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  1. In tears!!! with my 7 year old!!!! This is awesome
  2. Man I hope I don't jinx us! Although I read daily, I have avoided posting - My thoughts - We weren't winning when I was posting more often and the most interesting items were often discussions on Cindy's Brian Roberts Crush. Alas, I will revert to reading if I am doing my part to maintain the Oriole Karma, however.... Nick has long been my favorite Oriole and I want to say that I and three of my four daughters were steaming the game so when Nick hit the lead off Homerun and then followed with 1500 it brought a genuine tear to my eyes and I loved the moment immensely! Congratulations Nick and as others have said, I truly hope we have an Oriole for life in Nick. Regardless, it was a great night to be an Oriole fan and a better night to be a Nick Markakis fan! If we lose to the freakin' Nats tonight, my bad!
  3. I feel better about it now than I did yesterday. Sure wish him all the best but great to see him supporting the team
  4. C'mon JJ! I'm shouting all the way from KC for ya, man!
  5. I'll take JJ no matter what! But... I sure would like to get these two across
  6. A run in the bottom of the frame would sure help my anxiety level!
  7. I believe in the magic. Come on Os! Come what may, I love being a fan of this team!
  8. Just no words! I am so happy for this team and I love the freaking Orioles!
  9. Need John Henry to go into the Dugout and confirm that he will fire Bobby V tomorrow if they can just pull this thing out in spite of his game mismanagement!
  10. He was already gimpy at 2nd and now has to go back to the crouch behind the plate, we may want him to Jack Parkman through A Rod and I would love to see it, but it wasn't going to happen. Not his fault; truly the fault is in Bobby V who didn't pinch run for him.
  11. They could use some Tippy Martinez Magic here, so could we!
  12. I get that I am a Rah! Rah! guy and I am hardly very critical of the O's because they do what I only dreamt of. But I am seriously crying I am so very happy for them. Now if the Baseball Gods could grant me one more wish it would be for Nick to get a chance to play in a playoff game this year!
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