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  1. I would dangle him or Sisco this offseason to see if we could get a SS or 3B prospect out of either of them. The extra roster spot does make it easier to carry 3 catchers too, it's not ideal, but it could work. Also, if Davis is gone, I could see Sisco getting some starts at 1B if his bat continues to be productive next year.
  2. I agree. I think you are going to see the spring training facility used more of a development tool next year for prospects instead of basically just a rehab location. With fewer MiLB teams and the knowledge and data they've gained this year, I think you may see a little bit of a shift on how prospects are developed in our system. I think they will spend more time at a development site and less on full season MiLB teams.
  3. I'm fine for trading for a long-term piece, but definitely nothing that is a rental. We should be looking to trade everyone that is a FA at the end of this year and next. I would be thrilled if we could trade an OF prospect along with Cobb for a SS, 3B, or SP prospect?
  4. The benching of Davis would be a good start to contention.
  5. He just looks ready to hit and his bat looks much faster. Really happy with his progress in the box so far this year. Sisco and Adley could be a great tandem for the next great Orioles team. Keep it up Chance!
  6. Haha. To each his own! Jon Miller is that voice for me when I was growing up and listening to games.
  7. I've only watched/listened to the TV broadcasts. I'd give Ben an "A" and Garceau a "C+" (right in the meaty party of the curve). Garceau is fine (and a million times better than Hunter), but he just doesn't bring enough enthusiasm, IMO.
  8. Love the enthusiasm, and I really hope Wildcard is right, but until the legit starting pitchers start making their way to the roster and prove they are MLB starters, then I think it is premature to say that we've "turned the corner". I'm completely down for making the playoffs this year though! Let's do it.
  9. I really like this idea. It would add another dimension to at bats. Maybe give a manager 1 ball/strike challenge per inning to start out with. If the call is overturned, you keep the challenge, if not, that's it for the inning.
  10. I thought the stuff (even besides the velocity) looked pretty good. If that is his new norm velocity, then once he gets his command and feel back, he could be a real nice rotation piece on the next contending O's team.
  11. Happy to see this and I like Weam's optimism, but I've seen the results of far too many Orioles "Ace's" come through the system to call him that yet.
  12. Kid was such an inspiration! Hard to understand or comprehend what he went through. No doubt he is in a better place now. Rest in peace Mo.
  13. Pitching massively struggles. I think we win 21 games. I hope we win 51 though!
  14. I'm just happy to finally have roster moves to talk about again!
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