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  1. 4 hours ago, Tony-OH said:


    Again, please give us some feedback and yes, constructive criticism is fine as well. Do you guys like these? Are they worth our time to produce? Would you want them more often with less production value (something like a splitscreen web cam thing) or do you like this format? 

    Hope you guys enjoy and please share or like this on social media (Twitter/Facebook) if you enjoyed our effort.

    Love these videos, Tony. Keep them coming.

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  2. They look a little listless, but I have hope.

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    Are you tired, rundown, listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular?

    Sorry, I haven't heard anyone use listless in a long time. Triggered that memory. And for those who don't get it, I apologize again.

  3. I drink beer on occasion at a bar or party but never at a game. I can take it or leave it. My question for the beer drinkers is this. At a ballgame do you drink it just because it's the best tasting drink at the park or because you want to get a buzz? And the followup question for me, which I wouldn't understand, is why would you want to get buzzed at a ballgame?

    Alcohol is pretty much never the best tasting drink anywhere. Getting buzzed at a ballgame is, for me, the same as getting buzzed at any other social event. I don't get bombed to the point I can't focus on the action on the field but responsible drinking can enhance most fun social gatherings. Some people enjoy having a drink or two and some people don't. I don't always drink at the games but more often than not I do and I enjoy myself with or without it.

  4. I'm anywhere from zero to four. Depends on if I'm driving or not. I don't see a problem with most people wanting to have a good time with a few drinks at a baseball game. The majority of people do it responsibly and respectfully from what I've seen. Unfortunately there will always be a few idiots no matter where you go that act like fools. Not a whole lot you can do about stupidity. I know I don't want anyone telling me I can only have two beers at a baseball game when I'm an adult without a record or history of acting like a drunk buffoon.

  5. Nope. It was Perfect's son re-debuting. And then Trips immediately buries him. Great.:rolleyes:

    Yeah so much for that, huh? WZ.com had a story about RVD coming back so I tuned in but when it was Henning I kinda lost interest. I'm not a huge wrestling fan but I like a few guys and was excited to see Mr. Monday Night come back. Am I the only one that thought for half a second that Ryback was Bully Ray when he first came out of the ambulance??

  6. Word is RVD is returning tonight as the new "Paul Heyman guy." Guess I'll have to tune in tonight for the first time in about five weeks. The nostalgia factor is enough for me to flip between Raw and the O's game.

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