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  1. Very confused on how this works. I bought the opening day 5 pack and got the email about the 125% credit. Log in to my account and see nothing except 3 of the 5 games being postponed. I'd obviously like to use my credit to purchase tickets once games start up again. Is the $ amount of the credit not available yet or am I looking in the wrong place?
  2. This would be huge. Arguably would become our top prospect.
  3. I'm sure he is just sitting out there to have one last game with the guys. We all know how tight bullpens are.
  4. I typed out a response but didn't submit. Nice to see other people saw the stupidity in the post.
  5. I see absolutely no chance Florial is included. Do we take a chance on Thairo Estrada? He was expected to be ML ready this year prior to robbery/gunshot
  6. Hiura HAS to be involved.
  7. Bannon seems like a nice 4-5 player. 30hr/90rbi in 129 milb games...OPS 978
  8. Wright 6 innings? Might take him 200 pitches and 15 runs.
  9. Yefry Ramirez, David Hess...any AAA starters are better options or at least equivalent.
  10. Winning teams don't have multiple rule 5 guys and pitchers like Tillman/Wright on their 25 man.
  11. Tillman and Wright can be DFA'd.
  12. So who is at the game? As much as I care about the Tides, I wish I was there to see Acuna....
  13. Certainly wasn't his beard.
  14. Who's on the Norfolk shuttle for the bullpen this year? We will need them before Norfolk even starts playing games.
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