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  1. I assume the players will only get paid for the games they end up playing if any. If a player has a 3 year contract and they only play a half a season do they just lose that half of season? If they don't play at all and have a 3 year deal do they have 2 years or 3 years left? Does a player have to wait the extra year to become a free agent or reach arbitration?
  2. You know I don't think that idea is that horrible. It would be easier to gear up pitchers to a 5 inning game. Sure this season and everything involved will be an outlier forever. There is nothing that can be done now to change that.
  3. When and if they get to start the season I suspect they will have expanded rosters for a couple weeks.
  4. I like Brett Hollander. Is he still going to work on WBAL radio and doing both? Update I just did my own research and see he left WBAL for this position. I think much thought has gone into these changes the new Oriole regime has put in. I like the people they have hired and agree with the ones they have replaced. To me they have taken a deep dive into what the fans opinion and viewpoint on these issues. No it won't make a bit of difference on the win/loss total but they are trying to make the total experience better. It is appreciated by me.
  5. I will bet Hunter was under a multi year contract and they had to pay him anyway. I am glad he isn't doing play by play anymore. I will bet he will not be on the broadcasts at all next season.
  6. I can't agree with this any more. Hunter has always annoyed me on TV or radio. Bordick seems like a nice guy but he just doesn't add anything entertaining. He goes out of his way to not offend anyone. He did a segment on 105.7 yesterday and said Chris Davis "looks like the crusher again". Whatever that means.
  7. I am surprised no one has commented on gaining 25 pounds in about 4 months. It is almost impossible to gain that much muscle without help. Especially for someone who has worked out their entire life.
  8. The one thing this cap has done is brought is universal consensus here at the Hangout for maybe the first time. Everyone hates this cap!!
  9. accinfo

    Farewell OH

    Congrats Luke!! This decision gives me even more confidence in the direction the Orioles new management is going!
  10. I get that and agree just spending money isn't a solution. However, is there any question the 2020 Orioles would be a better team with Villar and Bundy on it? Now maybe we got something for Bundy, maybe, but if there was a floor there is little doubt they still be on the team. It has worked in the NFL. No one is going broke and teams don't in general go decades without being competitive. Of course the Redskins can't overcome horrible ownership.
  11. Thanks for that information. To me that makes the argument that an NFL type situation in baseball may benefit both sides and more importantly competitive balance for all the franchises.
  12. I ask this just out of curiosity. I know that Harper, Machado, now Cole have gotten three huge contracts the last couple of years but it seems this big money is going to a much smaller pool. Maybe overall it is still increasing but it appears that that a small pool of 30 or so players are going to end up with the majority of the pool of money out there. The only way to stop that is putting in a salary floor for each team so they are compelled to spend a certain amount of money. The players have long fault a cap but they may have to thinking about conceding on this issue if the owners agree to spend a certain minimum. Teams like the Orioles have no reason to pay anyone while they are "rebuilding" That is bad for competitive balance and for the overall pool of players. Attendance seems to matter much less to each team because most the revenue is derived from TV rights etc. There has to be a middle ground here.
  13. Thanks Frobby for this. Very interesting. I would be shocked if the Sun doesn't pick up on this information.
  14. Tony: Let me add that I would be willing to contribute more to keep the site going. I know it is not completely a financial decision but if it will help I am willing to contribute. I also there could be a creative way to keep it going in some form or another.
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