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  1. I'm glad the forum will remain open and happy that politics won't be a part of it.
  2. If you are reaching for and trying to pull a weapon away from a police officer, is it completely reasonable for the police office to assume that weapon will be used against the police officer. I'm no expert on use of force, but generally speaking (and all incidents will differ slightly), that seems to me to be a reasonable response. Now, we could debate the appropriate use of force all day long but where you went wrong was to claim that the poster you were responding to was happy that someone died. A statement like that doesn't help your argument or the discussion and only inflames emotions.
  3. This is the kind of ridiculous argument that taints political discussions nowadays. I guess when you have no intelligent retort, you must put words in someone's mouth.
  4. I suspect that one of Mayo or Baumler, perhaps both, were concessions for Bitsko not falling to 30.
  5. Do pitchers need to be athletic? Maybe other characteristics remind people of Greinke but what distinguishes Baumler as being more athletic is that he can dunk a basketball when, perhaps, Greinke never could. I'm not seeing the issue here.
  6. Of course. But I believe Kyle Stowers' swing also needed work. Wasn't that the consensus?
  7. Didn't they do something similar with Toby Welk?
  8. Is extremely racist like being extremely pregnant?
  9. I recall Flanny saying that Brown had some of the best raw stuff he had ever seen when the O’s acquired him.
  10. Without looking up the numbers, I believe colon cancer is even more devastating than breast cancer, which gets a lot more funding and publicity for various reasons. Perhaps there was some consideration to increasing awareness and to get people asking questions about their health and proper testing, just has occurred in this thread.
  11. You would listen to WHO before your own government? Assuming you are American. As for selling all your stocks, unless you sold before the market tanked, it was a short-sighted move. But you could buy back in now at a low point and get a good return once things get back to normal. And they will.
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