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  1. Unfortunately, doesn't mean that they will allow locals to purchase. Still may have to contend with blackout rules. Wouldn't pump my fist just yet until full details come out.
  2. You seriously can't see the difference between the 2 events?
  3. Good afternoon O's fans, I've been to dozens of O's games, but have never really spent a weekend in Baltimore. We will be making a weekend trip during the Preakness this year. Looking for places to go out that night in Baltimore. We've done power plant live before, so looking for other suggestions. A large group of 23-26 year olds. Is Fed Hill the best option? Canton? Power Plant live again? I know there was a great thread last year where a Cards fan (I think) was looking for suggestions. I can't seem to find that thread though. So, any input you have would be great. Or, if you could just point me in the direction of that thread, I'd be appreciative.
  4. Getting rid of the student night tickets?
  5. Sources: #Orioles GM Dan Duquette a top candidate to be #BlueJays? president. Move would be a promotion. Difficult for O?s to stand in way. - Ken Rosenthal tweet
  6. It does include post season. So, he could potentially be back during the ALCS/World Series. Question is...if we make it that far without him, do we even risk putting him back in lineup?
  7. Looks to be true. Both Roch and Brittany Ghiroli reporting it now.
  8. From Dan Connolly's twitter @danconnollysun Waiting on official word but hearing Chris Davis has tested pos for amphetamines. 25 game suspension
  9. And you dont find it at all concerning that the "top player in the draft" has now fallen out of the top 5? Obviously the medical reports are not positive on Rendon. How can you complain about possibly the best arm in the draft?
  10. Sooo...some people complain that he had Wigginton bunt in the 8th. While other people thought it was foolish that Wigginton didnt bunt again in the 10th. Poor Dave can't please anyone around here.
  11. Its gotta be just some silly gossip. With all of the money theyre putting into Riverside Stadium (aka Metro Bank Park), the Senators aren't going anywhere either.
  12. PENN STATE! Good to see some other Penn State fans on the board. A lot of these people must be sick of us bringing all of the Maryland players up north.
  13. Why, oh why, does he have to be called up on Friday? What's wrong with Thursday? I will be at the game Thursday. Yes, I am being incredibly selfish. Just a thought though, wouldn't it help Hernandez if he was pitching with Wieters? Or do they want Zaun calling the game for him?
  14. Coming from a guy that absolutely despises soccer; World Cup, and its not even close. The World Cup is the only time I will ever watch soccer. And I not only watch it, but I get excited for US games.
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