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  1. Again he is calling the road games from a monitor in Camden Yards not in Texas where the team is. You need to give him a break on these road games.
  2. Also Ben pointed out he has had one vaccination shot and is waiting ot have his second when he gets off the road back home in Louisiana. It will be interesting to see once everyone in the broadcast are a few weeks from being fully vaccinated what they do about travel. It has to be difficult to call a game from a TV and I agree it does take away from it. Hopefully in 60 days or so most will be vaccinated and the cases will start retreating. I hope after the All Star game we have a little more normal back.
  3. Right now I would make Tanner Scott the closer to see how he reacts in the role. By far without Hunter Harvey healthy he has the best stuff in this bullpen by far. Valdez may get away with getting some saves but he is not at 36 going to get you anything of great value in a mid-season trade. If Scott can show he can throw strikes in closing situations they could get a major haul in a trade.
  4. It is too early to write off Austin Hayes. It may be a big if right now but if he gets 500 at bats he will put up numbers. I just think Mullins could be also have a very nice career for the Orioles. He can be a really nice lead-off hitter for many years to come.
  5. Yes best wished to the Otter!! Hopefully they have caught this early and it is very manageable. Yes men of our age get your PSA levels tested once a year!!
  6. Yes it isn't the same thing and not even close.
  7. There was an article in the Washington Post yesterday talking about giving people vaccination passports. I know some people will object to that but I have no problem issuing me one if it gets me into concerts sporting events without having to wear a mask. This vaccine is the ONLY way we are going to get our lives back to normal. The FDA is anything but overly cautious. I have read the studies and the safety protocols. I wouldn't have made sure my 83 year old mother got the vaccine if I didn't believe that. Like many people have said here you may survive getting it but you don't want to carry it to someone who doesn't survive it. The majority of people who have been vaccinated so far are over 65 and you are going to have people pass away in that age range. It doesn't mean it was from the vaccine. I also agree that many people of the 550,000 plus who have died of Covid may have died also from some of their underlining health conditions. However by any measurement if it wasn't for this virus there wouldn't be that many deaths. Much less the suffering that many people that I know who have been infected. If you don't want to get vaccinated then don't. It is your choice.
  8. Yes I didn't want this to go down that rabbit hole. Get a vaccine when you can. Like I said I am getting mine Wednesday.
  9. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-coronavirus-vaccine-excess-20210328-b2calgq3mzambj5kohdoycmh7i-story.html I am wondering if anyone makes a stink about this. I understand rather than throwing away any vaccines and giving them to someone is a good idea, but when they end up going to a bunch of young healthy multi-millionaires I think someone who has an elderly parent in Florida that can't get an appointment might not like this story. In 30 days everyone here in Maryland and most places will be able to sign up for the vaccine and I expect sports team to make sure everyone gets them right away when that happens. However I don't think this is a good look. I am not pointing just at the Orioles because I will bet there are other teams doing the same thing. I became eligible last week and get my first shot this Wednesday. I am looking forward to it.
  10. If we get Palmer, Big Ben, and Brian Roberts doing the color for all the games this year I think we are pretty fortunate.
  11. You are in my thoughts and prayers Michael! Get well soon!
  12. I didn't see it posted but Tom Davis is back with his weekly Wall to Wall Baseball show on MASN. Even though Tom is no longer with the Orioles broadcast team I am glad he continued this show. I enjoy the weekly baseball chat. I know he produces this show with his own sponsors.
  13. When the J & J vaccine comes online at the end of this month the amount of supply should start increasing. I suspect in April or at the latest May most areas will allow anyone who wants the vaccination to get it. I doubt that MLB players would get the vaccine before that but I would expect the minute that happens they will arrange for them to have it the next day.
  14. I understand the reasoning behind service time and all that but if he is hitting the cover off the ball and they feel he is defensively ready then bring him up mid-June or whenever those metrics are met. At some point you need to have reasons to get excited to watch the team. If the catchers that are playing are doing decent then it takes the pressure off of bringing him up. However if they are not and he is ready then bring him up in my opinion.
  15. If this is pro rated versus full pay it does make a big difference. The owners lose the publicity game big time if they try to ram that through. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2021/01/31/mlb-players-union-expected-reject-proposal-delay-start-season/4332399001/
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