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  1. I gotta be at work tomorrow at 3am. So I'm looking at about 2 1/2 to maybe 3 hours of sleep tonight if I'm lucky.
  2. But we DID win 2. And we only need 1 to move on.
  3. I dunno why but your post just literally made me LOL. I seriously despise this dump of a stadium.
  4. Seriously. I hate losing as much as everyone else. But after 14 years of losing I'm just happy as hell to see my O's play after game 162. I've literally waited half my life for this. These guys gave us a helluva ride this season. Let's enjoy it. Hope for a comeback but if not....hey we have a PLAYOFF game to play. LET'S GO O's!!!
  5. Yes because no team has ever come back from 5 runs in a game...oh that's right it happened last night. Patience.
  6. Granderson out...that's good news.
  7. Nice job Nick! 2 doubles tonight!
  8. I also like the first baseman Reynolds has turned into.
  9. What a big difference our corner play is now compared to the first half of the season.
  10. Hard enough to generate runs against Verlander and the umpire has to take one away. What a disappointing 1st. Come on boys!
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