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  1. Agreed. I enjoyed their call the best out of all our radio announcers so far.
  2. Who were the 2 guys that did the radio call last night? Was one of them Geoff Arnold?
  3. Elias: proceeds to draft 20 cf’ers in 2021 draft.
  4. He’s no Bump Bailey.
  5. Until we see what we have in the minors this year, amongst Adley, A. Hall, Gunner, Westburg, Servideo, Hernaiz, Y. Diaz, Stowers, Kjerstad, it's hard to say when we will be able to field a competitive team. We may find we are further away than what we hoped to be in 2021.
  6. Did we gain an extra year of public announcer time by waiting to call him up now?
  7. Mercedes 485 ft home run.
  8. We've already got too many players that belong at DH.
  9. Instead of bringing him back, I could totally see the O's agreeing to trade Pop to the Marlins for an 18 yr old Dominican prospect. At least Moose would then be happy.
  10. Didn't we draft like 4 college CF's in 2019? Yes, I know. None were 1st round talents.
  11. Verdugo seems to have some shortcomings as a defender but with his bat alone he may still prove more valuable than Kremer and Diaz. Let's hope not.
  12. Would you re-do the trade right now for just Verdugo instead of the "haul" that we got?
  13. Deivy Grullon designated by the Reds. 25, good hitting stats in AA and AAA, and reported to have a good arm.
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