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  1. Get to 50+ wins. Have some sense that progress is being made under Elias/Hyde while still picking early in 2020...
  2. Hopefully Mancini. Nice ball player that is very unlikely to embarrass the club with his participation (pitchers could always give up 3 HRs in an inning, etc.). That’s about the most you can hope for when you’re going through years like these. Just get it over, and move on...
  3. Agreed. Also allows us to “build out from the plate” (i.e. be strong up the middle). Next up- identifying our SS, and CF of the future...
  4. Agreed. Glad I’m not sitting here trying to defend/explain an oddball, unconventional pick to my NYY, and ATL (live in SC) fan buddies. Pleasant to just receive a bunch of “Damn. Nice pick dude.”-type texts. At any rate, one seemingly centerpiece/franchise-type player added to the rebuild. Hopefully get another one in 12 mos...
  5. Relative to the doom, and utter embarrassment expected for the ‘19 Birds- something like 65-97 would be a heck of an effort IMHO... On another note- I was 13 at the time, and ‘89 was about as fun a season I’ve had as a fan (any sport) in my whole life. The tough part was ‘90, and ‘91 when I kept waiting for it to happen again. Lol.
  6. Brady’s one of my all-time favorite Orioles. Maybe you could stash him in a non-baseball ops role (e.g. biz dev, community outreach, etc.)- but arguably his rep has been so damaged the last few years that he would be ineffective in that role too. I think best for the new regime to move on, and probably best for Brady to turn up at a different org. (e.g. ARZ, CLE, etc.) where he wouldn’t have all the baggage.
  7. I suspect Girardi’s hanging outside Wrigley waiting for Maddon to stub his toe- or some place else (e.g. WSH? LAD?) where they’ve been good, and he can be the final ingredient. Just can’t imagine him coming back to tackle the BAL job at this point- but who knows...
  8. 2018 was dreadful- and we’ve got some choppy years ahead of us. That said- an awful lot of credibility, and accomplishment (particularly in the context of post-1997 Oriole baseball) just left the building yesterday with DD and Buck. No sugar-coating it- and until our plan materializes- and it is a good plan (which may take a couple years to even know)- it’s going to be pretty scary in the shark-infested waters of the AL East w/o those two IMHO. I am no doubt in the minority- but I would have been fine with retaining one or both. Maybe instead of now wondering who might be able to win in Baltimore- we could have backed the guys who had. Not to be. Thank you Dan.
  9. Didn’t get the fairy tale finish we all wanted- but that’s life. Forever grateful for our 8.5 years w/one William Nathaniel Showalter III. Thank you for bringing the pride back- even for just a little while. Happy trails and God bless you sir.
  10. Yep. Agreed w/that. I would add ATL to the list. Done a great job (maybe too aggressively in certain areas cough cough) getting highly relevant again with a $130 MM payroll...
  11. Yep. Won’t be easy. Vandy’s a baseball powerhouse! When I lived in Nashville (2005-07) it was solidly Braves country with many people making weekend trips to ATL, etc. (closer than people think). The idea of the Braves as “Team of the South” is very real. Go to a Braves game any Fri or Sat night, and you’ll have people from SC, TN, MS, AL, AR, etc. all around you. Team in NSH would need to be good.
  12. In general- I’m happy with Buck over whoever’s behind “mystery door #3”. ‘Twas a long, treacherous road between Davey Johnson and Buck... That said- if a new GM (or DD for that matter) is absolutely insistent on hiring one of “his guys” (with a specific target in mind) then in that case I think we’ll probably need to make the move. I don’t want to dumpster dive in the retread bin just for the heck of it though. We need good, well-respected people here... and Buck still fits that description IMHO.
  13. Here’s hoping ZB bombs in New York. Signs with CLE or HOU. Gets himself straightened out in the offseason, and then terrorizes the Yanks in the post-season the next couple years. 😎
  14. 54-108 (i.e. 20-30 rest of way). Setting up the 2019 “Why Not?! (b/c we suck!)” Orioles...
  15. Before moving- how about BAL to the NL East (getting back to the “old NL Baltimore Orioles”), and ATL to the AL East? NL East Baltimore Washington Philadelphia NY Mets Miami AL East Atlanta Boston NY Yankees Toronto Tampa Bay (Montreal?) Theory basically being that a team in Atlanta can more consistently stand up against BOS and NYY than a team in BAL. Meanwhile- BAL in NL East picks up two natural rivalries with WAS and PHI (who are “big boys” in their own right- but nowhere near as tough to deal with year-in-year-out as BOS and NYY)...
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