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  1. Maybe you should get back to your "variety of life experiences" instead of just posting comments that intend to upset people who are mostly fans of a team. There is nothing Ryan Mountcastle did this season to project him as a failed prospect. NOTHING. I am not ready to reserve a spot to go to Cooperstown for him but so far so good. Austin Hayes despite going on the DL again did ok as well. Of course your post declaring Manny Machado a failed contract after he had a MVP type season shows your baseball knowledge as well.
  2. Ok I will pick in the AL Tampa, White Sox, Houston, and Cleveland NL Dodgers, Braves, Cubs, Padres, all Chaulk in NL
  3. I thought that also but I also expect some kind of work stoppage the following year. I think the owners are going to dig in this time to get a salary cap. If that happens and they don't play 162 games that could be a significant savings on Davis's contract. I can see Davis spending most of the 2021 season on the DL and then see if what happens in 2022.
  4. Brandon Hyde just confirmed the starter in game 2 will be from Bowie. He said it will be announced tomorrow. Bruce Zimmerman seems to make sense to me. Hey a little more taste of the future.
  5. Yes it will be interesting. I suspect baseball may have some kind of expanded Fall league possibly in a bubble to get some of these guys 5 or so more starts or more innings.
  6. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/09/lineups-and-notes-on-rotation-armstrong-offense-and-more.html In Roch's article today Hyde says there could be a pitcher from Bowie coming to start one of the double header games tomorrow. Maybe has an opener or a more than that. I am thinking one of the younger guys could get a look. How does someone coming up now for the last 11 games or so affect their service time?
  7. He is too good of both a talented hitter and fielder to write him off. Yes he has had more than his share of injuries but this last one he took a fastball of his ribs and they broke. I put that in the category of being unlucky more that being injury prone. If your rib is broken it is difficult to play.
  8. Ok I along with most people here didn't think Cedric Mullins or DJ Stewart were long-term answers for the Orioles but I am not sure now. I thought Mullins was at best a 4th outfielder but at least against right-handed pitching he looks like he may be able to hit in the majors. Maybe he should re-think being a switch hitter but he has looked good for a decent stretch now. Same with DJ Stewart. Frobby said he was glad he was having a moment but that moment has had some length to it. I just like the fact that he can draw a walk. Maybe he is just like Nunez and he is very streaky but he just looks like he has figured a few things out.
  9. I am not sure what is going on with Thorne but it is very odd that they announced he is back and there hasn't been a single broadcast with him on it remotely. You sign someone to a contract and you don't review what the employee's responsibilities are going to be in the contract or with the employee? Here is your money. We will call you when or if we need you? That is strange.
  10. He came up Saturday for Evan Phillips who was optioned. Hess was only here for the day.
  11. From Roch's article tonight. Update: The Orioles optioned pitcher David Hess after the game. He didn’t pitch tonight. Hyde isn’t ready to announce Sunday’s starter. Perhaps the corresponding move is a factor. The organization has been discussing promoting Dean Kremer to the majors. Stay tuned.
  12. Hyde just said they would announce the starting pitcher tomorrow. I am thinking either Cobb comes off a protocol or maybe Dean Kramer gets the nod. I would think if it was Wojo he would have said tonight.
  13. And that is without of the names of the PTNL. They could bump it up a few notches.
  14. You stay in constant rebuild mode when the rebuild's continue to fail. They haven't drafted or developed enough good players to be good for any sustained period of time. I think Peter Angelos had a lot to do with that. Especially the abandoning of acquiring International players. We essentially have new ownership even though their last name is the same. This feels different to me. Time will tell.
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