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  1. I agree. The NFL in particular: after most scoring plays, there are 2-3 minutes of commercials, a kick-off resulting in a touchback, then 2-3 more minutes of commercials. That's almost one half of the amount of time allocated to halftime! The post above re: 1966 World Series game lengths says it all. I think they could speed play up by penalizing batters for stepping out of the box, and pitcher's off the rubber. No reason for that. Once you step in the box, or on the rubber, play is on. If you step out or off, it's a strike / ball.
  2. Two hours before gametime, so I suppose 6:00. Let's hope Boog has the grill fired up and ready to go!
  3. This should have been the policy. I certainly feel for all of you diehards who are coming from long distances for the ALCS. The Orioles seem to be caught off guard in a lot of respects, per ticketing, rainout policy, etc., for the ALCS. Me, I'm local and can make either day. I'm kinda hoping they do open the gates, rainout or not. I have a taste for Boog's right now :smile11:
  4. I bet the entire stadium doing that at Games 1 and 2 helped speed this deal along. Who wouldn't want to play in a city like that? And if the fans (customers) love a player, that helps the team. Love the deal, and I'm glad to see JJ back. This was the key player of the off-season IMO. Congrats to JJ and his family.
  5. If you are a partial plan holder, the pricing will be using partial plan prices.
  6. Let's hope that is a by-product of all this. The Orioles also have not yet set ticket prices for next year. They have a slew of newly committed season ticket plans and partial plans, who have their non-refundable deposits down. I could see the Orioles increasing ticket prices for sure next year.
  7. Good summary of yesterday's frustration by the Sun. "There were no glitches; there were no issues other than extremely high demand," Bader said. "High demand for a limited product is unfortunately going to be a frustrating experience for some." Bader is either ignorant of his customers' experience, or is lying. I checked regularly yesterday from 11 a.m. until midnite in an attempt to buy Game 6 and Game 7 tickets. Each time, I received the "high demand, try again" error message. During these 13 hours, I noticed that the availability for Game 6 and 7 tickets only trickled down. At 11 a.m., LF upper box, LF upper reserve, Upper Reserve LF and RF corners, SRO were available for both Games 6 and 7. At midnite, Game 6 was sold out, but Game 7 had all of those available. So the Orioles sold ~ 10,000 tickets in 13 hours!!!!
  8. I've been having the same problem as you Mr. Orange for 7 hours now. It's obvious the Orioles have a serious bug in their ticket system. I was able to get tickets in section 372 for game 1, and am happy to be attending. I wanted games 2, 6 and 7, of course. BUT I am very concerned if we get to the World Series. If I'm unable to get World Series tickets because their ticket system is awful, I will be beyond pissed.
  9. I just got mine an hour after I purchased the tickets. Still stuck in "our servers are overloaded" hell for Games 6 and 7. Not looking good for those games.
  10. I haven't received my email either, and I bought Game 1 tickets 40 minutes ago. I'm stuck in "higher than normal volume, please try your request again" for Games 6 and 7. What is best available for Games 6 and 7 at this point guys, anyone know?
  11. Did the 2014ers at least get tickets back in September when the O's mailed out playoff applications? What I'm asking is, are you just buying extra tickets today, or are these your only shot? If these are your only shot, then I can understand your frustration.
  12. So maybe that is what they did. Like I said, I got in at 9:55 as a 2015er. Perhaps they let the 2014ers in earlier.
  13. I have an issue as well. I got Game 1 tickets, then the system would not allow me to go back and purchase Games 6 and 7 (Game 2 is sold out). I could only click "buy tickets". So now my password doesn't work. I'm on hold with 888-848-BIRD. Good grief.
  14. I'm surprised to hear that. I'm a 2015er, the system wouldn't let me in until 9:55. Did the 2014ers get in earlier than that? Fwiw, I got in at exactly 9:45 for the ALDS pre-sale which was exclusive to the 2015ers (after the 2014ers had their turn).
  15. They're likely taking the KC fans into consideration. A 8:00 CT start is easier than a 8:30 CT start for those who have to be at work the next morning. Especially if there's another 12 inning marathon! If it makes anyone feel better, we're probably getting a daytime start on Monday too. Four games, two involving west coast teams (Dodgers and Angels, albeit on the road in Central time), one either in Pittsburgh or SF, and ours in Detroit. If the Nationals are in SF, that will likely be the late game. If the Nats are in Pittsburgh, I bet they give the Nats the 3:00 start on Monday (flip flop from the O's getting the 3:00 on Friday).
  16. Looks like the game times were announced last year on Monday, not the day of the wild card game. Read your own post. SMH :thumbsup1: 2013: by Ricky Doyle on Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 8:56PM The dates were already known. Now, we officially have start times for Games 1 and 2. The Red Sox will begin their ALDS series versus the AL wild card winner at Fenway Park on Friday and Saturday. Friday?s Game 1 is scheduled for 3:07 p.m. ET, and Saturday?s Game 2 is scheduled for 5:37 p.m. ET.
  17. This may be correct. As someone pointed out earlier, the Nats' game time on Friday may depend on whether the Giants (a west coast team) are the opponent. That said, the Orioles really should let their fans know today if the Friday time is TBD, depending on the NL wild card result.
  18. The Yankees scheduled the game today to begin at 1:00 because of the Jewish holiday beginning tonite. Maybe Lerner would also have his own customers in mind, if he were to request a gametime which wouldn't conflict with Yom Kippur? Granted there is a significantly larger Jewish population in New York City. But the Yankees certainly didn't schedule a day game because of "one person". Edit: Population who self-identify as Jewish New York City 1.7 M Washington / Baltimore metro area: 276,000 Washington D.C. proper: 46,000 I'm sure the Nationals have a sense of what percentage of their fan base is Jewish.
  19. Let me ask this, as a new 2015 13-game holder. Were your seat locations for the playoffs determined by your season plan ticket location? i.e., did you get better seats for the playoffs, vs. someone who had a 13-game plan in upper reserve? Is there a different answer for the playoff tickets you received initially, vs. the ones for "extra playoff tickets" being offered to you today?
  20. No I have not either. This despite being told by Orioles reps to "look for an email in the next 48 hours" twice in the past week.
  21. Ok well that's good info Weams, thanks. Disappointing, but understandable that the Orioles would want to reward those who were their most loyal customers this year. Hope the new 2015 plan holders are not stuck up in the LF upper deck.
  22. Yes. Games on Thursday and Friday, which should be home games given that our magic number is 3 over both Detroit and Kansas City. Pure conjecture on my part.... based on last year's playoff schedule, and Baltimore being an east coast city with the other AL series starting off in Los Angeles, my expectation is the Orioles would host a playoff game Thursday at 5:00, and Friday at 1:00.
  23. Nothing there in my spam folder. I did, however, find three emails in the past 2 days from the Russian Bride team notifying that Svetlana wants to marry me. At least the Russian Bride team is on the ball.
  24. For the new 2015 13-game partial plan holders: have you received the email from the Orioles re: ALDS playoff ticket instructions, as it seems the current season ticket holders have? I have not. With folks on here saying extra playoff tickets are available to current season ticket holders on Monday, I am wondering what will be left for the new 2015 holders. Playoff tickets were my primary motivation for buying a 2015 plan. Let's GO O's (and I mean, in the sense of, get me the playoff info pronto)
  25. Me neither yet. I'm a new 2015 partial plan holder, maybe the above posters are existing 2014 holders? I spoke with the orioles today, they said an email would go out within 48 hours, so all hope is not lost. That said, if I don't have the email by Monday morning, I'll be on the phone with the O's again.
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