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  1. Got my ticket for tonight. Wearing my Felix Pie shirt for good luck
  2. You know, you have to go all the way back to 2011 to find an American League team in the World Series without Berry on the roster. So, there's that
  3. Not good for the Birds, but Memorial Stadium also hosted the only no-hitter I attended in person. Rookie southpaw Wilson Alvarez's sloppy no-no for the Chisox in the summer of 1991. Pat Santarone's tomato patches also deserve a mention. He and Earl had a quite a competition...the contracts ushers handed out to fans who caught fouls (just following Rex Barney's instructions)...I loved Rex, but still remember him botching the introduction of R.E.M. signing the national anthem by calling them Rem (rhymes with them)... Rex's player intros like "Batting third...the right fielder...number 29...Ken...Singleton" There was a guy named Presley always hanging around who knew all the players and seemed to get a bat or cap from someone every night during BP... Both Dennis & Tippy Martinez never seemed to wear their caps during warmups...the way Eddie Murray always threw the ball back into the dugout (same spot on one perfect hop) between innings... One personal highlight was attending a tryout (I think for the Reds) during my teens. Due to rain, the tarp never came off, but I still remember playing catch along the third base line.
  4. The doubleheader was actually the next day, but July 4 featured a long Revolutionary War reenactment on the field that made it feel like a doubleheader. The Fidrych game was my first ever trip to the ballpark, and researching all the articles about that game helped me piece something together about it. http://urbanshocker.wordpress.com/2009/04/15/remembering-mark-fidrych-the-birds-lone-baltimore-appearance-741977/ On Christmas Eve 1977, my Dad took me to the Raiders-Colts AFC playoff game. What a classic! I was 7, but still remember bits and pieces of the last ever Colts playoff game in Baltimore. Oakland won a seesaw game in double overtime on Dave Casper's Ghost to the Post TD. So many memories. I ushered there in upper section 3 from 1989-1991, and got thousands of autographs from home and visiting players on lazy summer afternoons before I was old enough to work. A few highlights off the top of my head, Terry Crowley's pinch-hit walkoff grand slam to beat the Royals in 1982. A similar shot by Larry Sheets off Toronto rookie Luis Aquno a few years later. The ED-DIE, ED-DIE chant, Wild Bill, "Give that Fan a Contract", songs like "Country Boy", "We Can Work It Out" during Orioles pitcher changes, "Another One Bites the Dust" when Tom Niedenfuer highlights played on the scoreboard, Earth Wind & Fire's "Shining Star" for Phil Bradley. A game against the Yankees in intense fog. The day Cal got tossed in the first inning. "Like throwing God out of Sunday school" said the ump. Earl's tantrums, Elrod's smile and daily autograph marathons. Many of the ushers, vendors and regular fans who made it what it was. Too much to name, but thanks for starting this thread. I still love that place.
  5. Where were the hat cops when George Sherrill had the gall to express a little individuality with the super flat bill of his cap?
  6. Boy Howdy

    Larry Doby

    BTW - There's a great shot of Doby in his Orioles uniform here http://www.ebay.com/itm/LARRY-DOBY-1959-BALTIMORE-ORIOLES-INSCRIBED-SIGNED-8X10-COLOR-PHOTO-VERY-RARE-/221214654094?pt=US_Autographs&hash=item33816bbe8e
  7. Boy Howdy

    Larry Doby

    Larry Doby was briefly an Oriole, though he never played in a regular season game. Years ago I did a little research and wrote about it here. http://urbanshocker.wordpress.com/2007/10/07/larry-dobys-winter-with-the-baltimore-orioles/
  8. Section 420, Row 8, Seat 10 on Sunday night Look for the orange Ken Singleton jersey
  9. Boy Howdy

    Dave Boswell Died

    The only big leaguer from my high school alma mater, Calvert Hall
  10. Let me join the welcoming back committee for the man, RShack. Far more often than not, he's got interesting takes on things baseball and non-baseball. Between two kids kindergarden age and younger and working in a seasonal field that keeps crazy hours during spring and summer, I don't get to post as much as I'd like, but I am still reading nearly every day. Thanks to you all for helping me keep up to date.
  11. I should've tempered my initial response with one of those emoticons as Moose's points are valid. To answer your question, I think significant corner infield upgrades are absolutely necessities this off-season. On the whole though, Andy MacPhail gets a thumbs up from me based on where this team is now versus where it was when he was hired. I don't feel entitled to daily progress reports or press missives. It's clear he subscribes to the 'loose lips sink battleships' school of thought, and I tend to agree. I believe in the core of this team, and as I've opined all along, any GM sitting in MacPhail's seat will be judged as a failure if they fail to produce. Hurry up April and let the games begin.
  12. Trea II ? Please don't include me in your "spokespersoning" for the whole board.
  13. Jamie Moyer made his third start for Escogido in the Dominican winter league last night, striking out three over 2.1 scoreless innings before reinjuring his left (throwing) elbow. With Moyer's 48th birthday less than two weeks away, Escogido GM Moises Alou said the injury "probably" means the end for the southpaw with 267 MLB wins. If so, you can choose from the following tributes to Moyer based on your mood: NINA SIMONE The DOORS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDN9y2vTdUs
  14. Methinks the Terps were tired from all that running into the end zone last week. At least Roy's happy.
  15. Boy Howdy

    Sparky anderson died

    I always rooted against his teams, but he was impossible to dislike. I'll always recall meeting him a few times at Memorial Stadium, and he was an autograph collector's dream when it came to corresponding by mail. RIP, sir. He was famous for hyperbole and mangling the language from time to time, but he said something once like "Good character is something that nobody can take from you. Only you can give it away." I've always remembered that.
  16. He was Beane's mentor.
  17. Dave Eiland took a 4-week leave of absence after A.J. Burnett got off to a 6-2, 3.28 start last year. Burnett lost 5 straight decisions while Eiland was away, and went just 4-13 overall the rest of the year. Wonder how much his perceived impact on Burnett's poor year played into it. The NY media was certainly playing up that angle at the time.
  18. This is closest to the truth IMHO, though I think there's a chance he'll keep playing beyond that.
  19. Go Rangers, ands this is why
  20. Alderson is a former Marine who was the Oakland Athletics GM for a long time, including three straight AL pennants from 1988-1990. He's often credited with mentoring his successor, Billy Beane. After that he worked for MLB and the Padres before Bud Selig tagged him to tackle corruption in the Dominican.
  21. Minaya was MLB's first Dominican GM, and the peanut gallery of NY talk radio, etc. entertained the idea that he was consciously stocking the Mets roster with a disproportionate number of Latinos. It got to the point where some people were mockingly calling them "Los Mets". In Alderson, you're talking about a guy whose just a little less evil than Beelzebub to some involved with player development in the DR. The issues there are far from black & white, however, and there's plenty of room for strong, reasonable opinions at both extremes and most everywhere in between.
  22. The Red Sox lost 13 straight post-season games in the early part of the last quarter-century and they've done alright since with a couple of rings. Considering it's happened twice for the Twins since the last time the Orioles won it all, I really don't feel bad for them. Of course, the Twinkies have never won a World Series without Andy MacPhail on the payroll. P.S. @ crazysilver: The Yankees faced the Rangers three times in the first round in the late 1990's & beat them nine out of ten.
  23. I can't wait for that to happen. And it will. World Bank population estimates from 2008: 27,935,000 - Venezuela 11,204,735 - Cuba 9,952,711 - Dominican Republic I'd be interested to see how many major leaguers Cuba would produced per capita. These numbers really underscore how amazing the Dominican baseball story really is. Based on these numbers, the Domincan population is roughly the size of Michigan's, Cuba's about like Ohio's & Venezuela even bigger than Texas (trailing only California among US states)
  24. Fascinating read. Following the 2008 season, I wrote an article noting that Venezuela broke the stranglehold the Dominican had on being MLB's top talent producer for a quarter-century. Eighteen Venezuelans debuted that year, versus 15 Dominicans. The DR has regained the top spot the last two years though: 2009: 21 Dominicans debuted vs. 14 Venezuelans 2010: 22 Dominicans debuted vs. 10 Venezuelans Of course, staying in the majors is ultimately more important than getting there in the first place. Only time will tell. As an aside, it's interesting to me that the Mets apparently targeted Sandy Alderson to become their new GM, replacing MLB's first Dominican to hold that position (Omar Minaya).
  25. As an opposing coach & manager, plus 2010 as the Orioles skipper, Buck Showalter has been involved in 178 major league baseball games with Terry Crowley as the hitting coach in one of the dugouts. The team employing Crowley won 104 of those games (58%). I think a sharp fellow like Buck knows very well what Crowley brings to the table. The anti-King of Swing crowd should leave room in their bellies for a meal of "Crow" when the incumbent hitting coach is part of the next great Orioles team.
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