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  1. The Rockies traded Givens to the Reds.
  2. Wow, Austen Martin reported to be going to the Twins.
  3. Ugh. I can't stand the Nat's and will hate to see them come away with some top Padres prospects.
  4. White Sox just got Ryan Tepera for LHP Bailey Horn.
  5. After you've signed a $144M contract, I'm sure your perspective about what's important changes.
  6. I guess you just never know. Perhaps, financially, he felt secure and, therefore, placed more value on teams/locales than leverage. His list is strictly of places he doesn't want to live for several months out of the year. I can't fault him for that.
  7. Exactly. Can't say I can blame him for any of those selections.
  8. I'd hate to see Trey in a Red Sox uniform but if they make a great offer, fine. Although the Red Sox's #1 prospect is a 1B who is 21 and in AA.
  9. Check the 2021 Draft Tracker thread which lists the signing amounts for all draftees.
  10. It will be interesting to see how this guy responds to proper conditioning and lifting along with an improved diet. Just don’t cut that hair!
  11. He must have some decent speed. It looked like he watched that ball and didn’t immediately dart out of the box.
  12. That spider logo on the hat was awesome. It would have appeal well outside the Cleveland market. This Guardians logo? Not so much.
  13. Wade LeBlanc was brought back. It's possible Harvey may be as well.
  14. I was really impressed with how he pitched tonight. Live fastball, good movement on his pitches and darn good control.
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