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  1. Possible silver lining: Everyone realizes how much they miss watching baseball in person and once the season starts Camden Yards is packed all summer long to watch a rebuilding team with a few interesting prospects (including Mountcastle since the extra year of control isn't an issue).
  2. French fry'ed when he should have pizza'ed.
  3. Love the topic! I only wish you saved the thread idea for the middle of the offseason when nothing is happening
  4. Holaday at backup C is still a pretty good longshot IMO.
  5. I was surprised this was not the lead story on SportsCenter last night.
  6. Such amazing insight and access! Thanks again for your work.
  7. Experiment is over. Pack it up boys. We had a good 128 year run.
  8. It will be a interesting to see how long Adley stays in big league camp. Will they want him to "get his minor league season going" or will they be more interested in getting him more looks and work with the big league instructors and coaches.
  9. I'm rooting for the guy, for sure, but I have very little expectation that he's anything more than he's shown the last few years.
  10. @Eric-OH Loving all the info. Thank you! Do you plan on going to the minor league facility next week sometime to see what is going on there?
  11. I'm excited to see McKenna get some playing time in games as well to see what he can do.
  12. Hitting guru Craig Gentry must have been all booked up. In all seriousness, good for Sisco. Sounds like he put in some effort during the off-season to work on a flaw in an intelligent manner.
  13. The ole "work out with Craig Gentry and gain 25lbs" routine. WHY DIDN'T HE THINK OF THIS EARLIER!?!?
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