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  1. I would include Willems in that list of younger guys as well.
  2. I guess they aren't even considering Higgins at 3B?
  3. If it helps, the Solar Sox struck out a total of 19 times yesterday and both JJ Bleday and Kameron Misner, both former first rounders, also struck out 4 times each.
  4. It's disappointing that, when you click on Shop on the AFL homepage, it brings you to a page with Diamondbacks gear. Seems like a missed opportunity for MLB.
  5. Per MLB TR, the Rockies are focused on re-signing Gray and the Padres are targeting Stroman. Let's add Andrew Heaney to the list of realistic SP options for the O's: Kuhl, Velasquez, Quintana, Heaney
  6. Unless we seriously overpay, it's not likely the Jon Gray tier pitchers are going to be clamoring to play for the worst team in baseball. However, if we sign a couple guys from the next tier, Kuhl, Velasquez, Quintana, etc., they could sure up our rotation and give our team a fighting chance to get back to respectability, especially if some of those guys revert to form. Then add Means, G-Rod eventually, and perhaps one or 2 of Akin, Lowther or Zimmerman being decent, we could be a decently competitive team. Once we hit that point, you then start making the big plays for the higher level tie
  7. Sign 2 of Chad Kuhl, Vince Velasquez and Jose Quintana.
  8. I'm adding Jose Quintana to my list of potential FA starter acquisitions. He'll be 33 next season and possibly available on the cheap. Could play the LeBlanc/Harvey role with upside if he can be straightened out.
  9. How about a Larry Bigbie that actually pans out?
  10. I already can't wait until the start of minor league baseball next year. We'll have 2 first round picks debuting. Kjerstad and then our #1 draft pick, perhaps #1 overall, later in the summer. Then there are guys like Willems and Craig who we didn't get to see this year. Add some Latin talent to the mix and there's a lot to look forward to.
  11. Hazmat

    Kyle Stowers 2021

    Thanks. Going off of what I remember watching last year. Admittedly, I have watched very few games this season. I never thought Santander was great out there, but he's not a butcher either. Hopefully, Stowers can be better than passable. Wasn't he a CF at Stanford?
  12. Hazmat

    Kyle Stowers 2021

    I'm a big fan of Santander but it's amazing how similar his stats are this year to his 2019 stats. Perhaps that's what he is and 2020 was just a product of SSS and being hot. Sign me up for Stowers if he can provide similar defense and a little more power with a higher OBP.
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