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  1. Absent of having read this thread in its entirety, but what about having Machado batting second?
  2. Anyone else have a hard time sleeping last night?! Wow!
  3. The real question is Jen Royle or Anita Marks?
  4. Who went on to Marshall as QB and then to the Jets and Dolphins.
  5. Isn't TO our for the year? Steve Smith (Giants)?
  6. The Orioles are doing a total disservice to Matusz by sending him out there at this point. His confidence has to be lower than his 85 MPH fastball. Hopefully, we follow the model the Yankees did with Phil Hughes.
  7. As a Mormon who abides by the "honor code", I will only imagine what Natty Boh tastes like
  8. There's just too much competition in a professional sports environment. Also, the U of M has very limited cross-over appeal to Baltimore folks who just consider it a glorified DC area school carrying the state's name. I'm originally from Arkansas, who thanks to a great economy from one of the few booming areas in the nation, Jerry Jones and Wal-Mart money, spent more than 20M on the football program this year. It's also the only game in town. I remember as a kid in school the Razorbacks fight song was piped in every Friday before a Saturday game.
  9. The worst run defense and special teams in the nation lost to the worst pass defense and refs in the nation I agree on the interference call.....it was actually a horse collar on Mallett if anything. The refs were awful....but Newton was great. If anything, he can make it in the pros as a fullback or something. More than anything, I'm excited to see the future after Mallett....as this Wilson kid looks to have an arm AND a brain.
  10. As an Arkansas fan, the was a surreal game. Pee Wee League level special teams, no tackling, no change in schemes, nothing. The same officiating crew from the 2009 Arkansas/Florida game that was actually suspended for their incompetentcy did worse today. "Here Auburn, take 14 points, it's yours for free". Not that it matters any....with those 14 points we still gave up 51. On the bright side, Tyler Wilson looks even better than Mallett. Auburn has a really good offensive scheme. However, contain Newton (which Arkansas had no idea how to achieve), then they will fall. It remains to be seen if
  11. That's fine, if you want to write in a demeaning manner to posters and preach about "big boys", then that is absolutely your perogative. It is a very, very professional approach.
  12. I found this this statement to be very mean-spirited and self praising. As an operator of this site, there is no excuse for treating a frequent poster like that. I'm not sure if you care or not, but even a vague opinion shouldn't be met with the harshness you levelled at him. Not a good way to create or maintain an online community.
  13. Hank, I've followed Mallett for the past four years. He seems like a nice enough kid and has progressed with his maturity level. However, in pressure game situations it doesn't seem like he has the composure or coping mechanisms to succeed.
  14. There's a reason we're calling him Ryan Leaf Mallett in Arkansas today.
  15. Hey, it's just my opinion. I would put Newton as a slightly better version of Jefferson out of LSU.
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