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    Farewell OH

    Congrats Luke!! This decision gives me even more confidence in the direction the Orioles new management is going!
  2. I get that and agree just spending money isn't a solution. However, is there any question the 2020 Orioles would be a better team with Villar and Bundy on it? Now maybe we got something for Bundy, maybe, but if there was a floor there is little doubt they still be on the team. It has worked in the NFL. No one is going broke and teams don't in general go decades without being competitive. Of course the Redskins can't overcome horrible ownership.
  3. Thanks for that information. To me that makes the argument that an NFL type situation in baseball may benefit both sides and more importantly competitive balance for all the franchises.
  4. I ask this just out of curiosity. I know that Harper, Machado, now Cole have gotten three huge contracts the last couple of years but it seems this big money is going to a much smaller pool. Maybe overall it is still increasing but it appears that that a small pool of 30 or so players are going to end up with the majority of the pool of money out there. The only way to stop that is putting in a salary floor for each team so they are compelled to spend a certain amount of money. The players have long fault a cap but they may have to thinking about conceding on this issue if the owners agree to spend a certain minimum. Teams like the Orioles have no reason to pay anyone while they are "rebuilding" That is bad for competitive balance and for the overall pool of players. Attendance seems to matter much less to each team because most the revenue is derived from TV rights etc. There has to be a middle ground here.
  5. Thanks Frobby for this. Very interesting. I would be shocked if the Sun doesn't pick up on this information.
  6. Tony: Let me add that I would be willing to contribute more to keep the site going. I know it is not completely a financial decision but if it will help I am willing to contribute. I also there could be a creative way to keep it going in some form or another.
  7. Anyone who has any thoughts that Chris Davis or most anyone is going to walk away from his contract is deluding themselves. I think it is time to release him but I don't blame him for not retiring. The money is 100% guaranteed. He like most of us is going to collect it.
  8. And as far as releasing Chris Davis goes as much as we all are ready for this to happen he isn't taking at bats away from anyone who deserves them this year. If next year Ryan Mountcastle and/or Diaz are ready and he is still taking a roster spot then I think the outrage is more justified. Chris Davis didn't help or hurt their win/loss record or development of real major league prospects. I am sure the Chris Davis situtation was discussed when Elias took the job,
  9. I was wondering this as well. I wouldn't be surprised if they reconsider sending him there after this finish to the season.
  10. I agree here 100%. Once he got past August 1 it was obvious they weren't going to release him this year. They are going to give it another off season. Then I think they give him until around the time May 1st when someone like Mountcastle would be called up after his service time issues are gone. What will be interesting to watch is how much different Chris Davis's off-season's approach is. I guess he could change nothing and report to spring training and still collect his money. What is the player's obligation to work in the off season? Stay in shape, etc?
  11. And they will "fiddle" with his service clock because it is what they should do. Until the rules change.
  12. I just wanted to post how much I enjoyed my first Bark at Oriole Park game last night with my Golden Retriever. The Orioles did a great job with this promotion from plenty of water, dog biscuits etc. Sure if they were selling more tickets there wouldn't be enough room for all the dogs but right now it is a great promotion. It is good to see and meet everyone else's pups. The range of sizes and breeds was vast. I hope they do more of these next season.
  13. He is still throwing in the upper 90's. If Gausman was non-tendered he would be a free agent pitcher they should try to sign cheap to a 1 year deal. He seemed to like pitching for the Orioles and would be a project to see if the new information could help him.
  14. I was wondering if now that a 3rd catcher is up would Sisco get a start at 3rd base or any other position during September.
  15. Great job and thank you! Right now where the Orioles are as a franchise, your summaries have much more of my attention than the major league games.
  16. It is apparent that Brady's role has been greatly reduced. If the Angelos sons have some kind of loyalty to him I don't have a real problem with that. Unlike before it is very CLEAR that Mike Elias is in charge of the baseball operations of this team. The manager, general manager, and Brady Anderson seemed to have their own direct line to ownership and not on the same page. I don't think that exists any longer.
  17. Buck's son was also let go as well. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/08/orioles-replacing-more-holdovers-from-previous-front-office.html
  18. I also think Brian Roberts deserves a mention here as well. I enjoy listening to him as well.
  19. One of the last questions asked to Brandon Hyde at his press conference tonight is was Harvey warming up to come in if they took the lead. He first said he was throwing to the catcher standing up. Then he said he could have come in if they Orioles had taken the lead. Could Hunter Harvey be the Orioles closer already?
  20. The Orioles are home also. Forget about Delmarva! I am half kidding but watching Severino try to tag someone out at home positioned 3 feet behind home plate I was ready to call him up before I heard he was 5 for 5.
  21. I can't agree more with the way Frobby sees this. MLB now to me has no reason to give in at this point. With the eventual change of ownership of the Orioles coming sooner than later they have all the leverage over who they allow the team to be sold to. There is no way they will decide who buys the team until this MASN matter is put to bed for good.
  22. accinfo

    Lotta moves

    The Orioles need to find a center fielder. It is clear that they have determined that it isn't going to be Mullins in the near future. So they activated Austin Hayes and he is clearly going to play everyday at AAA in CF because they think he could possibly help this team sooner. It makes sense to put Mullins in CF at AA where he can play his main position everyday.
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