this. I too have always been puzzled about why the Orioles owe Bonilla deferred compensation. Wasn't it the Mets who signed the deferred compensation contract with Bonilla, after he had finished playing for the Orioles?
  7. Orioles would need to finish very strong, and catch two of the following teams: Yankees, Twins, Astros, Rangers. I'm assuming that, given how strong of a record the O's would need to do to catch those teams, they would also surpass LAA and Cleveland. At this point of the season, it makes sense to look at the loss column. With 20 games left (21 for Houston), Orioles need to make up: Yankees, 9 GB in loss column Houston, 7 GB Texas, 6 GB Twins, 5 GB. If the Orioles finish 16-4, I think there is a shot they could catch two of them. Tall order, for sure.
  8. I've been lucky enough to have been at both tonight's game, and the game in 1986 when Sheets and Dwyer hit grand slams in the same game. The Rangers also had a grand slam in that game, and won. There was a huge thunderstorm that night which interrupted the game. That game began the real end of that Orioles era. The O's had closed to within 2.5 games of the Red Sox, and after that loss, went 14-42 the rest of the season and finished in last place. Earl retired at the end of the season. So, maybe tonight will turn things in an equally dramatic opposite direction for the 2015 Orioles!
  9. With last night's bonehead play of not tagging up on Pearce's would-be sac fly, Machado very well may need a day off to get his head straight. I'm also hoping that someone on the coaching staff or roster pulled him aside after that. If that didn't happen, we may have a worse situation, where the all stars are not held accountable, or perhaps better phrased "untouchable. From the sounds of it, Nelson Cruz may have been that guy who would pull Manny aside.
  10. At Saturday's season ticket holder Q & A, Duquette pointed specifically at the team's run differential as the reason he believes the team will make a run down the stretch. Frobby's stats indicate why this line of thinking may be folly. Are the Orioles at +69, really that close in their level of play, to the Royals at +77? And is Toronto at +138 that far ahead of both. No way on either question. And of course we recall that in 2012, the Orioles finished at +7 for the season, won the wild card, and took the Yankees to a game 5.
  11. I was the one who asked this question, which Steve Melewski summarizes below. http://m.masn.mobi/steve-melewski/2015/08/os-game-blog-duquette-and-showalter-speak-at-state-of-the-orioles-address.html "The duo was asked about the club's philosophy in signing free agents and asked if the Orioles were willing to overpay for a player to not leave holes on the team." The full question I asked was, it was certainly debatable in a vacuum whether, case by case, to sign Cruz and Markakis to the contracts they eventually received. But since so many holes were left that the team struggled to fill, do you feel it is reasonable to overpay for one of them, and how does that impact your approach to this coming offseason? So let me say first off, Buck was shooting daggers at me the entire time Duquette was answering. Guess he didn't like my take that there's "so many holes" on this team, lol. Duquette responded to my question using the example of Cruz. He said he liked Cruz at 8 million last year, even perhaps at more than that for resigning him, but did not want to pay the fourth year. Which in my mind didn't show that Duquette understood what the premium was. It wasn't the year one dollar amount. The premium (or as I more explicitly stated it, the "overpay") in Cruz's case was the fourth year. Buck responded to a later question w.r.t. Cruz and Markakis by saying, how do you think Urrutia and Daniel Alvarez view the opening that was left. In other words, in Buck's mind, he thinks there's a chance one of them can replace Nelson Cruz. So like it or not, that really is the answer to whether re-signing Davis is a priority. It's not whether Duquette and Buck *want* that to happen, it's are you willing to "overpay" for your priority - with the consequence that not overpaying will result in one too many holes on the team. Which from my interpretation of Duquette's answer, he is not, and will evaluate Chris Davis based on his case-by-case assessment of what is "overpaying", without the context of whether it is reasonable to have too many slots filled by AAAA shots-in-the-dark.
  12. The article mentions this a bit in passing... WWE contracted MLB to set-up the mechanics behind WWE Network, which now has 1.2 M subscribers. During WrestleMania itself, they probably had one million customers streaming. I'm a subscriber, and I have been mostly impressed. There are times during high volume events (such as what used to be termed 'pay per views'), that there is a hiccup in the stream. But it has improved since WWE Network's launch. On a related side note, WWE Network had a series titled "WrestleMania Rewind", narrated by Gary Thorne. Someone should ask Thorne which WrestleMania was his favorite.
  13. LOL best suggestion of the thread. Fred's voice is perfect to listen to on a warm summer day. But if you want to know what's happening on the field, Fred's not your guy. When they switch over to Fred in the 3rd inning, I say to myself, oh great, the next two innings I'll have no idea what's happening in the game.
  14. Only thing is, my understanding is that at least the Q&A portion of the season ticket holder event will be in the lower bowl stands, with Buck and Duquette fielding questions sitting atop the dugout. Not sure whether the 29- and 81-game pre-event is in the clubhouse / club level, or it too is on the field. If the weather is as forecast, I can't see those events being held if outside. Major bummer! I was really looking forward to this day.
  15. Yes we can generally hear the press information, but I equate it to when you are in a large meeting hall, an audience member asks a question, and the presenter repeats the question so everyone can hear it.
  16. Based on Chen's tweet last week and the follow-up from Boras, if Chen gets near what it seems they think he'll get, the O's are unlikely to sign him. With Bud Norris probably leaving, we'd better hope some combination of Gausman, Bundy, Wright, Harvey are ready to step in. Good point earlier in the thread, that Wieters has one less year behind the plate after his injury. I had been against a long term deal, but perhaps for the right length of contract, the O's should do it. O'Day will probably command the shortest length of contract out of him, Wieters, and Chen. Anyone have a track record on how submariners / side-armers fair with respect to injury with O'Day's service time and age? I would, however, prioritize a Machado extension over all of the above.
  17. I attended a show at Rams Head Live on May 16. The headliner said they had sold hardly any tickets in the 3 weeks leading up to the show, due to the riots. I certainly expected a higher attendance at that Rams Head Live show than what it was. The Orioles may have run into the same thing, where they sold all of their season tickets, and several singe game tickets up to the riots, then bam, nothing. Perhaps advance single game sales are coming back now, but that surely cost the Orioles a few thousand advance sales per game, I would think.
  18. This is great information, thank you! Does anyone know approximately when the Orioles will release the seats which MurphDogg mentioned?
  19. I spoke with the season ticket office today, and also selected my ticket plan. 81-game and 29-game plans automatically get Opening Day, since those games are part of the respective plans. After that, according to the rep I spoke with, the order of priority for Opening Day is: 1. 29- and 81-game plans purchase one additional ticket per plan purchased (e.g., you have two 29-game plans, you get to buy two additional Opening Day tickets) 2. "Senior" 13-game plan holders (I didn't ask the cut-off for seniority, since I am a new season ticket holder, it didn't apply to me), up to one ticket per plan purchased 3. All other 13-game plan holders, up to one ticket per plan purchased I had signed up for a 20-game plan last October, and since they didn't end up offering it, the Orioles are refunding the extra $125 deposit per ticket.
  20. Thanks for the info Weams. I'll reserve judgement until the Orioles confirm with me that the extra $125 is non-refundable. But hypothetically, if that is their policy, even as a credit, that would not be right. I paid them that money with the deal that they would provide a 20-game plan. I'm not pleased that they didn't follow through on it. But the Orioles certainly shouldn't keep that extra $125 if they aren't making good on their end of the deal.
  21. This is news to me. I was told when I put in a $250/seat deposit for the 13-game that the Orioles would refund the deposit as necessary. I also upgraded to the 20-game plan, and so put down an extra $125/seat deposit. I would really be miffed if the Orioles forced me to buy a 13-game plan which was $375 or more.
  22. My previous post was unclear. I have a 13-game plan. I was wondering, for 13-game plans, were 2014 playoff seat locations assigned in order of regular season ticket cost? (I'm assuming for the 13-game plan playoff game, no one gets their regular season seat location). For Opening Day, are all 13-game plan holders in the free-for-all, or is there again a preference based on season ticket cost?
  23. I've been considering doing exactly what you are saying. Buying upper reserve, then trading them in. Commits me to few dollars, then I can buy more games once I use up the dollars I've committed. Big if here is, subject to availability of the seats I want, which are upper box. With all of the new season ticket holders, availability may be an issue. We'll see when the O's get in touch. How do seat locations for the playoffs and Opening Day depend on where your partial plan seats are? Are you assigned worse seats for Opening Day? I'd imagine the 29-game plan holders get dibs on the seat for Opening Day. When tickets are then opened up for the 13-game holders, do the O's assign seats in order of how much your 13-game plan tickets cost, or is it a free-for-all pre-sale like we had in the playoffs? Same question for playoff tickets. I know that the 29-game plans and 13-game plans had (for the most part) assigned tickets to different games. Do the O's assign seats with preference to the more expensive seats, or is it a free-for-all pre sale?
  24. Wow thanks for the info. I made a deposit for a 20-game plan. I wanted the guaranteed access to ALCS and World Series tickets last year. But also wanted to get a better pick of ticket locations for this year. I figured with all of the new 13-game plan deposits, my seats for this year may not be all that great. So I went 20-games to get a better spot in line. I like Upper Box seats, hope they are available under a 13-game plan. 29-game plan is more games than I intend on attending.
  25. That is strange. The Fanfest webpage says there is a 10 a.m. admission for season ticket holders, for Buck & Duquette's forum. I hope this doesn't mean that new 2015 season ticket holders do not get entry.
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