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  1. The first one that comes to mind for me is a Will Clark grand slam against the Red Sox back in, I believe, 2000. He hit it during a make up game after a rain out. Cleared the right field scoreboard and landed on the flag court. My friend and my family and I were sitting down next to the ball girl on the right field side because the person that owned the seats didn't show up for the make up game. It was an amazing experience!
  2. Agreed. Definitely nice to hear something positive with all the negativity surrounding this franchise. I'm really excited to get started with Buck's first spring training. I still feel like we aren't much more than a .500, or slightly better, ball club but I'm still fairly optimistic about what we could do this year. Hopefully this year we start to take a step back toward respectability.
  3. Well as much as I would prefer Manny to be a little more mature than that, remember, he is just a kid. Hopefully he will do some growing up here soon. I think the maturity level of most kids this age is basically what you would expect from most highschoolers. The social netwoking of the past few years has just made it more visible to the rest of us.
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