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  1. I have been so much happier since I became a Braves fan. This organization is the definition of stupid.
  2. We gave up a cost controlled asset at a position of need for a bag of balls. Was he great? No, but he was young, cheap, serviceable, and not standing in the way of any prospect. I'm not mad because it gave me another reason to become a Braves fan. I'll likely not go to any more games or really follow this team at all until the black mark that is the Angelos clan sells the team. Why waste my money and mental capital on supporting one of, if not the, worst run organizations in professional baseball? Seems inane to me.
  3. Well thanks for the clarification. I'm talking about 2019 and beyond. IMO, Machado is far more likely to sign with New York long term if he's traded there this year.
  4. You have to offset what the Yankees are offering with the fact that you are making a division rival substantially better. And Machado will almost certainly sign with New York if he plays there this year.
  5. I may officially renounce my Orioles fandom if we trade Machado to the Yankees. We can't be that dumb, can we?
  6. This organization is so poorly run. Its an embarrassment to allow Machado to play shortstop. He hurts the team and his trade value. He wasnt signing here anyway and we still let him call the shots. Buck deserves to have this dumpster fire of a season on his record. I hope they make him stay for the whole debacle.
  7. Why? It's a sunk cost. You have to pay it anyway. You might as well have someone on the field who can actually play the game.
  8. In addition to being completely inept at his job, the money CD is making is money we could (and SHOULD) have used to try and sign Manny. I acknowledge that CD can't be blamed for taking the money. However, all I can think about when watching this atrocious player is that he likely cost us the ability to make a competitive offer to Manny. Cut him and cut him now.
  9. This team sucks out loud. I would say trade everyone and rebuild but this franchise will screw that up as well. I am currently accepting applications for a new team to follow. I have given up on this cast of clowns.
  10. I'm so glad we made Manny happy to the detriment of the team. I'm sure he'll repay the favor by re-signing here. <deep sigh>
  11. Manny is not going to re-sign here and I seriously doubt his trade value is enhanced by half of a season at SS. If the Orioles had a spine they would have told Manny he can play third or he can re-sign and play shortstop. Instead, they catered to a player who is not going to be here beyond this season, or maybe the All Star break, to the detriment of the team. Yet another reason this organization is poorly run.
  12. Trade everyone not named Bundy
  13. That's what happens when you allow a player who is definitely walking to call the shots. Leave him at third and then trade him. Makes no sense to weaken the left side of the infield for a player who has no interest in re-signing.
  14. How do you not give Collins the rock three times in a row when you are trying to run out the clock? He gets 6 in one carry and you let Flacco throw two incompletions. Inexcusable.
  15. I think you have to give the offense somewhat of a pass. It is much more difficult to consistently hit well when you start a majority of games down 3 runs or more before by the 3rd inning. It's easy to say that they should keep the same mindset but I have to believe it leads to pressing and trying to do too much. This season was a failure because of regression from the marginal starters we had and the FO's failure to acquire serviceable arms.
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