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  1. 1. Continue to add interesting and forward thinking coaching/developmental hires 2. Givens trade (I think he'll have the most suitors between Villar/Mancini/Givens) 3. Chris Davis buyout
  2. With his track record of up and down seasons, I think we may be able to get a better return at the deadline next year (if he's having a good season). I'd be surprised if we could get anything of real value for him this off-season. Would love to be wrong though.
  3. He could be a great mid rotation piece on a contending team. He reminds me of a left handed Miguel Gonzalez (with maybe a little more upside).
  4. Taking the space time continuum into account, I say 592. Give or take 591.
  5. Yeah. I'm hopeful one of those guys really busts out next year at a higher level. That would really help the rebuild along, IMO. I would also think that any trade this off-season will focus around infield prospects in return. It seems like our pitching is actually improving in the minors, so that gives us an opportunity to focus on something else in return.
  6. Very true. Next year's team could be fun to watch compete and develop (Especially if Davis is let go). 1B - Mancini 2B - Villar/Alberto/Bannon SS- Villar/(Hopefully someone better than Martin) 3B - Alberto/Ruiz/Bannon LF - Mountcastle CF - Hays RF - Santander C - Sevy/Sisco DH - Nunez Note to self: We really need some more infield prospects.
  7. Awesome article. It will be interesting to see where Eller will be coaching next year. Makes me very hopeful for the future of our position players.
  8. Not any way to go but up from here, and Sig probably had a pretty good impact on a few of those Cardinals drafts.
  9. Make strikeouts worth 2 outs and a successful bunt single worth 2 runs. That'll show em.
  10. To be fair, he's only business in the front.
  11. Nice guy. Tries Hard. Loves the game.
  12. Did anyone ask him about Smash Mouth? Is he a fan? What's his favorite song? I have so many follow questions.
  13. Batting helmet to the foot... The proverbial straw that broke the camels back.
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