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  1. I would certainly happy with Harrison for a 1 year deal. He may want some kind of option that would automatically vest based on games played which would be fine as you are waiting for Westberg, Henderson, and I would include Mayo who could come fast.
  2. What do you want the employees of MASN or the local media say about the state of the Orioles they are not saying now? Do you want them to walk up to the players and ask them why do you suck? That is a rhetorical question. Because they are not being critical enough do us fans think they are better than they are really are? Both Ben McDonald and Jim Palmer, the regular color guys, say on a regular basis "you have to make better pitches". etc etc. They do have to see these players everyday and have some kind of working relationship. Being overly critical or confrontational isn't going to i
  3. I read somewhere that the plan was to limit him to 100 innings. After tonight he is at 98. Do they pull the plug for the season? I don't know what the right or wrong answer is to this either. I don't think they know for sure. I pretty much would think they wouldn't go more than 120 innings at the very most anyway.
  4. Apparently the NY highest court is going to hear the Oriole appeal. I would ask Frobby what this could mean if anything? https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-masn-dispute-orioles-nationals-latest-20210908-n43ba2zoarfg7operb6tf3juyy-story.html
  5. This year we have seen a lot of bad baseball but in my opinion because of the lack of talent not lack of a good manager. I am not saying Brandon Hyde is a good manager yet because I need to see what he can do when he has enough good players. However, these guys don't quit on each other and I think that is a reflection on their manager. The pitchers he has had at his disposable to start games is enough to sink a team to 100 losses. The innings leader is Matt Harvey. That isn't his fault. I want to see what his managing record is when he has a major league 3B, SS, 2B, and C and a starting
  6. My personal good thoughts a condolences to Mike's family and loved ones. The best thing we can do during our lives is to have a positive influence on the people we interact with as we go through our brief time in this world. Mike certainly did that in this community of Oriole Hangout. I am sure he did it as well in the rest of his life outside this community. He will be missed. I feel very fortunate to have met him. God Speed.
  7. I keep looking at their box score and I have to adjust my reading glasses every time I see the score. This is more impressive doing this on the road against a good Carolina team. I am thinking some of these guys may end up in Delmarva for this season but may start next season in Aberdeen right away.
  8. How do you have a full time DH that only hits 199 only batting against right-handed pitching?
  9. I suspect DJ Stewart is DFA'd after the season if not before the season ends.
  10. This is a SSS but Mike Elias can be proud of this group he has put together so far.
  11. You can say that about any draftee who hasn't played yet. Coby Mayo may certainly be something as well.
  12. I don't know he sounds like a likely starter for the Orioles the rest of the season! 😁
  13. If a team with their low payroll is having cashflow problems then there are many teams with cash flow problems. I don't believe that for one second. Because of Covid they aren't generating the cash they were before but they are far from broke. MLB players are still getting big time contracts.
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