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  1. Surprised they didn't protect Sedlock, there is certainly some dead weight on the 40 man that could be cut. I also would've added him over McKenna if I had to pick one.
  2. I agree I don't think he will be added. I of course don't want to lose Fenter, but part of me is very intrigued as to how it would go if a team took him in the Rule V and actually kept him on the ML roster all year.
  3. Thanks for clarifying, I thought the situation was exactly the same.
  4. I didn't have any chance at making it to a weekday game when they were at 7 anyway so this doesn't change much for me. It sort of stinks that the games will be even further along by the time I get home to watch, but hopefully this makes it easier for some folks to get there.
  5. Did he though? He put up a 6.43 ERA and a 5.17 FIP in 21 ML IP. I think he showed flashes and there's a reasonable chance he could improve, but I see a middle relief ceiling with a strong likelihood that he is nothing more than a AAAA pitcher.
  6. I'm a big believer in Zimmermann. I had him at 17 on my list (notably in front of Wells and Hanifee) and was tempted to rank him even a little bit higher.
  7. I have some big misses. Of those on the OH list so far, I whiffed on Wells (21 on mine), Hanifee (22 on mine) and Stowers (27 on mine). I also had Bannon, Sedlock and Zimmermann at 15, 16 and 17 so those look like potential big misses as well.
  8. I'd be shocked if Baumann is up in July. I don't think we see him, Lowther or Wells in 2020. I think Akin is obviously the first one up, likely followed by Zimmermann and then Kremer.
  9. If Zimmermann pitches well at Norfolk I'd be surprised if we don't see him sometime after the ASB. He did get 7 starts and 38.2 IP there this past season.
  10. I'm surprised Zimmermann has not been an option yet. I'll go with Bannon and McKenna here. I think Tony and Luke will have McKenna rated higher than Stowers because McKenna has less risk, similar to ranking Wells above Rom.
  11. I went with Hanifee and Hernaiz but none of these choices would surprise me. I had Sedlock and Bannon at 15 and 16 on my list, if the answer is Sedlock and Fenter that would come the closest to what I have (Fenter at 19).
  12. Very helpful explanation, thank you.
  13. I see the Wells comp too. I guess the disconnect I'm having is what accounts for the dramatic discrepancy in K rate between Rom and Wells at Delmarva?
  14. This one is tough but I went with Wells and Rom. I had Rom at #13 on my list and did not have any of the other choices higher than #20. I suspect Tony/Luke have Wells in this range.
  15. It was a pleasant surprise, I'm glad to see you guys think the stuff plays. The write-up was very encouraging, I'm looking forward to seeing how he does with the AAA ball next year.
  16. This is the first big surprise for me. I'm surprised he is in front of Harvey, Kremer and Akin.
  17. I'm a little late but I'll put mine up now, hadn't had a chance to finish up recently. I am by no means a scout, I'd say I've seen about 2/3 of the players on this list in person and probably all but the GCL players on mlb.tv. The list is based much more on performance and write-ups than my own eyes for sure. Adley Rutschman DL Hall Grayson Rodriguez Ryan Mountcastle Austin Hays Hunter Harvey Yusniel Diaz Michael Baumann Keegan Akin Dean Kremer Zac Lowther Gunnar Henderson Drew Rom Adam Hall Rylan Bannon Cody Sedlock Bruce Zimmermann Darell Hernaiz Gray Fenter Ryan McKenna Alex Wells Brenan Hanifee Brett Cumberland Blaine Knight Adam Stauffer Mason McCoy Kyle Stowers Leonardo Rodriguez Robert Neustrom Zach Watson
  18. 6 man rotation or they'll leave Baumann at Bowie until Akin is promoted.
  19. I would be shocked if Zimmermann is not in the Norfolk rotation next year. They'll give him every chance to remain as a starter.
  20. I think this is just another reason they need to cut ties with Davis. At the end of the day, these guys are actually human. If I was Mountcastle, I'm ticked off. I won the MVP and we can't call me up because some guy who hasn't seen the mendoza line in two years is on the team? Service time considerations are fine but I've said before I don't anticipate Mountcastle being the level of player where we should care about that. Just seems like a raw deal for a guy who had an excellent season, if I was him it'd build resentment.
  21. Big Mac

    Tanner Scott

    He has had two starts and is missing bats, he wasn't getting promoted to the O's after two starts if he threw back to back no-hitters. The start to his AAA career so far does not rank in my top 100 worries about the Orioles right now.
  22. Right, I was referring to the amount of time to keep him down to delay arbitration eligibility. I agree it's not a game worth playing.
  23. I agree, what I meant when I said "I think it's time" is that it should be this September and not next June. Giving him 650-700 AAA PA before a call-up seems like overkill to me.
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