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  1. I'm just happy to finally have roster moves to talk about again!
  2. Interesting. I completely missed this. Was this in the latest negotiated proposal?
  3. The players said "just give us full prorated salaries and tell us when and where". Clark and Manfred FINALLY got together face to face and figured that out. Now the players still aren't happy. Seems to me like they are moving the goal line. Come on!
  4. I'm a die hard fan O's fan, but I this whole money dispute on how to get baseball back has really soured me on the pro game. I think I'll be a lot more into college baseball when all this is over. It is ridiculous that the owners and union can't come to some type of agreement (or even have useful direct dialog with one another) on how to get started back. I thought I would miss baseball (and sports in general) way more than I actually have.
  5. Ugh. Not thrilled right now. Elias definitely rolling the dice.
  6. Amazing article. Praying for Trey. Impossible not to root for a guy like this.
  7. Possible silver lining: Everyone realizes how much they miss watching baseball in person and once the season starts Camden Yards is packed all summer long to watch a rebuilding team with a few interesting prospects (including Mountcastle since the extra year of control isn't an issue).
  8. French fry'ed when he should have pizza'ed.
  9. Love the topic! I only wish you saved the thread idea for the middle of the offseason when nothing is happening
  10. Holaday at backup C is still a pretty good longshot IMO.
  11. I was surprised this was not the lead story on SportsCenter last night.
  12. Such amazing insight and access! Thanks again for your work.
  13. Experiment is over. Pack it up boys. We had a good 128 year run.
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