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  1. Yeah so much for that, huh? WZ.com had a story about RVD coming back so I tuned in but when it was Henning I kinda lost interest. I'm not a huge wrestling fan but I like a few guys and was excited to see Mr. Monday Night come back. Am I the only one that thought for half a second that Ryback was Bully Ray when he first came out of the ambulance??
  2. Word is RVD is returning tonight as the new "Paul Heyman guy." Guess I'll have to tune in tonight for the first time in about five weeks. The nostalgia factor is enough for me to flip between Raw and the O's game.
  3. Bitter grapes. Have fun in Tennessee!
  4. This. It isn't hard to find bad avocados in most supermarkets. I find the Spanish markets around my area tend to have the best quality avocados. They're very good if you can find fresh. Also if they're either unripe or overripe they can be awful to eat. Fresh guacamole is amazing if done with really fresh ripe avocados.
  5. http://www.forbes.com/sites/larryolmsted/2012/09/28/kobe-beef-is-back-new-rules-allow-some-japanese-beef-in-u-s/ But I'd bet the ranch there isn't an ounce of real Kobe in that burger.
  6. Right. His stretch has nothing to do with his mental toughness. He's had his chances and now it's time to move on.
  7. Alright boys come on let's get some!
  8. Christ, apparently we're facing Cy Kuroda.
  9. Here we go! Way to run it out Adam.
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