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  1. There hasn't been mediocrity mixed with institutional control save for one year's class - the recruiting class of 2002. By and large, all of these graduation rates were based on the the classes brought in when we were winning games at an elite level. And, by and large, those players were all wildly successful and went on to pursue lucrative professional basketball players. Look, I don't disagree that being the worst was not a good thing, if only for perception (I don't really care, even as an alum), but it has to be remembered that a) This problem was really one that was corrected by the time the recruiting class of 2003 came into College Park. Those guys were being recruited long before they arrived on campus, so in actuality the problem was being remedied even at the time of the NC. It's not just old news, it's positively ancient history. b) Multiple players have come back and received their degree outside of the six year window - Stokes, Booth, Holden, Rhodes, etc. Several of those guys needed degrees to get into coaching which exemplifies why the situation is over blown. Should they ever need a degree, they can always come back, for free, and get one.
  2. No offense, but this might be the wrongest thing I've ever seen about basketball. Ibekwe is more athletic than anyone on the team, that would be a true statement. I like Ekene a lot more than most, I think, but to say that he has more talent than anyone in the current starting five is terribly wrong. Unless talent means something other than "basketball skills". This is certainly one of the five most talented teams in the conference. You'd trade this roster for Duke's roster, and that's about it. Georgia Tech and North Carolina might be talented, but they're woefully inexperienced, which can't be ignored. Maybe they're better than our guys were when they were the same age, but that's meaningless. As far as the grad rates, I really don't know what Gary personally could have done or is doing different now, other than recruiting lesser basketball players who were locks to graduate.
  3. It's equally pathetic that bandwagon dook fans care enough about it to troll about things when they really have no clue what the reality of the situation is.
  4. The big problem with the rioting is that a few people do something illegal, then the PG county cops come out en masse even though most people are just on rt 1 celebrating and having a good time, hanging out at bars, etc. When the cops come with the riot gear and put on their big production, idiots from other fanbases and the media run with it and try to make it a story. It isn't at all.
  5. They're 5-5 in the ACC. In their previous four losses, two were in OT, one was by 6, and one was by 12. So yeah, I would categorize it as surprising that they were losing by 30+.
  6. OK, that's cool and all, but Georgia, Penn State, and Iowa are all sub-.500 overall, and Seton Hall isn't on the bubble. Those aren't middle teams, those are cellar dwellers.
  7. All of those teams stink with the exception of Temple. That said, there is no way that a 20-4 team from the ACC would be left out, regardless of the RPI and so forth. A split down the stretch should be enough for them. On another note, I would be disappointed with only two of the next three. We need three of the next four.
  8. In what way is Mason Plumlee undoubtedly more talented than Jordan Williams?
  9. 15.9 ppg, 5.0 rpg, 6.3 apg, 1.6 spg, 1.94 A/TO ratio. Yep, just another typically excellent season for Vasquez.
  10. Thank you. Butler is a bad fielding 1B or a DH already. He's a big guy who's been defensively questionable since he signed his pro contract. He hit well last year, but that's about average for a guy with his defensive value. Pie meanwhile is a CF or plus LF (maybe even a plus CF and a plus-plus LF). There's a big difference in defensive value there. Put it this way: Butler: 2.4 WAR in 672 PA Pie: 1.4 WAR in 281 PA It's certainly not an outlandish trade by any stretch.
  11. wildcard, did you get a chance to read the links I provided? Those should really serve to clarify any doubts you might have remaining.
  12. http://www.dugoutcentral.com/blog/?p=2809 http://www.insidethebook.com/ee/index.php/site/comments/why_does_17obpslg_make_sense/ http://www.tangotiger.net/ops.html http://www.tangotiger.net/ops2.html http://members.cox.net/~harlowk22/opsjunk-pt1.html There are many, many more out there.
  13. Who is saying this? That is a strawman argument. The OBP/SLG choice doesn't come down to picking a batter that walks vs. one that homers. The choice is between a guy with a .320/.480 OBP/SLG mix vs. a guy with a .360/.440 OBP/SLG mix. The empirical results show that the second mix leads to more runs scored. That is not an opinion but rather a fact based on what actually occurs in baseball.
  14. Well prior to 1965 they could buy up tons of amateur American players that wanted to go to the highest bidder. Now they can't. They can spend more overslot and get an Andrew Brackman late in the first round, but they can't go out and get Matt Wieters and David Price in the same year. Let them spend their money on buying every single 16 year old in the Dominican. It will be an advantage, but their ROI on that money they spend is going way down, and that's a good thing.
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