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    Hopefully a promotion to season ticket holder.
  2. Or all of this could be a ploy by DD to lower the price the Cubs are seeking.
  3. I wonder how much interest Bisciotti might have in this.
  4. msporter4

    Ben Grubbs

    The philosophy that you detailed is specifically what Bisciotti and Ozzie are trying to avoid. They discussed this during the state of the Ravens presser. They want to avoid the resulting cap and roster situations you have when you follow the idea of windows opening and closing. We tried this in 2001 after the Super Bowl and that resulted in the cap and roster purge the following year. If the Ravens can stay solid drafting and developing coupled with self evaluation of their own roster they should be able to know when they can let someone leave and when they can't. I think for the longevity of the team and staying competitive you have to draft, develop then fill roster holes with good free agent signings. I think this follows the idea you have with Rice. Committing too much money to positions where you can get solid production cheaper. Can we have that much money tied up into 2 guards when you still need a center and potentially a tackle? With Rices contact he is 25 and is used a lot. I think you go 5 years and try to do what you did with Suggs. Structure the contact with the money coming up front so you can cut him later on in the deal if production drops. I think the Ravens would help themselves and Rice by getting another back involved more consistently. I'm not sure right now, but who was the last big time free agent we signed? I can't vision them singing someone to a big time contract to fill a hole.
  5. In the end, I guess you have to ask yourself. Does it really matter?
  6. Harbaugh is having a a press conference in 15 minutes to discuss his coaching staff. You can watch online at the Ravens website.
  7. Interesting. So basically put anyone in at QB and it won't make a difference.
  8. The Ravens do not have to fire Cam because he was only given a 1year contract last year. If they want to part ways his contract will expire and they will not renew.
  9. This is the same story as when Rex left and we have all seen how that has worked out. If he takes coaches and players then so be it. Next man up!
  10. I'm pretty sure the Ravens hold a trump card in terms of who can leave.
  11. If Pagano is offered the job and leaves, who is the next man up? Clarence Brooks, Ted Monachino, or Dan Pees? Pees has experience as a DC with the Patriots.
  12. Corran Horn is a star wars character... http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Corran_Horn
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