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  1. Never mind. You seem like a very dour individual who has nothing good to say anyway. You probably constantly complain about everything don't you? I will thank you for pointing out Mackus as accepting the challenge. At least you can look at him as someone who backs up their position instead of just hurling baseless insults like yourself. Since I missed his post I appreciate you pointing out so I will make another thread myself, since you so ungraciously decline.
  2. pretty good so far. You and Fruitloop kid are the only two on the entire OH who have been man enought to take my challenge and predict. I give you credit sir. If you are right in a few years (if I am lucky enough to still be around I will bow to your insight in my signature, although I have to wonder if you are basing your selections moreso on draft status than minor league stats!)
  3. Nope, didn't see it. Perhaps you would be so kind to post a thread with the predictions on it? Maybe you could even list their names and choices.
  4. Eli Eon


    Then how come you haven't picked a player over on my challenge thread. I think I detect intellectual dishonesty here. Please backup you point by making a prediction. Even I have predicted who I think and its not based on stats in the minors whatsover, Olsen and Hoey.
  5. No, I will go on record as saying Garrett Olson and Hoey. I also think Hernandez could but I doubt he gets the opportunity. So far that is three more than any of you and your stat guru buddies have had the nads to state, which is zero. (Edit Fruit Loop did pick Hoey) so there has been one of you so far. What a brave bunch! Hilarious! This isn't life and death!
  6. Okay, so are you saying no Oriole minor leaguer will have a succesful major league career? (Apparently so) That is so ludicrous I must beg to differ and I base this on observation not minor league stats! I think Olson and Hoey will both have sucess at the major league level. Try getting off the fence for once and making a decision. I love all these people who suffer from paralysis from analysis. That type of mindset would get you killed on a battlefield! Man up and make a decision for once!
  7. I don't know any offhand but if I had to guess I would say Luis Hernandez. I also think Fahey could have a sucessful major league career.
  8. All right, I think someone ought to start another thread tracking what HO poster makes what player prediction. You are the first brave soul (I thought there would at least be a couple right after I posted the thread with all the bravado that was being thrown around against me on the Bynum thread.)However, I was hoping someone would name a position player as that is what I was gearing this challenge more to. Nontheless, I am sure now some people will start naming pitchers like Penn and Olson out the ying yang, and I don't blame them. Even I think Olson will become a good major leaguer, and possibly Hoey as well. I also think Liz could be the real deal.
  9. A good major leaguer would be a Melvin Mora/Mike Bordick/Aubrey Huff type player. However, for the purposes of this challenge I laid it out in the opening thread. The player has to become a major league starter and last long enough in the big leagues to become tenured. Under that scenario a guy like Hairston would win the challenge, a guy like Bigbie would not.
  10. Eli Eon


    You can assume it but the point I am making is nobody knows for certain whether any minor league player will be sucessful at the major league level. Its a proven crapshoot.
  11. I didn't say it had to be a "huge" prospect just a guy who will make the major league roster as a starter and become a tenured player. Somebody like Jerry Hairston would suffice. How the hell hard could it be to find someone like him in the Orioles minor league system? Yet nobody here can use minor league stats to come up with another Hairston? Kind of sad yet laughable at the same time, when people want to claim stats are a worthwhile prediction tool regarding future major league sucess.
  12. I don't disagree that it is a tool. A tool to be used in comparing minor league players to one another and measuring their progress in that respect as they advance though the levels. However, where it becomes virtually worthless is in precisely the challenge I have laid out here, and that is identifying and predicting success at the major league level. This is where the disagreement lies.
  13. That is why I am asking for a name of a player now. There is plenty of time for him to become proven. If people are so sure that minor league stats are a good indicator of future major league peformance this should not be that difficult. What it tells me that this is a bunch of baloney that even the people who claim to espouse it aren't able to rely on at all. Worthless, I tell ya, worthless!
  14. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so what? Predict the next sucessful Oriole based on these stats. How come nobody can do it? If these stats are such good measurement tools it shouldn't be that difficult now should it?
  15. Sure there is a winner. I have yet to get a challenger so I must have won. However, I don't care about winning, I just what someone, anyone on this esteemed Hangout Site to show me where stats of Orioles minor league players currently in the system will predict which player will have a sucessful major league career. Nobody, can do it. Ergo, my point has been made that stats in this situation (an interpretation or indicators of future success) are worthless tools. They do have value as measures compared to other minor leaguers and individual progress, but when it comes to sole use as a measurement of future major league sucess they are of little value. In fact, no better than random selection as a tool.
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