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  1. Marcus

    Hoes is heating up

    we really cant bring up hoes to replace mclouth or ford?
  2. It feels like Matusz has thrown 90 pitches already
  3. Marcus

    vs. ANGELS 8/20

    im about to become a braves fan
  4. why kevin gregg has not been release yet? i ****ing hate the orioles
  5. get this guy off my ****ing team!
  6. josh bell ****ing sucks
  7. Orioles batting lineup against the Reds: Britton Matusz Arrieta Gregg Jakubauskas Hardy Markakis Jones Scott
  8. Maybe we should move to the NL. Our Pitchers are 6 for 13.
  9. here comes a triple play
  10. mark reynolds is ****ing retarded
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