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  1. Blaine will be 23 soon, should be bumped to Hi-A after few weeks.
  2. When Blaine Knight was drafted, it was noted that his light frame may impact his future as a starter. Has anyone notice if he gained any weight since last year? Probably a good candidate for Brady to help.
  3. If it's tickets for a family of 4. I say Diaz or Bannon hits a homer and Molina is the winning pitcher.
  4. They look too basic and boring font. My kid could probably whip up something more interesting. Sorry, it's not your thing.
  5. Any analysis on his pitching? Fastball readings?
  6. cman.dc

    Brenan Hanifee 2018

    I hope the new regime gets him to K more people. Being a higher end prospect for the O's, the K rate has been weak to moderate.
  7. What's everyone observation about his defense and speed/basestealing capabilities?
  8. Any updates if the Orioles plan to move forward?
  9. I had a good time, but the lines were extremely long. I bumped into Mike Elias and told him my wife went to Yale (one year after his graduation class). Hays looks lean and muscular - seems ready to go.
  10. Thank you for the detail insight. Even knowing we don't have any premium players at fanfest. I am really excited to head down from Arlington!
  11. Never been to fanfest, going with my 2 kids (10 & 9), will we have fun with just general admission tickets? Are there activities for kids to keep them busy?
  12. Maybe the wrong forum. I saw fanfest tickets being sold for $9 on cheaptickets, anyone know if it's legit? https://www.cheaptickets.com/events/tickets/baltimore-orioles-fanfest-3834894
  13. I enjoy any orioles discussion and Tony was informative and entertaining. Liked the side story about Diaz and his minor attitude hiccup due to being traded for Manny. However, Tom was just ok as a complementary side kick - not much insight, just there to setup questions and throw out chessy jokes. Maybe have a female counterpart like Brittany G instead.
  14. No obvious nuggets this year, mostly utility and middling bullpen types (like most years). With that said, maybe Martin to backup SS and 2nd and occasional pinch runner.
  15. Any news on any of the conditioning program that we heard about when the season ended? Looking at Ortiz and others who needed conditioning and strength.
  16. I see no one else reporting or tweeting it outside of the Baltimore media - which is strange. The Baltimore Sun had this article (which implies the same thing): https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/109660361-132.html
  17. cman.dc

    Carmona vs. Hall

    How early do prospects get into strength and lifting programs in our system? We barely hear about lower level prospects going to performance improvement programs in the off season. Seems like Adam Hall and even DL Hall would benefit greatly.
  18. cman.dc

    Dean Kremer 2018

    I hope either Kremer, Akin or Ortiz capture one of starter spots next year (and have success). Less pressure on the next wave like Hall, Hanifee or Rodriguez.
  19. cman.dc

    Carmona vs. Hall

    I should have added the emoji; I was joking about sitting him for the 300 average. He's an exciting player and looking forward to seeing him finish strong.
  20. cman.dc

    Carmona vs. Hall

    How many more games left for Aberdeen? I kinda feel they should sit him out for the last few games to preserve his 300 average (Aka George Brett treatment).
  21. cman.dc

    Carmona vs. Hall

    If he ends up being a SS version of Brian Roberts that would help this team big time.
  22. I kinda feel we should move on and not consider him a prospect anymore. He's will be 24 next year and keeps getting injured. Brandon Kline comeback might be the ceiling for me.
  23. I was wondering the same thing and no clue how international signings work. I would assume Gaston being one of top prospects (even with the Marlins incident) would have signed by now. Why haven't the O's or another team just throw up 500K (or under 1M) to see if he bites? Why is VVM holding up signing him or other big prospects? Am I missing something here.
  24. cman.dc

    Carmona vs. Hall

    With 8 SB so far with Hall, is he an above average runner? Same with Carmona? Being teenagers - I would assume both need to gain strength and muscle. Do the O's implement a strength program for the lower levels?
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