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  1. Wieters alternates between clean shaven and this thing too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. And then they moved him to right field, where he had great success?
  3. Without any statistics to back it up, I've always worked under the assumption that left field at Fenway Park is the easiest defensive position to play in all of MLB. So it makes sense to put your worst fielder there.
  4. I honestly think Hunter does a ton of homework and prides himself on bringing up rarer bits of trivia (hardly any of it being meaningful). I think he loves his job, but doesn't have any idea what kinds of analyses are truly "really kinda interesting."
  5. Well, it keeps this from happening too... http://m.cardinals.mlb.com/news/article/96825160/cardinals-rest-adam-wainwright-other-regulars-after-clinching-nl-central
  6. I had better luck in Safari than Chrome, but no clue if there was any technical reason for that. Section 82, Row 10.
  7. Email received at 4:01pm EST (29 game planner).
  8. I was able to change my plan and seats via an email exchange with my rep this afternoon and then I called to settle up. FYI, I decided to upgrade to a 29 game plan with upper reserve seats, with the intention of trading most of them in for better seats to fewer games.
  9. That's an awesome return, but something tells me it won't be Hoffman as you don't see too many recent draftees traded like this. This would be the same as Trea Turner's situation, right?
  10. 99.9% positive that there is a reserved amount of tickets set aside for each pre-sale. The new SH pre-sale might have sold out...but there will magically be a lot of great seats available for the lottery winners. I'm a current season ticket holder and got tickets on Monday. However, a buddy of mine got better seats than me via today's pre-sale. In 2012, I was a new season ticket holder. I got seats during the season ticket holder pre-sale...but then managed to get even better seats via the lottery pre-sale. The only people more than likely screwed are those that have to wait until they go
  11. Monday 9/22 - Current Plan Holders pre-sale Thursday 9/25 - New Season Ticket Holders pre-sale Friday 9/26 or Saturday 9/27 (?) - Lottery winners (details tonight probably?, good seats have presumably been set aside) Monday 9/29 - Public sale for Standing Room, Obstructed View, Single Seats and other scrapheap locations.
  12. That wasn't actually the case. I was in the waiting room, but when I was "chosen at 1:58, it told me to come back at 2pm. So I don't think the waiting room actually did anything. That said, I was able to log-in exactly at 2pm and proceed to neatly buy tickets to all three games. Game 2 certainly seemed to have the most depleted inventory. "Best available" was 340, row 23.
  13. If you're selecting a 13 game plan, you'll chose between 4 different plans. One plan is all 13 Sunday games, and the other three are just a random assortment of games, each with an equal amount of "prime" games.
  14. You put your $250 down. In Jan or Feb, an Orioles rep will get in touch with you, at which point you'll decide on seat location and quantity. The cost will vary based on those two factors, but know that you'll save a good share of money off of the regular ticket prices. I think I paid something like $700 for a 13 game plan for 2 tickets in left field. The best part is that you can trade in any tickets that you can't use, and you'll get credit in your account to use towards other games. And you can buy tickets to additional games at the same discounted season ticket holder rate. We only went
  15. For what its worth, Carl Crawford underwent TJS on August 22, 2012. He played in his first spring training game on March 22, 2013 and was ready for Opening Day 2013...so, a 7 month recovery for an outfielder. I would think that a catcher's rehabilitation could take a little bit longer, but definitely not as long as a pitcher.
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