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  1. I think Mullins is going to get every chance to play against right handed pitching. See if he can at least hit from the left side of the plate on any long-term basis at the major league level.
  2. It will be interesting to see when fans will be able to return. I suspect some states will allow limited numbers like they have in football. Hopefully after the All-Star game stadiums can be open and close to normal. I am going to get my vaccine as soon as they let me and get back to normal life.
  3. I am guessing if the players show up for work the owners don't have a choice but to pay the players in full for the season. I am sure there was nothing in the CBA that the owners would have the right to cut the number of games in a season because no one is allowed to attend the games.
  4. They may be putting the team in the best position to sell but that doesn't mean the Orioles will ever move. Oakland and Tampa will move before Baltimore because of their lack of new stadiums. The fact they haven't signed a lease may be in indicator they may sell the team. You wouldn't want to sattle a new owner with a lease they weren't happy with.
  5. I think Ticketmaster has already talked about having fans that attend concerts will have to show they have been vaccinated or had a recent negative test to admit fans to a show. I know some people will have a negative reaction to this but I don't have a problem with it. If you don't want to get the vaccine you don't have to go to a crowded event. I will get the vaccine as soon as I can and wear my tag around my neck like my Golden Retriever If it allows me to attend a concert and a baseball game I'll do what I need to.
  6. I agree with this. To bring it back to the original point it is going to take at least until March before you get through the first 3 categories. I hope it is sooner then that but if the owners are going to wait until the players can get vaccinated before they assemble teams for spring training then to me mid-April or May would be the soonest they could start spring training.
  7. One thing is healthly young baseball players shouldn't be able to get vaccinated before everyday normal people have the vaccines available. That seems to me not likely to happen before late March or April at the earliest.
  8. I think cities in the US have perception problems similar to Baltimore. Because of the positive urban renewal of most cities in the years at the end of the 20th century ball parks were built in downtown areas because that had become the in place to go. Many people worked downtown, many young people moved into cities, etc. The pandemic has changed how we work forever with so much more remote working. Fans that spend the most money for sports live outside the cities more and more again. Issues with business located in downtown areas is going to be a very long-term problem for many years to come. Not just for baseball teams.
  9. Chris Davis is going to be on the roster the next two years but I doubt he gets much more of a chance to play or take time from other players. I suspect Brandon Hyde feels no obligation to play him any longer.
  10. Oh we believe you would Tony. We all know Chris Davis is no Tony Pente!!
  11. accinfo


    I agree until there is full or close to full attendance they have little incentive to play games. I agree it seems to be a pretty weak argument that the teams have against their insurance companies. It will be a decent excuse for them not to pay any big free agent contracts. Then the players will charge collusion. These two sides were heading for a very tough labor negotiation before Covid and the one side losing so much revenue isn't going to help these negotiations. We will be lucky to see a full 162 game season in 2023.
  12. Yes they aren't going to play until there are fans in the stands. New York and California teams will be the last places to lift restrictions. I think May is optimistic. I am thinking sometime in June is more realistic.
  13. accinfo

    Nunez DFA

    Yes all of this is true and add in during the last year of his contract there is a strong possibility of a lockout/strike that may again reduce the number of games played. I hope that isn't the case but it sure looks like right now the two sides are very far apart from agreeing to a collective bargaining deal.
  14. I was wrong. The part that Peter Angelos owned of the Baltimore Orioles would pass to her tax free. If the kids tried to take ownership or anyone else she would owe the tax.
  15. If she bought the club with Peter as joint Tenants she would keep the team as the survival owner but I suspect that isn't the case and she would owe the taxes just like anyone else.
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