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  1. I don't get this at all. Seems like 7M should buy a better pitcher for a year. Lyles is the kind of guy you sign right before spring training starts. Obviously they see something they think they can fix, I sure hope they're right.
  2. Eh, Whatever. Better than another year of Valaika at 2B I guess.
  3. Sig doesn't strike me as the type who would prefer to be the big boss. Seems too smart to be the guy in charge 🙂.
  4. Beautiful tribute. He will be missed around here for sure. It won't be the same.
  5. Clearing Davis' spot on the 40man may have given him 1 more year to prove himself here.
  6. Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!
  7. The continued development and performance of the infield prospects is going to be key. 2023 could be a really fun year if everything pans out.
  8. Very surprising. Good for him! This will allow me to look back on his productive years more fondly.
  9. He's definitely entertaining. The Cabrera stuff didn't bother me either. We suck, they suck, the game is meaningless, it would be cool to see.
  10. 1 good starting pitcher please.
  11. Lefty's with his arm don't grow on trees. I think we could get at least 2 pieces for him that have value.
  12. You may be right, I'm just going from my memory on what I thought of Lough.
  13. I'd be happy with pretty much anything for Fry or Scott. It is nice to have a lefty in the pen that can bring high velocity and is a big strikeout guy, but with his control issues and the 3 batter minimum, it's really tough to watch Scott when he comes in and just doesn't have it that day. I wouldn't just give either away, but if we got a legit prospect back and/or international money, I would be happy.
  14. I never understood what people saw in Lough. He always seemed like a really good athlete that just didn't have very good baseball instincts. Even on that play you posted, he takes a bad route/read at the beginning of it and makes up for it with his speed. Those 2014/2015 teams were one or 2 key players away from really competing for a World Series. 😕
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