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  1. The more the merrier! I wouldn't be surprised if several MLB teams are legally organized in DE.
  2. Pretty much agree with all of this. Happy birthday!
  3. I mean, there is always option (3) to renegotiate the contract. If those are really the only two options and the owners say they have to cancel the season because it's not economically feasible to play without fans, then of course there is the option to renegotiate. Now, if the players ask for proof of this and the owners refuse to offer it, presumably the owners are in breach and negotiating in bad faith. Either way,, neither one of us has actually read the contract so who knows. I generally side with the players but it is very likely the contract is at least slightly ambiguous on this. Are the owners exploiting that ambiguity? Most likely.
  4. If this is really what that provision says, I don't see how "economic feasibility" does not include the costs of paying the players.
  5. I don't like the idea of just deciding not to take a pitcher. Maybe it is because they rank some of the underslot guys higher, but if the strategy is just not take a pitcher generally I think it's unwise.
  6. Latest mock from Keith Law: https://theathletic.com/1841204/2020/05/28/keith-laws-2020-mlb-mock-draft-first-round-projection-2-0/ Has the O's taking Martin but repeats the underslot rumors only instead says he has heard that guy could be Heston Kjerstad. Say's that he has heard a few times they won't take a pitcher.
  7. I picked Torkelson mostly because I think that's the safe pick but I'm still undecided. I would not be upset with Martin, I think the risk there is maybe you end up with a Dansby Swanson type who can't play shortstop.
  8. I'm still reviewing scouting reports and video so I'm actually undecided as to who my preference is for the second pick. Regardless, it seems clear that Martin is a completely defensible pick, even if I ultimately have a personal preference for another player.
  9. Well it is June 10-11, not next week. So you have some more time at least!
  10. Point taken. I just think it's worth noting that a 4.74 ERA in the International League last year is not what that number traditionally would entail. It's more like a PCL ERA.
  11. Really discounting the use of the juiced ball in AAA last year. That ERA was among the best of qualifiers.
  12. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/padres/story/2020-05-18/padres-hedges-optimistic-mlb-season-player-rep Some encouraging news in here. Hedges is the Padres MLBPA rep so not a nobody when it comes to this situation.
  13. It's amazing to look back at how differently we handled pitching prospects. Brian Matusz was called up after 19 minor league starts, 11 at Frederick and 8 at Bowie. How is he handled under the current regime? I would think it's Frederick/Bowie the year after he was drafted (assuming similar levels of success) and then at least 10 starts in Norfolk the year after. Would it have made a difference? Who knows.
  14. This was a really good read, thanks for sharing. I don't know that the owners and players can come to a resolution here, but I certainly hope they do. I'd love to spend July through November watching baseball even if it is just from home.
  15. That was not really the point I was trying to make. I generally enjoyed watching Villar.
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