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  1. First time here this season. Had to change something up! MOre likely to happen? Adam Jones hits 2 homeruns? or Adam Jones draws a walk? Agreed. Jones is gonna blast 2 tonight. Mark it down!
  2. This garbage doesn't even dignify a response it's so ignorant and lacking perspective. Yeah, Mike Scoscia can't coach in the big games either. It was ALL about Buck on the mound in those late innings- NOT O'Day and Britton blowing the games. It was ALL him making those ridiculous catches in the Royals outfield. It was ALL him because he surely left his magic genie bottle out for the Royals to steal and subsequently get some of the biggest broken bat and bloop hits in playoff history. It was ALL Buck calling a strike a ball behind the plate. It was ALL Buck spotting the Royals 2 runs in the bottom of the first with a bad throw/catch at the plate. COMPLETELY all Buck's fault we lost every game. Every game where a single base hit or defensive play or miscue could've changed the outcome- were ALL his fault. He is SUCHHHH a choker. Wow. That just makes it all better now doesn't it? Now that we can blame Buck. An easy target with an unfair reputation. He's taken teams with less talent then their competition and gotten them to the playoffs multiple times. Maybe we did or didn't have more talent than the Royals- that's HIGHLY debatable in that playoff bubble- with all of our injuries and their team fully healthy and hitting their peak performance level at the right time- but the bottom line is, Buck is a proven winner- and ONLY ONE TEAM can win a World Series each season. It takes a LOT of things going right to make it happen, and the better "team," the better "manager," the better "players," don't always win. It's a team sport! All you can ask is to be put in a position to win every year, and let the players take their best shot- BUCK DOES THAT. How many chances did Bill Cowher need to finally win the big one? I'm sure there's along list like that too. Everybody is a "choker" until they win one. Wow these posts irritate the hell out of me.
  3. YOu mean kinda like you just got me with your last retort? lol Exactly- so you are doing exactly what you said you are trying to prevent. Going overboard to present a case for NOT calling it like it is- and venting. Joseph made a short comment. He probably feels responsible for gifting the Royals game 4- since he dropped the ball in the first inning that gave them their only 2 runs of the game. He probably feels more anoyed than anybody- because he knows HE GAVE THEM that clinching game. Debate all you want about what may have happened had they not scored there- they coulda scored later yada yada... but Caleb probably wanted to say a LOT more than what he did- so I personally, will applaud him for keeping it to that- for all the yapping the Royals did....
  4. Dude, get off your high horse please. Caleb Joseph is only saying what most fans and players are thinking. The Royals had a horseshoe up their ass against the Angels and Orioles. It was obvious. It was akin to the Orioles in 2012. But the Orioles never showed up opponents or acted too big for their britches. Since I'm sure you've never called someone out for anything in your life, especially when they've beaten you in 4 straight games that could have gone either way- only to react as if they dominated you entirely- I can understand your disdain for Joseph's comment. But we can't all be as thick skinned and tolerant as you. When someone does nothing but pump their chest and flaunt their success as if it was a certainty- it's incredibly hard to not want to burst that bubble.. for most.. not you, obviously- cuz you are a tough guy who takes his "losses like a man"... but for many people...
  5. NO it doesn't and I'll tell you why. The Royals were playing out of their shoes. Flawless defense and bullpen. But the "baseball Gods" were CLEARLY on their side. That's fine. Teams get on a roll and things start to go their way. If it's their year so be it. But don't pound your chest on every bloop or broken bat single. Don't talk big as a pitcher when you know had your defense not bailed you out time and time again, you'd have an even higher ERA than 5 plus. Don't win a bunch of close games over solid competition where one bounce of the ball or called strike could have changed the outcome, and then rub it in their face with a classless t-shirt suggesting your dominance. Don't suggest another team doesn't have heart or the will to come back. All week, all I heard was Royal players talking about how they KNEW they were this good and this was the goal all along. Never once have I heard a player expressed one ounce of humility, in spite of so much good fortune being on their side. That's all I ask from an athlete or team. When the ball is bouncing your way, be humble, admit it, and let OTHER people talk about how good you are. Quit pounding your chest with this "I told you we were this good" attitude- when myself, and I'm guessing many others- figured it was only a matter of time before the bubble burst and all that false bravado was exposed. I WISH I could root for the Royals- but I just can't. I'd rather them get swept- so regardless of what their ego can say about their series with us or the Angels- they won't be able to flash a World Series ring with that arrogance for the rest of their lives. Just a tiny bit of humility goes a long way... Okay, vent over.
  6. The ONE Superbowl he won he went thru Baltimore- throwing 2 picks- not scoring a single touchdown- but relied on his defense and Adam Vinatieri- and some horrendous Steve Mcnair interceptions to get the key W. With life after death, he rallied for a crazy 2nd half comeback vs New England at home- with some NFL payback for all the calls that always went the Pats way in New England- and then got to face Rex Grossman in the Superbowl.. in the rain...
  7. And yet he had his best at bat of the entire season in the top of the 9th inning with EVERYTHING on the line. 0-2 count and he worked a leadoff walk. Shoulda coulda woulda been the start of a miracle comeback- and from the unlikeliest of sources- but to me- further proof- that when he is truly focused, he CAN have selective aggression at the plate.
  8. Sorry, but this post just strikes me as the epitome of pathetic, with alack of perspective. You feel powerless? Really? You mean like, how could we stop they're timely bloop hits? Game one was incredibly flukey IMO. Gordon should have been struck out- instead- he get the benefit of the doubt in an incredibly inconsistent strike zone- and the bloops a hit with a broken bat single to right. Those runs, and that win, took all of the pressure off the Royals- continued to let them feel as though they are riding a magic carpet- and that pressure caught up to the Orioles in the 9th on Saturday. If the Royals keep getting lucky breaks- yeah- maybe we get swept- but i think what goes around comes around- and we win this series in 7. The Royals have not been head and shoulders better than us- theyve simply felt less (ie NO) pressure because theyve been playing with house money this entire run. One play here or there in any of those games- heck one strike call and this series could be entirely different. Not blaming the umps either- just a fact. It's baseball though, and usually those things do even out. I think we take 2 of 3 in KC and come back home to win 2 more. O's aren't dead. Period.
  9. People are different. Nick has never struck me as someone extremely comfortable in front of a lot of people, or on camera. This post sounds like you take it personal, when in reality, I'm sure it's much more about Nick, then it is about the media or fans. He does what he's comfortable with. It sucks, but I can't hold it against him in a situation like this. He's endured a lot of struggle and is the longest tenured Oriole. Show him some love, and I bet he shows it back. Eddie Murray got standing ovations all the time- and I don't think anyone would be giving him any fan friendly awards.
  10. Davis can't buy a hit to save his life most of the season- but people want him to not only get a hit, but dictate where it goes... Hmmm... Seems like wishful thinking.
  11. That shift man. I feel for Davis. He has had an enormous amount of hits stolen due to it- when the shift wasn't around even just a few years ago. When you are struggling and then even your well hit balls are outs- has to be VERY tough. Yes he's a major leaguer and you'd like to think he can adjust, but that's just not reality. Easier for some than others- and most power hitters in generations before him, never had to deal with this kind of statistical based defensive shifting.
  12. Wasn't he blocking the plate anyway??? Jones didn't have a clean lane to the plate.
  13. Amen. Exactly what I was thinking. Beating any group of teams TEN times in a row is not easy. In ANY sport. Why is there a need to discredit other teams to enjoy our own? We lost the first 2 games to the Indians and people were jumping off rooftops. People are reactionary, but it doesn't mean a damn thing until it COUNTS. In the playoffs!
  14. Looked to me like he was just jogging watching it- but in no mans land IF he was doing what you say. No way he gets back to first if it is caught.
  15. Anyone else notice how badly it looked like Lough was loafing??? Dude was just assuming they were going to give him second! No way he should have been thrown out. even with a bad bunt!
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