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  1. If he maintains his walk rate from this year his OBP will be fine unless you don't think he'll hit for average. Personally I think he's going to consistently hit in the .280-.300 range and would expect his OBP to correspondingly be in the .330-.360 range.
  2. To be fair, his 6.9% BB rate this year is a vast improvement over the 4.3% he put up in AAA.
  3. We should not be giving two-year deals to 34 year old players who were terrible for a recent two year stretch.
  4. I assume you are referring to the 42 innings on the year. Sure, the injury slowed him a bit, but the low innings are still a direct result of how poorly he's been managed/utilized this year. Really unfortunate after not having a minor league season last year.
  5. Cowser's 12 BB to 6 Ks screams that he isn't being challenged to me. I would move him up to Aberdeen next week. He isn't hitting for any power but it's a small sample size and they may be just pitching around him. It was reasonable to give him a little bit of time at Delmarva though.
  6. Wells notably has not seen a dropoff in his stats at the AAA level, especially when compared with others. I still don't think the stuff plays at the ML level but I'd be fine with him taking his turn in the rotation the rest of the year just to see what we have.
  7. He certainly was not treated like a guy they view as a long-term piece.
  8. Charges should be filed against the O's for yanking Lowther around between AAA and the majors and never letting him settle into a routine anywhere. Of course he's hurt now, but the damage was done before that and we've now essentially got back to back wasted seasons for him. However, Lowther has started exactly one major league game, so the number of starts he was given this year is hardly the issue here.
  9. This is all correct, but something was clearly different today. This season he has generally been awful with good velocity and decent stuff at times (and terrible command). Every one of his pitches was 5-10 MPH down today, he was awful as he has been, but in a different way.
  10. There was something very weird going on with him today. Presumably he wasn't hurt, they brought the trainer out in the first and then let him throw another inning. It wasn't just FB velocity way down, it was all of his pitches. Palmer commented on his body language along with other posters in the game thread, it was just like he was completely phoning it in or something. No idea what was going on, but I hope everything is alright with him.
  11. Adolis Garcia's star has fallen quite a bit, I'm not sure how far back Mountcastle is from him at this point. He's definitely behind Arozarena and Andrew Vaughn on the hitting side, probably also Haase and Akil Baddoo. For pitchers, I'd put him behind Casey Mize and quite a few others (Luis Garcia, James Kaprielian, McClanahan, Tarik Skubal and Dane Dunning).
  12. I agree, as a general matter HS stats are funky. That being said as a general matter elite talent does not strike out a high rate in HS competition. I'm sure all the tools are there, but I have a hard time believing the plus hit tool if you struggle to put the ball in play in HS. It's a red flag for sure.
  13. I am concerned about a HS bat that only hit .321 as a junior and struck out 34 times in 98 PAs... https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/elijah-green/ClihPamrH0qYVEcOrMuKSA/baseball/stats.htm
  14. I agree Valaika and McCoy shouldn't be blocking him, but I can't say I have a ton of confidence that Grenier can top McCoy's .698 OPS at Norfolk.
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