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  1. Do you think there is a good chance that we draft another possible SS option in the Rule 5 again this year?
  2. Bonus points to John Angelos for making it creative and not just saying "No plans to move or sell the team".
  3. Very true. It sure is nice to have a legit CF again. Now we just need a legit, LF, SS, 3B, SP1, SP2, SP4, RP1, RP2, RP3, RP4, RP5, and catcher.
  4. Yeah. That was awesome. A rocket. I think most of that was on Vlad though, he was out by a mile. Wilkerson and Mullins probably both make that out (although a much closer play).
  5. I think his catch last night was more impressive.
  6. Adam is my favorite Oriole of the last generation of O's. But give me Adam's career PLUS a World Series win and I'll be more than happy.
  7. He is so fun to watch right now. I don't think they should sent him to the AFL when the season is done. I don't like the risk of him getting hurt just to get a certain amount of at bats.
  8. Awesome catch, and personally, I love the passion. Did someone post the statcast catch probability on that? I haven't seen it yet.
  9. #2 is fine with me. I think Bregman was a #2 overall pick. Edit: He was. Also, Dillon Tate was #4 overall that year. I didn't realize he went that high.
  10. 1. Continue to add interesting and forward thinking coaching/developmental hires 2. Givens trade (I think he'll have the most suitors between Villar/Mancini/Givens) 3. Chris Davis buyout
  11. With his track record of up and down seasons, I think we may be able to get a better return at the deadline next year (if he's having a good season). I'd be surprised if we could get anything of real value for him this off-season. Would love to be wrong though.
  12. He could be a great mid rotation piece on a contending team. He reminds me of a left handed Miguel Gonzalez (with maybe a little more upside).
  13. Taking the space time continuum into account, I say 592. Give or take 591.
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