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  1. Is that Yusniel Diaz the one striking out in the second video? Did you pick that one on purpose? haha
  2. I have to imagine if something was imminent I wouldn't be staring at Manny on second base right now.
  3. If we can somehow get Seattle to score negative runs, we can still win -1 - 0
  4. Eric Wedge looks like Aubrey Huff with a large mustache.
  5. At this point Im worried more about the nausea I get every time he bats, more than I am his swing.
  6. You have got to be kidding me. Someone please bench that loser. He needs to sit for about a week straight.
  7. Nick swinging through another great hitters pitch....
  8. Cmon Nick, now would be a good time to earn your paycheck.
  9. This really isnt even a joke anymore.
  10. PHew, we survived another Kevin Gregg experience.
  11. LOL F U Kevin Gregg. Im so sick of this crap.
  12. Now the clock starts. Can the Orioles lineup pull their heads out of their collective asses before the bullpen blows the game.
  13. This lineup should be ashamed of themselves. Brian and Nick should carry Brittons stuff to the airport after the game.
  14. Gather the kids around the TV gentlemen. Adam Jones is about to go WalkOff.
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