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  1. I was referencing Lowther, but I agree that any call to actually DFA Akin or anything liked that is way premature. He should get further looks, whether that be as a starter or reliever. I think it's worth noting that since AAA started using the ML ball, Akin has had by far the best AAA performance of any of our starting pitching prospects (even though his 2019 AAA season was characterized as poor by some folks).
  2. I wasn't really clamoring for a promotion, just pushing back on the notion that we've "seen enough" of him. The issue is really the opposite, we haven't seen enough of him this year, both at AAA and the major league level.
  3. Lowther has pitched 8.1 innings in the majors...
  4. Roch just reported that Hall has a stress reaction in bone in his left elbow and is not expected to pitch again this season.
  5. Given that the Baysox are in Richmond this week and Norfolk is home next week, it'd also be easy enough to have him just head to Norfolk from Richmond at the end of this week.
  6. Seemed like he had been playing there more to me, but that was just based on checking the lineups daily. Thanks for clarifying.
  7. It is hard to take the second base defense reasoning for not calling him up seriously when they keep playing him in left field at Norfolk.
  8. I know a great way to give Matt Harvey more rest...
  9. They should both be in the rotation for now. Means, Lopez, Watkins, Wells and Akin for the time being is what they should be using.
  10. It's certainly a breath of fresh air to see a starting pitcher actually get outs and pitch 6 innings. No reason to not to ride this wave as long it lasts given what else we've thrown out there this year.
  11. The results from the pitchers we drafted in 2019 to this point certainly don't inspire a ton of confidence in this strategy.
  12. He posted a 1.015 OPS in June.
  13. I wouldn't really characterize what Lowther, Zimmermann and Wells have done this season as "brutal". Really not Akin either. He had a rough time his last outing but still has a 4.43 FIP so far this season (and 3.93 career FIP).
  14. There's been a lot of grief (understandably so) about how Lowther has been used this year, so I am fine with them leaving him at Norfolk to take his regular turn if they didn't plan on bringing him up here to be in the rotation for the foreseeable future. My gripe is more about Harvey and Lopez getting starts over others we should be looking at, but I'm not going to get too worked up over an emergency starter they needed to bring up.
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