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  1. We have too many needs to spend that much on one player. I would rather take the 7/140 he would demand and put it into two offensive players and draft picks.
  2. Looks promising http://www.weather.com/weather/map/interactive/USMD0018?from=36hr_topnav_undeclared
  3. WhoRU

    Jake Arrieta

    Pitch in the all star game
  4. I know but you would be surprised how many people wont do it.
  5. This has nothing to do with baseball but I was the recipiant of a kidney from my wife and would like to let you know that the gift that you gave your father cannot be quantified unless you are on the receiving end. There needs to be a lot more people out there like you that are selfless and put others first. OK I will get off my soapbox now but thought you should know from someone who doesn't know you that it is a wonderful thing you did! :clap3::clap3::clap3::clap3::clap3:
  6. Patton was already hurt before they got him and i would not consider Spoone's injury serious. Also Beato is where he was last year and Erbe has improved so while there is ann argument there for those players mentioned I dont think it is severe as it was made out to be. Agreed! gotta love all of the pitching!
  7. Penn has nice start tonight! 6.0IP 7H 0R 1BB 4K :clap3:
  8. Really? Who besides Hoey has a serious injury or has been ineffective enough to question there prospect status?
  9. http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/sports/roch/blog/2008/05/another_win_for_tillman.html Roch gives us props in his blog:clap3:
  10. I cant find a Henandez line anywhere
  11. What an odd line for Erbe. If you told me that he would have 0BB and 7k then I would have been ready to start a great start for Erbe thread.
  12. So are the Wiz a better team without Gil?
  13. You know it is funny I dont even get mad any more about calls in the fourth quarter on the road. You have to know that in the NBA you have to beat the refs and the opposition on the road in the playoffs. What a great win!
  14. I will take my plate of crow well done thank you
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