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  1. We can do without the homeless humor.
  2. Is anyone else bummed that this is our 5th best prospect??
  3. Wow. For an opposing player to say that after a tough loss is something. Thanks.
  4. Amazing. What a great shot. So much fun. "I know it's just a game. But I love it. I love it."
  5. Anyone else think that Cal looks like he is doing his Robert Deniro impersonation? Or maybe the Godfather? "Hey, you talkin' to me??"
  6. I was looking at stats. Here are our pitching numbers post all-star break... I don't know how to post them other than to give link, sorry. http://espn.go.com/mlb/team/stats/pitching/_/name/bal/split/182/baltimore-orioles[/url] spoiler: 2.88 ERA. But the individual numbers are amazing.
  7. I would have bet everything I had that the pitching could not have been this good for so long. Dave Wallace should win some kind of award. Wow.
  8. I just love the fact that they don't get to rest Cabrera. He sure could use it.
  9. I understand you feel the need to win this argument. Please don't say this kind of thing. It doesn't belong here.
  10. Why? The action is very different. The speed is different.
  11. I am glad that I don't have to make the decision. Chen did not pitch against Detroit this year. Kevin gave up 5 Earned in 4 innings with a 3.9 BABIP You got me. I know I want Tilly and Gonzo toeing the rubber though. EDIT: Bud pitched against Detroit twice. 12 IP 14 hits 9 ER 3.16 BABIP
  12. How do you consider him a two-pitch pitcher. He has a split, change, fastball and slider/curve. If you don't consider his breaking ball a true pitch (and I have seen nice improvement this year), yet, then that still makes three. The problem I see is that he isn't commanding them well enough. I think he should be in the pen/spot starter.
  13. Agreed. But here is the thought that is bothering me about this game being rained out: It will potentially take a game longer for CD to get back in the fold. I think that is the largest ramification of there being a rainout. We can ask to make it up to benefit Chris's suspension! Think MLB would go for that? Hell, let's play two!
  14. Not sure what a bump a month and a half ago has to do with anything, but I can appreciate the protectiveness. I just think bumping your own thread in this way is bad form. Not a big deal, just a pet peeve.
  15. Any chance this guy wants to go back to starting? Are we offering to look into that with him? He looks like Sale to me.
  16. Because talking about it makes little to no difference to anyone involved? It seems as if people are just finding something to be right about. Of course it's "ok" to criticize any of the Orioles actions, at any time, but what possible healthy motive could one have to be harping on these trades right now? Especially when both trade results constitute an important part of our playoff chances. Be right and say I told you so if we lose. My thoughts may be irrational, but these kind of threads annoy me.
  17. Are you trying to toot your own horn? I don't understand.
  18. I don't usually make fun of people's predictions but...."you heard it hear first" is just comical. :rofl:
  19. I hear ya Frob. I sure didn't see it coming. Pretty amazing.
  20. Dude. Rep coming your way WC. Just about spot on. What's strange is that you said the pitching improvement would last. Not many saw that coming. Well done. Opening poster was bulletin board fodder. It's cool to look back.
  21. O'Day has given up 38 hits in 61.2 IP. Wow.
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