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  1. Agreed. And I don't want to hear the "he'll get more fastballs" argument either.
  2. Golf is a relaxing stroll through the woods ruined by frustration. It's probably the most difficult thing I've ever tried to master but like you said when everything is going well and you hit a perfect shot it feels awesome! You should stick with it man. Everything that's hard to do is so much more rewarding in the end. Poker isn't for everybody that's for sure. If you can't sit there and wait and be patient it probably isn't a good game for you. It, like golf, can be extremely frustrating.
  3. I gotcha. I've never had luck with sports betting so I just stick to poker, black jack and fantasy sports lol. I love golf and enjoy watching Tiger play just because I appreciate his skill level. As a golfer myself it absolutely amazes me to watch him perform on the golf course. I'm also a huge Graeme McDowell fan.
  4. I don't play games often but I did buy last years Show. I debated getting this years game but decided it probably wasn't worth it. Still my two all time favorite baseball games are Ken Griffey Jr Baseball for the N64 and MVP Baseball for PS2. I heard rumors of EA producing MVP again and I'm hoping that's the case.
  5. I hear good things about this Tiger Woods fellow...
  6. I completely agree. I really hope Buck addresses this. Also was not pleased to see Casilla seemingly not running very hard on the last out.
  7. I don't think he was. Dropping Melky this early for Jake is kinda crazy.
  8. Yep just got this txt from the Sun. Love it! With Webb back and the new additions I'm excited about our defense for next yea.r
  9. Same here. I include holds in my leagues every year and sometimes I do outfield assists, errors or OBP. Always like to include one or two non standard fantasy stats. Makes it more interesting.
  10. Yeah, I think ESPN is a little more in depth as far as research and has a wider range of player info. I just think in terms of overall product Yahoo is hard to beat when it comes to fantasy sports. For me its a more enjoyable experience and I've never really found myself venturing to other fantasy sites for info post-draft. Always found Yahoo to be sufficient.
  11. I respectfully disagree! Over the years I've participated in multiple leagues in Yahoo, CBS and ESPN and I find Yahoo to be, by far, the most user friendly and well laid out format for fantasy sports. The one thing I will knock Yahoo for is their daily player info isn't always the most accurate but it's gotten better the past couple of years. As far as game play and stat research I find Yahoo the most pleasant to deal with. My friends and I run all of our fantasy leagues through Yahoo now. I enjoyed CBS when I played on there as well but I am not at all a fan of ESPN's format. Very convoluted and not especially aesthetically pleasing IMO.
  12. I'm definitely interested in joining a league. I run my own through Yahoo every year but I also always like to find others to join.
  13. My first was in 1993 against the Milwaukee Brewers. I was 8 years old and I don't remember a ton about the game other than I went with my father, mother and sister and we sat in the upper deck right behind home plate. My favorite memory was getting my baseball signed by Mike Mussina, Brad Pennington and Fernando Valenzuela. I still have the ball on the top of my computer table.
  14. Pitching, pitching and more pitching. A true ace can't be passed up.
  15. I feel like I'm watching golf when Bordick is speaking. That said he hasn't been awful and there have been a couple times I've enjoyed his analysis. I think we have all been somewhat spoiled by the good color and play by play guys we have had in the booth recently. I'll give him time to grow.
  16. I went to the Shorebirds opener last night with a few friends and we were all very impressed with Machado. You can see it when he's on the field he just looks so relaxed and comfortable. He totally looks like he was born to play this game. As for his at bats, he absolutely scorched all three balls I saw him hit. When he hit the triple his swing seemed so effortless and the ball just kept carrying 'til it hit the base of the wall in right center. It was really cool to watch. I can't wait to watch his development over the next few years.
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