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  1. They could DFA Straily and call up Eshelman since he hasn't pitched since last Thursday I believe.
  2. Not a fan of a DH in both leagues. That being said, I would like to see a DH used whenever AL and NL teams play interleague whether it be in a NL park or AL park.
  3. The fact that he even got there was what impressed me.
  4. No it didn't and no he couldn't. https://www.mlb.com/gameday/red-sox-vs-orioles/2018/08/10/531143#game_state=final,lock_state=final,game_tab=videos,game=531143
  5. The ball was never fully in Mullins glove, it skimmed right off the glove, bounced, rolled along the wall and then towards left field. Watching the replay you can see Mullins flinch, then slide on the warning track. After the play you can see him asking Mancini if he heard him.
  6. With Brewers needing offensive help and Phillies wanting Machado and bullpen help I see it coming down to those 2 teams.
  7. Nick went 8 for 32 hitting w/1 HR 3rbi and a sb during the 2014 playoffs.
  8. Dannyboy

    Darren O'Day

    Its amazing that "Balk a day" Bob Davidson never called a balk on O'Day but now you have an ump that's called 2 in 1 yr on a guy that's never had any.
  9. Bringing in Chen, Gonzalez, Jason Hamels in 2012 and extending Adam Jones and JJ Hardy all DD moves.
  10. Ohtani wanted to be on the west coast and bat. Os had no chance. W/O Miller the O's don't get past Det in 2014 cause they were in on him too. Brady is a PA guy and I seriously doubt DD gave him that position. Does DD get some blame? No doubt. But IMO, the majority falls on PA, Brady and Buck.
  11. Animal Kingdom @WDW has been using them for years.
  12. And who do you replace him with? Cal Jr?...no thanks. Me personally, I'd like to see Ron Washington get another chance.
  13. Those NY writers will turn on him on a dime when they start losing.
  14. His pedigree doesn't mean he will or wont be a flop.
  15. It was mentioned in todays broadcast that they practiced it cause Caleb had to know which runner to tag first.
  16. Knowing the stats and knowing how and when to use the stats are 2 different things.
  17. I agree. Just look at the base running errors and fielding in the last 2 games. They don't seem to be as prepared as a JG yankee team. Not that I'm complaining.
  18. I know. With all l those top prospects that were offered for Britton I cant believe he wasn't traded. Who were they again?
  19. Dannyboy


    There is another constant in your 1st and 3rd example and that is Gausman. Sure, Brach is the last guy to have the ball and that why he gets so much grief, but the fact of the matter is that this team is 5 under .500 and its all on the starting pitching. Brad Brach is the least of this teams worries.
  20. Dannyboy

    JJ Hardy

    JJ Hardy is the least of this teams problems.
  21. Considering how poorly the O's bp has pitched the last 7-10 games I wouldn't go bashing any other teams bp.
  22. What about the O's offense made you feel they were going to get a lead anytime soon? The offensive approach was horrible and seemed to get a lot worse after the Kim incident.
  23. You couldn't be more wrong. You typically don't use your closer on the road until you get the lead. At home, yeah, you do go to your closer.
  24. No he didn't. He said he might be the best to ever play.
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