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  1. Very Sad day. Tom Terrific will always be one of the greatest pitchers of all time in my mind. A great pitcher and a great person. I read that he suffered from dementia at the end. RIP Tom.
  2. where is the plays out his contract option? I actually think they will just bury him on the bench and drag him all the way through the terms of the deal.
  3. Lol. I hear you. But....He is a much better first baseman than he is a hitter, and that isn't saying much.
  4. Yep. This will be interesting to see. I will not be surprised if they sit him against lefties.
  5. Looks like Davis is vying to lead the league in K's wire to wire. I just hope that the O's will put him out of his misery after about a month.
  6. I don't think this will be a good team this year, but I do think they will be better than last years team. And I know they will be much more fun to watch, because its gonna be the young guys and not the veterans on the slide.
  7. Because prior to having one O legally removed from his last name, he was Taylor Groover?
  8. theobird


    I see it as a win-win, with no way to really lose. Tulo wants a place to start, and there are not many of those out there. His power would play up here. Its a minimum investment, if he can't play then drop him and move on. If he can play, the Orioles benefit, and Tulo benefits by putting up big numbers in a bandbox like OPACY. I like the idea.
  9. I am all for the patience route at this point. Grenier is going to be a very good defensive SS as soon as they can get his bat to meh level. Think Bordick.
  10. For that kind of money? Hell yes, I would bring him back.
  11. Well, Buck and especially Dan should have been fired a long time ago. For sure. Schoop has the tools to be a very good third baseman imo. Is that a move I think the O's should make? Maybe not, his K rate and inconsistent offense is the biggest concern to me. I think Nunez is pretty interesting, I think I may prefer to go the Nunez route.
  12. The guy put "speculating" in the topic. And Mike Moustakis signed a one year low dollar deal to play last season. You don't think Moustakis is a better third baseman than Beckham? The board is about conversation, not reporting. Last time I checked, we were still allowed to speculate.
  13. If Austin Hays can be the guy we thought he was going to be, that would be huge!
  14. I think they want to go to Miami. Is the money enough to overcome that? I doubt it.
  15. well it is all opinion, but in my opinion he is a very good strength and conditioning coach. I also think he has good communication skills and a very solid baseball background centered around the Baltimore Orioles.
  16. Exactly, and if the new GM wants to retain Brady Anderson then good deal. Brady Anderson takes a lot of crap around here, but he most certainly has value imo. Just hire the new GM and turn the reigns over to him. That's all. Because just like I did with Duquette, I will hold the new GM accountable. None of this, yeah but...bs. The GM is the Captain of the ship and it is his ship to sail or sink. DD sunk his ship, and good riddance.
  17. The quote I read said they would hire a new GM who would then make ALL decisions on the baseball matters. Yes, that's a clean slate.
  18. Thank goodness, a clean slate was what this organization needed. The talk that Duquette would stay on, made me sick. I feel much better about the future now, and we don't even know who will be the players. But clearly, it was time for a house cleaning.
  19. Exactly how I feel. If DD stays this is not gonna go well.
  20. I vote Rutschman, my mind could change. But right now its Rutschman for me and its not really close.
  21. I like Bobby Dickerson for the job, think he is the perfect fit at least for the next couple years.
  22. I like the looks of DJ Stewart. I think he should be given plenty of opportunity to play and show himself. That Lefty stroke of his would play well in OPACY. Not predicting anything with him, but he sure looks "hitterish" from my perspective.
  23. I am not pleased at all with this, if true. Needed a clean slate, and in my opinion we are in for a long and winding road back to respectability. Sucks.
  24. IMO, that would be a huge mistake. DD is the leader of this sinking (sunken) ship, and he is the first one that has to go. I also do not believe that we cannot hire a viable replacement. There are very few GM jobs in baseball, and a lot of talented young people chomping at the bit for their shot at the job. Gotta turn the page.
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