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  1. ESPN360.com will be providing ESPN2's draft feed live online, in case your problem persists, or for those like me who somehow got "drafted" into working today (priorities?? ) http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/espn360/index?id=0605140001
  2. In no particular order - Terry Matthews (I remember saying "doesn't he LOOK like he should play for Oakland" during the '97 season.... wow, I hope other fans don't make the same analogy of one of their dregs to the Orioles now ) - Disco Dan Ford (my favorite player when I was a junior Oriole was Doug Decinces, who got traded for D. Ford) - Todd Cruz (every good team has one weak link, Todd- thats you on the '83 Orioles) - Steve Kline
  3. I went to my first spring training game this past Sunday in Ft. Lauderdale.... I was the *only one* yelling "O!" at the apropo time during the anthem. What, no one does this outside of Baltimore?? I was expecting the PA announcer to come on, after the anthem, and say "wellllll....looks like we have a fan here all the way from Maryland, in section 2" Actually I've been bad for a long time. When I was a student at Penn State, I used to give the "O!" during the national anthem at b-ball games... got letters to the editor, and even an editorial column, in the student newspaper directed my way (and not fond letters & eds, mind you). We all have to rebel, I suppose.
  4. There's also a baseball man who will be looking for a new gig on January 20, 2009.... not to bring politics here (where it doesn't belong), but with the turmoil surrounding this Mitchell Report, I could certainly see an "outsider" and a big name becoming the next commissioner
  5. More agreement here. If the O's could write in Varitek every day for a decade in the line-up batting sixth or seventh, combined with his defense, you do it. I consider Wieters' defensive abilities to be more important than a few extra HRs or OBP. Lets pick those up in the corner OFs or DH if need be. Those who know- how would you compare Wieters' defensively, his throwing arm, and calling a game?
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