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  1. Castro has the best stuff in my humble opinion. I think Sulser and Armstrong can be decent setup guys but I think Castro would be my closer.
  2. Just having Iglesias at short and Hayes in center has made this defense so much better. Ruiz is a decent 3rd baseman as well. The bullpen is much improved even without Hunter Harvey. Tanner Scott looks like the light has come on. I have seen enough of Dwight Smith Jr. Mountcastle can't be a worse outfielder. I would like to see Diaz, Mountcastle and Nunez rotate between LF, 1B, and DH and see what we have. I think you can make the argument that they could develop better playing in minor league games but just intersquad games isn't going to show what you need to see.
  3. I guess my question is what capable major league players do you want them to put on this roster? The pitching is where I thought they would be challenged for the most part hasn't been too bad. Mountcastle will most likely get his chance but position wise I don't think there are a ton of choices.
  4. No one here has said it but could Chris Davis have failed a drug test? I am not saying he has but it has been something I have thought about since he has put on this extra weight this year.
  5. Well said Tony. I saw someone post on Facebook that Mo was able to watch his first Oriole game tonight. Good bless Mo.
  6. i also believe Jim has a step-son with health issues which also maybe a factor. I can do without Rick Dempsey. I know Tom Davis always stated he never wanted to quit. I have been looking for the Wall to Wall baseball show to come back but it hasn't. I suspect Davis isn't happy not to be working but I am not sure.
  7. MASN is saying they aren't broadcasting the exhibition games to put there employees at risk for games that don't count. I don't think they are broadcasting them on radio as well.
  8. I just hope that Means is decent, high 3's ERA. Certainly if he is better that would be great. I just don't want him to look like last year was a fluke. You hope Cobb can give you 4 out of 6 decent starts and you flip him for whatever you can. Let's face it Wojo, LeBlanc, and Malone are just bodies because someone has to pitch. I have zero expectations. Hope one of them surprises us but even if they do they won't bring anything. Cobb has a past of being a decent pitcher these three really don't. I will be paying much more attention when Stewart pitches. Certainly being a former 4th player in a draft you can hope he has some talent that these guys can find. Certainly I look forward to Akin and Kremer hopefully showing something this year. That is what I would consider progress.
  9. Before it got shut down the TV crew included Palmer, Thorne, Ben McDonald, Scott Garceau, and I think others but not Jim Hunter this year. I am not sure how they will split up 60 games. I heard Scott Garceau say today on the radio he was getting ready to back to work. I think they are broadcasting the games not at the ballpark but I am not positive about that.
  10. Roch says in his article today that he hasn't seen Dwight Smith Jr or Anthony Santander on the field yet. DJ Stewart certainly will get many at bats if either or both are out. They are saying that to get the extra year of service time players like Mountcastle will only have to be down for a week. It seems he will get a chance sooner than later. Also Roch added in another article that Alex Cobb and Mychael Givens have not been spotted as well.
  11. Geez, thanks for spoiling it for me! Sorry Steve! I won't tell you who won the series!
  12. I watched Game 2 earlier this week. I was just amazed in the top of the 9th inning with two outs the Orioles were winning 4-3 and I think it was Dave Johnson who singled. They then intentionally walked the 8th hitter Mark Belanger to pitch to Palmer. Weaver let him bat with runners on 1st and 2nd with two outs. That just floored me. Palmer retired the first two in the bottom of the 9th and walked Pete Rose on 4 pitches and Weaver pulled him for Pete Richart , Lefty on lefty. He ended the game on one pitch. I don't know how many pitches Palmer had thrown through 8 innings. Of course it never came up. I am sure it was well over 100.
  13. Like many of these kids they have picked up he had a hell of a short season this year. Also they will need some extra cash to feed these kids. Not a small man here either!
  14. Add RHP Brandon Young, Louisiana-Lafayette to the signees.
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